Ghost of the Void

Ghost of the Void
Ghost of the Void

Void Hunter build for PvP











Class Item

Stats Priority


AustringerLegendary Hand Cannon

Weapons are a preference, but a good option is a high burst damage weapon as you will most likely be getting


Gemini JesterExotic Leg Armor

These boots not only remove radar from enemies, but they also deal one tick of damage, letting you see the location of enemies through walls if you look for the floating number. This allows both you and allies to pinch in on enemies without radar.

The exotic is flexible in this build, and alternative options are Omnioculus for damage resistance for you and your allies who are invisible, ST0MP-EE5 for increased mobility (if using ST0MP-EE5 use Quickfall to become invisible before an engagement, not dodge), or The Dragon's Shadow for the increased sprint speed and weapon handling before an engagement.

How it Works

This build is neutral game based for 3v3 game mods where radar is an extremely important tool. Radar manipulation is performed through the use of invisibility and the Gemini Jester exotic boots. Dodging and utilizing of snare bomb makes you invisible, and the latter can be used to make teammates invisible as well. When dodging within 22 meters of an enemy they will lose their radar, have diminished audio, and take a tick of one damage. This tick is very important in assessing enemy locations as it is a floating number that can be seen through walls.

With the advantage of invisibility and/or enemies not having radar, you and your team can pinch enemies and get the first strike in an engagement for a clear advantage in a fight. Do so with the use of a Scatter Grenade or Snare Bomb to weaken enemies, or with a high burst damage weapon such as a hand cannon.

If opening an engagement with a dodge, your next kill will create an Orb of Power from the Reaper mod. Picking up the orb will heal you and begin health regeneration, giving sustain to continue fighting or disengage with invisibility.

The weapons of the build are purely preference, but be sure to match the Targeting, Loader, and Unflinching mods with the primary of your choice.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Become invisible by dodging or using snare bomb
  2. Flank while invisible
  3. Pinch in on enemies with teammates and get the first strike in an engagement with a grenade, snare bomb, or high burst weapon
  4. Disengage with invisibility if needed