Rest's Solar Spam



Rest's Solar Spam
Rest's Solar Spam

Solar Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item


Stats Priority


SunshotExotic Hand Cannon

Fires explosive rounds and when getting kills make enemies explode that can chain to other enemies while also apply scorch. Does solar damage to take advantage of solar surges and communal pickups.


SunbracersExotic Gauntlets

When getting a powered melee kill it will grant 5 seconds of unlimited solar grenades. Your solar grenades also last longer now.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to spam buffed solar grenades at all times.

The loop of the build is to consume your solar grenade to proc your aspect heat rises. After that you phoenix dive to proc x2 restoration for constant health regeneration. Then get a melee kill to proc your exotic sunbracers and radiant from ember of torches. Finally throw your buffed solar grenades everywhere to kill enemies and refill abilities.

To get your melee back getting kills with heat rises while in the air will refill your incinerator snap energy. Then if you get a melee kill you proc sunbracers for unlimited solar grenade energy. Finally with ember of singeing while enemies are scorched your phoenix dive recharges faster. All of your abilities can scorch enemies and even your exotic weapon, sunshot, can too.

With the fragment ember of empyrean every solar kill from your weapons and abilities will reproc your radiant and x2 restoration for a permanent damage increase along side healing. On top of that your aspect touch of flame will also buff your solar grenades to emit out blobs of lava for extra damage and give them even more duration just like your exotic sunbracers.

Armor mods like ashes to assets is also extremely good with the amount of solar grenades you will be spamming. With it you can build your well of radiance super very fast. On top of that the mod bolstering detonation is nice to give even more phoenix dive energy when dealing damage with a solar grenade. Finally running three solar surge mods do grant even more damage to your weapons is nice because you don’t need any further ability regeneration mods.

For artifact mods like monochromatic maestro is extremely nice to pair with this because you will be spamming abilities and doing damage with sunshot back and fourth so you will have a permanent 10% damage increase for both of them. Other perks like elemental orbs: solar is also nice to make solar orbs but not as needed as others.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Consume your grenade to proc heat rises
  2. Use phoenix dive to proc restoration
  3. Get a melee kill to proc sunbracers and radiant
  4. Spam grenades everywhere while floating to recharge your melee ability
  5. Getting solar kills will also reproc radiant and restoration so you are unkillable
  6. Repeat and you should have infinite abilities and tons of damage