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Zenless Zone Zero Spending Guide: Signal Shop & More

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Zenless Zone Zero Spending & Shop Guide

Welcome to our Zenless Zone Zero Spending Guide. In this guide, we’ll cover how to best spend your resources, both from in-game resources and from real world money. Gacha games can have lots of options to purchase, but not all things are created equal.

If you’re looking to spend money in the game, you want to make the best purchases for the amount spent. The same can be said for items purchased with in-game currency. Maximizing your resources will help you pull for as many ZZZ meta characters as you can.

If you don’t know the different Currency/Item types, check out our ZZZ Currency Guide.

To start off, let’s cover real money spending.

Zenless Zone Zero Spending Guide

I won’t go through every little detail about the different purchases you can make, but here’s a quick priority list for spending. Purchases will be listed from most value to least value.

For the purposes of this article, prices are listed in USD

  • Inter-Knot Membership (Monthly Pass) – 4.99
  • New Eridu City Fund (Battle Pass) – 9.99
  • Eridu Welcome Gift (0.99 Bundle)
  • Monochrome Market (w/ 2x bonus) – Price varies
  • Bundle Shop – Price varies

Inter-Knot Membership – $4.99

Inter-Knot Membership

Without a doubt, the best use of real money is the “Monthly Pass.” This gives you 300 Monochromes upon purchase and 90 Polychromes daily for 30 days, totaling to 3000 gacha currency.

This approximately equates to:

  • 1 pull = $0.266

Just remember to log in every day to get your Polychromes.

New Eridu City Fund – $9.99

The next best value is the Battle Pass. In terms of pulls, a finished Battle Pass will grant 4 Encrypted Master Tape + 780 Polychromes.

This approximately equates to:

  • 1 pull = $1.126

This is definitely a major step up from the Inter-Knot membership, but you also receive a ton of other rewards from the Battle Pass. Just make sure to finish the Battle Pass to get your rewards. Also don’t buy the premium Battle Pass.

New Player Bundle – $0.99

Zenless Zone Zero Eridu Welcome Gift

Next up we have the “New Player Bundle,” or Eridu Welcome Gift. For only $1, you get a Master Tape, Encrypted Master Tape, and an A-Rank W-Engine Selector.

While the W-Engine is a nice bonus, it’s not noteworthy. The main selling point is that you get 1 Encrypted Master Tape for $1. For this value analysis, we aren’t including regular Master Tapes. As time passes, regular Master Tape doesn’t really become too valuable, and the focus is all on Limited Pulls.

This approximately equates to:

  • 1 pull = $1

Technically, this bundle gives you better pull value per dollar. However, the Battle Pass also gives a TON of other rewards.

Monochrome Market

Zenless Zone Zero Monochrome Market

The next best purchase (assuming the priority is Limited Pulls) is to simply purchase Monochromes. The first time you buy Monochromes, you’ll get a 2x bonus for each price tier.

As the price tier increases, the Monochromes per dollar also increases. Let’s look at the pull value for the $1 and 100$ tiers.

  • $1 Tier: 1 pull = $1.32
  • $100 Tier: 1 pull = $1.23

After you purchase a tier, the double bonus will go away, cutting the pull value in half for each bundle.

Bundle Shop

Zenless Zone Zero Bundle Shop

Lastly, we have the Bundle shop. Some bundles are purchased with Monochromes, while others are purchased with real money. For the Monochrome Bundles, we we only recommend getting the Lv. 10 Inter-Knot Gift.

This converts your Monochromes into Polychromes 1:1 and gives you bonus rewards like currency/upgrade materials. It’s basically free goodies, but no extra pulls.

When it comes to the paid Bundles, we only recommend purchasing the $15 and $10 Bundles after you deplete all of your double bonuses from the Monochrome shop.

  • Exclusive Gift Invitation: 1 pull = $1.49
  • Favored Gift Invitation: 1 pull = $2

Once again, for these calculations, we don’t include regular Master Tapes.

Zenless Zone Zero Signal Shop Guide & Reccomendations

Next up, let’s cover the Signal Shop. When you pull on a banner, you’ll receive in-game currency to purchase items from the Signal Shop.

Here’s a quick overview of the different shop currencies, and our recommendation for what to purchase. The shop refreshes every month, and as a general guideline, purchasing the limited items is the priority.

Fading Signal Shop

Zenless Zone Zero Fading Signal Shop

  • Obtain 20 Fading Signals from B-Rank W-Engine pull. (not including the Bangboo Banner)

For the Fading Signal Shop, the priority is to purchase the limited Master Tapes and Encrypted Master Tapes. You will be limited to 5 of each every month, which totals up to 900 Fading Signals.

This approximately equates to 50 pulls, which is quite easy to do per month. After your purchase the Tapes, you can buy the Chips (Skill upgrade materials), Level-up materials, or Denny as needed.

Just make sure to save enough to buy the Tapes again next month.

Residual Signal Shop

Zenless Zone Zero Residual Signal Shop

  • Obtain 40 Residual Signals from S-Rank Agent/W-Engine pull.
  • Obtain 8 Residual Signals from A-Rank Agent/W-Engine pull.

For the Residual Signal shop, you should decide for yourself what you want. Just one caveat.

DO NOT buy Master Tapes. That is the only thing from this shop that is not worth purchasing. Encrypted Master Tapes let you pull for Limited Agents/W-Engines, and costs the same as a Master Tape.

Outside of that, we have the “Standard” S-Rank W-Engines and two A-Rank characters. The W-Engines will stay, while the A-Rank Agents will rotate each month.

If you want a W-Engine, then you can absolutely go for it. Each W-Engine corresponds to a Standard S-Rank Agent. Fusion Compiler for Grace, Hellfire Gears for Koleda, and so on.

The trade off is that these W-Engines are the equivalent of 30 Limited Pulls (20 Signals vs 600 Signals). The pulls will help you hit pity faster on a Limited Banner, while the W-Engine will make a character you already own stronger. The choice is up to you.

The same can be said for the A-Rank Agents. If you really want Lucy, or maybe you want more dupes, the trade off is 7 Limited Pulls.

Overall, the A-Rank Agents and the S-Rank W-Engines are efficient purcahses. You get to pick what you want, at a largely discounted rate. (30 pulls for an S-Rank W-Engine is quite good, and 7 pulls for an A-Rank is better than the banner rate)

However, the pulls let you save up for future characters that you may want, so ultimately this shop is more about personal preference.

Bangbuck Shop

Zenless Zone Zero Bangbuck Shop

The Bangbuck shop is largely similar to the other Signal Shops. When pulling on the Bangboo banner, you’ll get Bangbucks depending on your pulls:

  • 2 Bangbucks: B-Rank W-Engine pull.
  • 10 Bangbucks: A-Rank Bangboo pull.
  • 20 Bangbucks: S-Rank Bangboo pull.

Like the Fading Signal Shop, the priority is the monthly limited Boopons (limit of 5, discounted to 20 Bangbucks). This will cost you 100 Bangbucks a month.

Unlike Agents, we don’t recommend getting the A-Rank Bangboos (200 Bangbucks). Even at the rate of 40 Bangbucks per Boopon, getting the S-Rank Bangboo you want is easier since you can select which one you want on the banner. As such, getting more pulls is the most important.

The Morcal Modified Part is a one-time purchase that upgrades a Bangboo as if you pulled a duplicate. This is approximately equivalent to 30 pulls (40 Bangbucks per Boopon post discount).

This is a worthwhile exchange as the pity for a Bangboo is 80 pulls. However, don’t purchase this until you have multiple S-Rank Bangboos for different teams. Once you have a solid roster of Bangboos, you can then worry about upgrading them even more.

Master Tape Exchange

Zenless Zone Zero Master Tape Exchange

Lastly, the Master Tape exchange simply lets you convert your Polychromes to Master Tapes. You can do this in the pull screen, so this is largely unnecessary.

Just never convert Polychromes to Master Tapes, only Encrypted Master Tapes. You’ll earn regular Master Tapes from playing the game, and the Limited Pulls are what contain the strongest Agents/W-Engines.

Thanks for Reading! For more resources, check out our other Zenless Zone Zero Guides.