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FreakisFire's Puppetmaster
FreakisFire's Puppetmaster

Strand Titan build for PvE by FreakisFire











Class Item

Stats Priority


Quicksilver StormExotic Auto Rifle

This Strand Exotic Auto Rifle is a contender for best exotic weapon in the game - especially for end game content.

Being among one of the highest damage output primary weapons available, clearing ads and even defeating larger health pool enemies will be a breeze with this auto rifle.

It's exotic catalyst transforms this is weapon into a Strand bullet-spitting machine that synergizes very well into any Strand build in Destiny 2.


Abeyant LeapExotic Leg Armor

This exotic pair of leg armor is a very sought-after pick amongst all Strand Titans - especially in end-game content like Grandmaster Nightfalls, raids, etc!

Normally ONE suspending projectile emits from the Strand Titan's barricade due to the aspect Drengr's Lash. With the Abeyant Leap exotic leg armor equipped, THREE projectiles spawn from the barricade. These projectiles also track targets more aggressively, and travel farther. And to top in all off, suspending targets also grant Woven Mail to you!

How it Works

The Puppetmaster Strand Titan Build is all about controlling the battlefield!

Suspend targets with your Rally Barricade and Shackle Grenade and mow them down with Quicksilver Storm.

Suspending targets grants the Puppetmaster Woven Mail thanks to the Abeyant Leap exotic leg armor - which significantly reduces ALL incoming damage for a short amount of time. While you have Woven Mail, your melee ability regenerates significantly faster due to the Into The Fray Strand Titan aspect. Thanks to the Strand Soldier artifact perk, gaining Woven Mail also grants Unraveling Rounds to your Strand weapons which emits unraveled projectiles that seek out nearby targets and deal damage! Your Unraveling Rounds will also deal increased damage to targets thanks to the Improved Unraveling artifact perk.

There are SEVERAL ways the Puppetmaster can gain Woven Mail:

  • Suspending targets
  • Picking up an Orb of Power due to the Thread of Warding Strand fragment
  • Destroying a Tangle near you

This build also has increased Orb of Power generation opportunities.

All the ways you can generate Orbs of Power are as follows:

Helmet Mods

  • Strand Siphon -- Rapid Strand weapon final blows create Orbs of Power

Arms Mods

  • Firepower -- Your grenade final blows create Orbs of Power Note: Defeating targets suspended by Shackle Grenade generate Orbs of Power
  • Heavy Handed -- Your powered melee final blows create Orbs of Power

Class Item Mods

  • Reaper -- After using your class ability, your next weapon final blow spawns an Orb of Power
Gameplay Loop
  1. Suspend targets with Rally Barricade or Shackle Grenade to gain Woven Mail and Unraveling Rounds on Strand weapons
  2. Defeat targets to drop Orbs of Power thanks to the Reaper mod
  3. Defeat suspended targets with precision final blows to also grant Orbs of Power