FreakisFire's Banner Rage Strand Titan



FreakisFire's Banner Rage Strand Titan
FreakisFire's Banner Rage Strand Titan

Strand Titan build for PvE by FreakisFire











Class Item


Stats Priority


Rufus's Fury (Adept)Legendary Auto Rifle

Rufus's Fury pairs very nicely with ANY Strand build due to the synergy within the subclass!


SynthocepsExotic Gauntlets

These exotic arms benefit EVERY titan build in the game! The Banner Rage Strand Titan build is no different.

For this build, Synthoceps is the icing on the cake when paired with the Banner of War Strand Titan aspect.

Banner of War increases your melee damage output - which stacks with Synthoceps' intrinsic perk Bionic Enhancements - which buffs melee damage when you are surrounded by combatants.

How it Works

The Banner Rage Strand Titan is near unkillable on the battlefield!

The new Strand Titan aspect Banner of War allows you to gain bonus melee and sword damage from getting a charged melee or grapple melee final blow!

While Banner of War is active, additional final blows grant additional stacks of Banner of War - which grants EVEN MORE melee and sword damage! This can stack up to 4 times with a max timer of 30 seconds!

This is where the Synthoceps exotic titan arms and The Lament exotic sword come in!

In addition to the buffs tied to Banner of War, the increased melee damage when surrounded stacks with Banner of War - allowing you to reach extremely high melee damage with your charged melee ability and even your Grapple Melee!

The other benefit tied to Banner of War is its healing capabilities!

When Banner of War is active, the banner pulses with energy - with each pulse healing the wielder AND nearby allies! The higher the stacks of Banner of War, the faster the pulse - which means the faster the healing!

Banner of War can also be charged by nearby allies who gain final blows when Banner of War is active!

Banner of War's healing capabilities in tandem with Woven Mail's increased damage reduction truly makes you close to unkillable on the battlefield!

Since you will be constantly melee'ing through hoards of enemies, having the fragment Thread of Propagation will grant your Strand weapons Unraveling Rounds for those situations where you need to mow enemies down! Unraveled combatant final blows drop a Tangle at the target's location - granting you Woven Mail when destroyed thanks to the Into The Fray Titan aspect! This aspect also grants increased melee regeneration while you have Woven Mail so you can get your charged melee faster - allowing you to activate Banner of War more often!

Picking up Orbs of Power can also grant you Woven Mail thanks to the Thread of Warding fragment!

Gameplay Loop
  1. Grapple Melee into groups of enemies to gain Banner of War, generate Orbs of Power, and generate a tangle
  2. Gain Solar Weapon Surge from Orbs of Power, increased melee and sword damage from Banner of War
  3. Give yourself and nearby allies Woven Mail from destroying Tangles