Aztecross' Harmonic Heat



Aztecross' Harmonic Heat
Aztecross' Harmonic Heat

Solar Warlock build for PvE by Aztecross











Class Item

Stats Priority


Tommy's MatchbookExotic Auto Rifle

This weapon roughly double damage after firing 20 shots at the cost of self damaging. Every 5 shots this weapon will apply 21 scorch stacks to an enemy. This will lead to roughly double damage and Ignitions with sustained fire and activating the effects of the Ember of Singing Fragment.


Mantle of Battle HarmonyExotic Chest Armor

With super fully charged, landing a solar weapon final blow will grant a 25% weapon damage bonus for 10 seconds. This buff doesn't stack with Surge mods, but it stacks with Well of Radiance and Radiant.

How it Works

Tommy's Matchbook benefits from sustained fire by applying 21 scorch stacks every 5 shots and gaining a 99% damage buff after firing 20 shots. This is balanced out by the weapon self damaging once the latter is active. This build counteracts that by utilizing Healing Grenade and Ember of Empyrean. By using Healing Grenade before utilizing the weapon, you'll have restoration which will be refreshed by landing a solar weapon kill from Ember of Empyrean.

Mantle of Battle Harmony is the another damage buff used here, and grants a 25% damage buff when super is fully charged after a solar weapon kill. This promotes playing with super active for the additional buff until a damage phase or when a high health target needs to be taken out. When a damage phase comes around use Well of Radiance which will stack with the buff from Mantle of Battle Harmony, allowing you to deal massive damage while this two buffs overlap one another.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Utilize Healing Grenade to activate restoration
  2. Get kills with Tommy's Matchbook to upkeep restoration with Ember of Empyrean
  3. With sustained fire from Tommy's Matchbook gain increased damage and negate the self burn with restoration
  4. With super fully charged, utilize the damage buff from Mantle of Battle Harmony
  5. Cast super for a 25% damage bonus from Well of Radiance which will stack with the remaining 25% damage buff from Mantle of Battle Harmony
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