Taliyahvs Vel'Koz Mid

Rock SurfingP
Threaded VolleyQ
Seismic ShoveW
Unraveled EarthE
Weaver's WallR
Win rate52.3%
Pick rate4.8%
Ban rate7.0%
Matches11 061-
Based on the analysis of 11 061 matches in eloName in Patch patch, Taliyah has a winRateVsChampion win rate against championVsName in the Mid, which is winRateDiff lower than expected win rate of Taliyah. This means that Taliyah is more likely to lose the game against championVsName than on average. Below, you will find a detailed matchup breakdown, including KDA, Gold Difference, XP difference, and more.
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Taliyah counter tips

Matchup specific advice on how to play against Taliyah as Vel'Koz
These champs are strong against Taliyah at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against Taliyah.