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Death SentenceQ
Dark PassageW
The BoxR
Win rate50.3%
Pick rate13.5%
Ban rate4.2%
Matches240 602-
Thresh Support has a 50.3% win rate and 13.5% pick rate in Emerald + and is currently ranked S tier. Below, you will find a very detailed guide for Thresh Support, where we explain strengths and weaknesses of the champion, powerspikes, and game plans for each stage of the game. Step up your game with our Thresh Support guide!
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Thresh Strengths & Weaknesses

Thresh is a lane dominant Support. This means he can often win lane and win the game just by getting kills.

He has great pick potential thanks to his Death SentenceQ. One good Hook Death SentenceQ in the mid-game could snowball into a huge advantage.

Thresh has tons of roaming pressure. This allows him to impact multiple lanes and get his allies ahead. Look for roaming opportunities once you have Mobility Boots.


Thresh is one of the hardest Supports to master. It will take you a lot of time and effort to play him to his full potential.

Is pretty squishy. If you look for a pick and miss, the enemy can collapse on you and kill you with ease. This makes it incredibly important that you land your skill shots.

Is skill shot reliant and his skill shots are not easy to land. This is a drawback as you’re only going to be useful if you can consistently hit those Death SentenceQs.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Thresh is Strong

Get level 2 first and look for a favourable trade. Gaining an early health lead is key to getting a kill later on down the line. Level 2 in the bottom lane is the first minion wave followed by the next 3 melee minions.

Your goal during the laning phase is so to look for kills and abuse the enemy as often as you can. Try to play aggressive frequently to gain a lead.

After destroying the bottom lane tower, rotate to the mid lane and try to take that tower. This will open up the map and give your team a gold lead.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Thresh is Strong

As a Support, you’re quite vulnerable and can easily be killed when going to ward, when you’re moving around the map, and when you’re alone. To reduce the chances of dying and getting caught out of position, try and stick with your team at all times.

Keep a constant eye on what major objective is spawning next. If it’s spawning soon, make sure you place vision around the objective as quickly and as safely as possible before retreating to safety. Having vision around major objectives is key.

Look for picks during the mid-game. If you can pick someone off with the help from your allies, you can abuse their death timer to earn more gold and possibly take a tower, an objective or get more kills.

Late game
25+ min
Thresh is Average

Ward major objectives and place vision in high traffic areas in the late stages of the game. Keep them warded so you can see the enemy move around the map and see them starting the objective.

Stay with your team at all times. Avoid moving around the map alone so you do not get caught out. Getting caught out will result in your team having to play 4v5. Do not ward alone unless you know where the enemy is.

Peel for your allies as much as possible. Keeping them alive for as long as possible in team fights is a must in order to win the game.

How to Play Thresh
How to Play Thresh
Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

As soon as Thresh gets to the lane, the race for level two ensues. This is because Thresh's level two is devastatingly strong and can immediately get him a kill.

Level 6 is another massive power spike. This is because he can slow multiple targets easily and easily trap an isolated target within the walls and prevent them from escaping.

Getting his Mobility boots will be another massive power spike. This will be quite beneficial and will allow him to roam around quite effectively as his kit allows him to do so.

Mid game15 - 25 min

At level 9, Thresh will have his first ability maxed out. This means that he will be able to secure more picks in a short duration of time.

Thresh will have two abilities maxed out at level thirteen. This will bolster his overall all-in potential, making him the primary engager and playmaker for the team.

Thresh's main power comes from his ability to pick off champions during the mid-game. This is really important towards winning the game, and he will have an easy time doing it if he roams around a lot.

Late game25+ min

Thresh is really tanky during this phase of the game as he will have a lot of items. This will allow him to both engage and peel for his carries at the same time.

Thresh doesn't spike too hard at level 16 because his Ultimate The BoxR effects still remain the same. This basically means that he has begun falling off and is now reliant on his Death SentenceQ to win the game.

Thresh exists to peel for his carries and find targets with his Death SentenceQ at this stage of the game. If he happens to miss the ability, he won't be able to do anything till it is back up again (unless he has his Flash).

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