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Eye Of The StormE
Win rate51.7%
Pick rate3.8%
Ban rate0.7%
Matches47 282-
Get everything you need for Janna Support build! The highest win rate Janna runes, items, skill order and summoner spells in patch 13.19.
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Your mindset throughout the game should be to keep your ADC alive at all costs. Stick to them like glue and use everything you can to keep them alive. If needed, cast your Ultimate to knock back would-be engagers to stop them from getting on you or your ADC.

Never leave your team's side and don’t wander too far away from them at any given time. Janna is needed to protect her teammates and not being with them is a big no-no. If this means that you can’t ward an objective or have to delay a ward, then you’ll have to do so as the enemy may ambush you as you go to ward alone.

Use your W and basic attacks to harass the enemy as much as possible in lane. A good method of poking is by waiting for the enemy to waste an ability and then walk up to them, auto-attack once and then use your W.

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New Champion: Briar

New Champion: Briar

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In-depth Build Stats

In-depth Build Stats

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