Fallout's Trace Rifle Reaper

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Fallout's Trace Rifle Reaper
Fallout's Trace Rifle Reaper

Void Hunter build for PvP by Fallout Plays











Class Item

Stats Priority


WavesplitterExotic Trace Rifle

Picking up an Orb of Power created from Reaper will activate Supercharged Battery which will reload the weapon, make it shoot at its maximum damage, and Suppress enemies.


Fr0st-EE5Exotic Leg Armor

These boots will passively recharge all abilities simply by sprinting. Because of this you do not have to actively think about or change your playstyle in anyway to benefit from this exotic.

How it Works

The Reaper mod is a top PvP mod to take advantage of. This mod will create an Orb of Power on any kill after using your class ability. Orbs of Power can activate so many effects amongst Fragments, mods, Weapons, and more. When collecting an Orb of Power, the build will receive the following:

  • Devour from Echo of Starvation
  • Supercharge Battery on your Wavesplitter
  • Void Weapon Surge to further improve the damage of Wavesplitter
  • The ability to Suppress enemies with Wavesplitter
  • The ability to generate a Void Breach on any enemy you suppress with Wavesplitter from Echo of Domineering

An Orb of Power does so much, and the rest of the build is made to make landing that kill to create an orb as easy as possible. Radar manipulation will give you a jump in fights and can be done by throwing a Snare Bomb to create a ping on the enemy radar. The other is going invisible after throwing a Snare Bomb via dodging and Vanishing Step. This plays perfectly with Reaper as the means to activate this mod is the same as the means to get an upper hand in fights which is dodging and going invisible. FR0ST-EES will make these tools available more often by improving grenade and melee recharge rate by 100% and 200% dodge regeneration rate when sprinting.

The mods will only add fuel to the fire with the use of multiple Void unflinching, targeting, and weapon surge. The first two will be active at all the time and increase the ease of use of Wavesplitter. Feel free to swap the third targeting and unflinching mods based on the element of your kinetic slot weapon. The weapon surge mods will increase the damage of Wavesplitter even more when picking up an Orb of Power, so use as many as possible. This bonus damage effect is extended by the use of 2 Time Dilation mods.

Gameplay Loop
  1. Get near enemies, and if you want, throw a Snare Bomb to alter enemy radar
  2. Dodge to activate invisibility, disappear from radar for 5 seconds, and activate Reaper
  3. Get a kill to create an Orb of Power on the body
  4. Collect the orb to receive the following:
  • Devour
  • Supercharge Battery on your Wavesplitter
  • Improved Wavesplitter damage from Surge mods
  • The ability to Suppress enemies with Wavesplitter
  • The ability to generate a Void Breach on any enemy you suppress with Wavesplitter
  1. Repeat the process
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