Rest's One Punch Titan



Rest's One Punch Titan
Rest's One Punch Titan

Strand Titan build for PvE by RestAssured











Class Item


Stats Priority


Monte CarloExotic Auto Rifle

Generates melee energy on kit and can refill to max on kills. Getting kills grants a damage buff and melee kills will give max stacks while also reloading the weapon. Catalyst lets you use the bayonet at max damage stacks for massive melee damage and melee regeneration.


SynthocepsExotic Gauntlets

Being surrounded will grant you increased melee damage and super damage that will stack with everything else in the build. On top of that you also gain increased melee lunge range.

How it Works

The goal of this build is to melee everything while also never dying.

Starting of with melee damage you will gain increase melee damage when surrounded by enemies with your exotic synthoceps. On top of that with the new monte carlo catalyst at max damage stacks you can load your bayonet for absurd melee damage that stacks with synthoceps. Every time you get a melee kill you will also grant banner of war which will give you even more stacking melee damage and even help you with survivability.

For survivability your banner of war will pulse and heal any allies inside of the pulse. This can be increased up to four times and constantly can be refreshed on your or ally kills. Your other aspect into the fray will also grant woven mail on super cast and when you destroy a tangle. Your fragment thread of warding will also grant woven mail on orb of power pickup. With woven mail and the healing from banner of war you are almost unkillable even in the thick of things.

For faster melees your aspect into the fray will also grant you increased melee regeneration when you have woven mail active. On top of that monte carlo will grant energy on damage and potentially refill to max on kills. With the new catalyst it will also grant have your energy when using the bayonet. Your fragment thread of fury will also help gain some melee energy when you deal damage with a tangle. To make more tangles the fragment thread of transmutation will let you generate them on weapon kills while you have woven mail active.

Finally your super bladefury can do insane damage paired with everything in this build so always be sure to use it on bosses. The grenade is up to you with your choice of either being shackle for more endgame content or grapple to play further into the melee aspect of the build. Regardless the fragment thread of generation will help out with grenade regeneration when dealing any damage with the build.

This is one of the most aggressive builds in all of Destiny and you need to play into that for it to really shine!

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get a melee kill to grant x5 damage buff for monte carlo, make an orb, and proc banner of war
  2. Pick up orb to grant woven mail and hold reload to load monte carlo’s bayonet
  3. Run up to any tanky target and one shot them with the bayonet
  4. Use your frenzied blade with one two punch for ad clear and champions/bosses
  5. Keep doing damage with monte carlo bullets and bayonet to keep refiling your melee energy
  6. Repeat and be sure to use your super for major ad clear and even single target damage
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