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Mana BarrierP
Rocket GrabQ
Power FistE
Static FieldR
Win rate52.2%
Pick rate9.8%
Ban rate27.0%
Matches120 931-
Get everything you need for Blitzcrank Support build! The highest win rate Blitzcrank runes, items, skill order and summoner spells in patch 13.19.
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Blitzcrank expert guide

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Blitzcrank tips and tricks

Holding off from using your Rocket GrabQ until the enemy has used a dash or their movement ability will make landing your Rocket GrabQ easier.

In team fights, don’t Hook Rocket GrabQ the enemy tank if possible. Try and Hook Rocket GrabQ a squishy champion or carry instead. Especially don’t Hook Rocket GrabQ somebody who can engage or who has CC like Amumu.

Know your matchups. When laning against someone who can engage like Alistar, Leona or Nautilus, never try to Hook Rocket GrabQ them. Hooking Rocket GrabQ them will make it easier for them to get onto your ADC. Try and Hook Rocket GrabQ the ADC if instead.

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New Champion: Briar

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In-depth Build Stats

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