Rest's Rain of Mythoclast



Rest's Rain of Mythoclast
Rest's Rain of Mythoclast

Solar Warlock build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item


Stats Priority


RiptideLegendary Fusion Rifle

Any fusion rifle with Chill Clip will work.


Rain of FireExotic Leg Armor

Using Icarus Dash will reload all of your weapons. Getting kills with fusion rifles or linear fusions will make you radiant. Provides airborne effectiveness to fusion rifles and linear fusions.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to be a weapon focused and primarly use Vex Mythoclast.

Since Vex Mythoclast is an exotic fusion rifle that shoots primary ammo you can use it to easily proc radiant from your Rain Of Fire exotic boots. Getting kills with Vex Mythoclast will also grant overcharge stacks which can be used to turn it into a linear fusion rifle. If you have the catalyst the overcharge stack will also grant damage, accuracy, and stability.

To make the build easier to play taking the icarus dash aspect makes movement extremely fluid and when it’s performed with Rain Of Fire equipped all of your weapons are reloaded. This is extremly strong for just general play but it gets crazy when pairing it with rockets for dps.

For survivability taking the healing grenade to apply cure and restoration is very strong. You then can take the aspect touch of flame to buff the cure to heal more and the restoration to a x2 restoration. Phoenix dive is also a great choice for a fast cooldown and the ability to cure as well. Cure and restoration can be applied to teammates as well and should be prioritized to proc the fragment ember of benevolence to give you further increase regeneration to your cooldowns.

Fragments like ember of empyrean will make it so when you get Vex Mythoclast kills it will re-proc the restoration timer to make you unkillable. Ember of tempering is nice to have because solar weapon kills will make firesprites that will grant you more healing grenade energy. On top of that it will grant a stacking recovery bonus for you and nearby allies alongside an increase to your airborne effectiveness. The final fragment is ember of solace to further increase the timers of the radiant and restoration so you can always have them proc'd at all times.

The final note is the fact that this setup can deal with every champion. With a chill clip fusion rifle you can stun overloads, when you are radiant you can stun barriers, and unstoppable fusion rifle is an artifact perk this season.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get a kill with Vex Mythoclast to proc radiant from your Rain Of Fire exotic boots
  2. Use your healing grenade to cure and apply x2 restoration
  3. Use phoniex dive to apply cure
  4. Get Vex Mythoclast kills to keep x2 restoration and radiant up at all times
  5. Apply cure and restoration to teammates to decrease all your cooldowns
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