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Martial PoiseP
Fate's CallR
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Kalista Strengths & Weaknesses

Kalista will have the range advantage over many laners. This will allow her to abuse and harass them whenever they walk up to the farm.

If she freezes near her tower, she can gain a significant CS and gold lead over the enemy. In addition to this, she can use her strong duelling power to chase down the enemy laner when they walk up or overextend.

She can use her Ultimate Fate's CallR on her Jungler, which will allow them to gank her lane with ease or help her save them in a team fight.


Her level 6 is weak in a solo lane, especially against someone with a strong level 6 all-in like Renekton or Darius.

If she falls behind during the laning phase, she will be pretty much useless in the later parts of the game.

If the enemy is tanky or has lots of slows or tools to reduce her mobility, she will struggle to kite the enemy.

Game plan
Early game
0 - 15 min
Kalista is Strong

Try to go for short burst trades against the enemy laner using your Passive and RendE when possible. This will help you prevent all-ins on yourself.

Once you get your first item component, your dueling potential will increase drastically. Try to take part in more fights now to ensure that you get a lead.

Always help you Jungler with neutral objectives when possible as your RendE will make quick work of the neutral objectives and prevent unnecessary smite fights.

Mid game
15 - 25 min
Kalista is Average

During the mid-game, try to take as many fights as physically possible to make use of your skirmishing power. While fighting, ensure that you don't go too ham and abandon your frontline.

Your Ultimate Fate's CallR will come in handy during this phase of the game as you can quickly start engages with the ability. Use it on the tanky person of the team for maximal effectiveness.

Your SentinelW will help you prevent an untimely demise that occurs on face checking a brush. Use the SentinelW to cover the back of the objective pits during neutral, objective fights.

Late game
25+ min
Kalista is Average

Your RendE will hit like a truck and allow you to quickly take neutral objectives. Take all the objectives from the map and don't do anything which may have the chance of getting you killed.

Get a defensive item when possible. This should help a lot if you manage to mis-step during a major skirmish. Only go in when the enemy has used up all the primary forms of CC.

You will be a prime target for assassins, so make sure you are wary during fights. Also, use your SentinelW carefully to cover your flanks when you get the chance to do so.

Power Spikes
Early game0 - 15 min

Kalista's Ultimate Fate's CallR will be useless unless her Jungler comes to gank. To compensate for this, she should use the lane brushes and early skirmishing power to poke the enemy team out.

The first item component will only add to Kalista's overall dueling and skirmishing potential. It will let her dominate the lane provided that she properly uses her Passive.

Multiple points in her RendE will make her powerful in two departments. She will be able to run down enemies with ease. She will also be able to take neutral objectives reliably.

Mid game15 - 25 min

Kalista's level 11 doesn't give her a significant spike but is a boon for her Oathbound ally. Her ability to protect them from botched all-ins or make them initiate all-ins for the team increases a thousand folds.

At level 9, she should have her first ability maxed out. Most of the time, it will be her RendE, which will give her a massive damage boost and will allow her to take objectives flawlessly.

Kalista is outstanding during the mid-game. This is mainly because she can dish out a lot of damage with her auto-attacks and Passive while her team peels for her. Her Ultimate Fate's CallR helps her set-up engages as well.

Late game25+ min

Her level 16 isn't too powerful for her as she gets nothing much out of it. It will allow her to set up engages from the fog of war now, though. It will also let her defend her teammates from unfavorable situations with ease.

Now that she has multiple items, she will be really formidable and will be able to deal tons of damage to enemies. Her defensive stats will allow her to survive all-in situations as well.

Her RendE is solid during this phase of the game. A couple of spears can easily chunk an enemy out, and this ability will also let her take neutral objectives with ease.

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