FreakisFire's Flechette Fury



FreakisFire's Flechette Fury
FreakisFire's Flechette Fury

Strand Titan build for PvE by FreakisFire











Class Item

Stats Priority


Rufus's FuryLegendary Auto Rifle

The Rufus's Fury is the primary workhorse of this build. This weapon will constantly be generating you Orbs of Power, will inflict insane damage to all targets when it gains Unraveling Rounds, and will constantly shoot rounds down-range if you manage to get one with Rewind Rounds.


SynthocepsExotic Gauntlets

These exotic gauntlets allow your melee abilities to achieve insane damage numbers when surrounded by multiple enemies. When paired with the melee ability Flechette Storm, you will be able to easily finish ANY large health pool enemy!

How it Works

The Flechette Fury Strand Titan build is centered around the charged melee ability Flechette Storm!

When set up correctly, you take out ANY large health pool enemy on the battleground. If you find yourself near a Champion for example, you can easily eliminate them if you are surrounded by targets to activate Bionic Enhancements on Synthoceps. Buff your melee damage even further by weakening the enemy with Tractor Cannon. You don't even need to stun them (although it is smart to do so). Having one hundred Strength will allow you to regenerate your melee abilities much faster to use on the next large health pool enemy or Champion.

This build is also very well set up for generating your Super ability rapidly by having two Hands-On mods on your helmet - which improve the regeneration of your Super ability on melee final blows.

Generating Orbs of Power will never be a problem with this build due having the Strand Siphon helmet mod - allowing you to generate Orbs of Power from Strand weapon final blows. Using the Rufus's Fury Strand Auto Rifle along with this will allow you to rain Orbs of Power on the battlefield to charge your abilities.

The Orb generation doesn't stop there though... Due to the fragment Thread of Wisdom, you can generate even more Orbs of Power by defeating suspended targets with precision final blows. Just toss a Shackle Grenade at targets and mow them down with precision.

Taking Orb generation a step further, you can also generate them from melee final blows due to the Heavy Handed mod on your gauntlets. The Flechette Storm charged melee ability can rapidly drop orbs for you when used on a group of rank-and-file enemies.

Too much Orb of Power talk? Trust me, there is a reason! The more ways you can generate Orbs of Power, the more opportunity you get to have Woven Mail through the Thread of Warding fragment!

With this build, Woven Mail grants you drastically increased melee regeneration through the Into The Fray aspect, more damage resistance, and grant your Strand weapons Unraveling Rounds through the Strand Soldier artifact mod. Unraveling Rounds will do even more damage by having the Improved Unraveling artifact mod equipped.

Pairing the increased damage of your Unraveling Rounds with the increased Strand weapon damage from having three Strand Weapon Surges on your leg armor allows you to clear waves of enemies with ease.

This build can also stun all Champions!

For Barrier Champions, pierce their builds with Auto Rifles while having the Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle artifact mod equipped. Unraveling Rounds from your Strand weapons can also pierce Barrier Champion shields.

For Unstoppable Champions, stun them by throwing a Shackle Grenade - suspending them and removing their damage resistance.

For Overload Champions, use Tractor Cannon to suppress them - stunning and removing their health regeneration.

Gameplay Loop

Against Rank-and-File enemies: 1) Eliminate enemies with Rufus's Fury to generate Orbs of Power 2) Gather Orbs of Power to gain Woven Mail and Armor Charge - gaining increased damage resistance, increased melee regeneration, increased Strand weapon damage, and a boost to your Recovery stat

Against Larger Health Pool Enemies: 1) While surrounded by enemies, shoot enemy with Tractor Cannon while sliding 2) Use Flechette Storm during slide - throwing all projectiles at the target until they are defeated