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Zenless Zone Zero Item Guide: Currency, Materials, & More

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Zenless Zone Zero Item Guide: Currency, Materials, & Resources

Welcome to our Zenless Zone Zero Currency Guide. We’ll be covering all the types of currencies, upgrade materials, and other resources so you understand how to progress your account efficiently.

In general, gacha games have a lot of different currency types. This is part of a game’s monetization strategy to make things more convoluted/confusing. If you’re coming from Genshin Impact/Honkai Star Rail, we’ll be covering the matching currency types.

If this is your first gacha game, we’ll be sure to include descriptions so you know what each currency/item does. Let’s get into the guide.

Zenless Zone Zero Stamina


Battery Charge

In ZZZ, your “stamina” system will be called Battery Charge. You will use this resource to engage in various activities to gain rewards. You can use them to farm up more basic currency or upgrade materials.

Battery Charge regenerates at a rate of 1/6 minutes, and you have a max cap of 240. (exactly 24 hours)

You can also visit the Coffee Shop once per day to get an additional 60 Battery Charge, along with a bonus to your next farming stage.

Zenless Zone Zero Currency


ZZZ Genshin HSR
General currency used for upgrading characters, weapons, skills, etc. Denny






Gacha Currency. 160 currency = 1 pull Zenless Zone Zero Polychrome





Stellar Jade

Paid version of Gacha currency. (Equivalent Rate) Zenless Zone Zero Monochrome Film

Monochrome Film


Genesis Crystal


Oneiric Shard

Standard Banner Pull Zenless Zone Zero Master Tape

Master Tape


Acquaint Fate


Star Rail Pass

Limited Banner Pull Zenless Zone Zero Encrypted Master Tape

Encrypted Master Tape


Intertwined Fate


Star Rail Special Pass

Shop currency obtained after pulling. Used in shop for materials/extra pulls. Fading_Signal

Fading Signal


Masterless Stardust


Undying Ember

Premium Shop currency. Used in shop for extra pulls/rarer items. Residual_Signal

Residual Signal


Masterless Starglitter


Undying Starlight

For recommendations on spending/Signal Shop purchases, check out our ZZZ Spending Guide.

Boopon & Bangbuck

Zenless Zone Zero Boopon


One currency that doesn’t have a Genshin/HSR equivalent are Bangboo Currencies. Bangboos are a new system introduced in ZZZ, but the currency for the most part remains the same.



You pull for Bangboos with Boopons, and Bangbucks are a currency you obtain from pulling, similar to Fading Signal/Residual Signal. Use these in the Signal Shop for more Boopons or other Bangboo materials.

Zenless Zone Zero Upgrade Materials

Moving on, we have the Upgrade Materials. These are items that do things like upgrade your Agent’s level, Skill level, etc. You can obtain most of these materials by using your Battery Charge in Combat Simulations. (HIA Club)

Materials regarding Bangboos will be obtained through Hollow Zero instead of Combat Simulations.

Agent Enhancement/Level-up Material

Trainee Investigator Log (100 EXP) Trainee_Investigator_Log
Official Investigator Log (600 EXP) Official_Investigator_Log
Senior Investigator Log (3000 EXP) Senior_Investigator_Log

Agent Promotion Material

Basic Offense Certification Seal Basic Offense Certification Seal
Advanced Offense Certification Seal Advanced Offense Certification Seal
Pioneer’s Certification Seal Pioneer's Certification Seal

Increases the level cap of Agents:

  • Materials are separated by Specialty. (The images above are for Offense Agents)
  • There are three tiers of Certification Seals.
    • Basic [Level 20]
    • Advanced [Level 30/40]
    • [Level 50/60]
      • Pioneer (Offense)
      • Buster (Stun)
      • Controller (Anomaly)
      • Ruler (Support)
      • Defender (Defense)
  • You can trade up materials (craft) at a ratio of 3:1 or trade down (dismantle) at a ratio of 1:3.

Agent Skill Enhancement/Level-up Material

Basic Physical Chip Basic Physical Chip
Advanced Physical Chip Advanced Physical Chip
Specialized Physical Chip Specialized Physical Chip

Increases the Skill Level of Agents. Materials are separated by Attribute (Physical pictured above). Crafting (1:3) and Dismantling (1:3) still applies.

W-Engine Enhancement/Level-up Material

W-Engine Battery (100 EXP) W-Engine_Battery
W-Engine Power Supply (600 EXP) W-Engine_Power_Supply
W-Engine Energy Module (3000 EXP) W-Engine_Energy_Module

W-Engine Promotion Material

Basic Offense Certification Seal Attack Component
Advanced Offense Certification Seal Reinforced Attack Component
Pioneer’s Certification Seal Specialized Attack Component

Increases level cap of W-Engines. Same breakdown as Agent Promotion Materials. (Note that Attack = Offense)

Bangboo Enhancement/Level-up Material

Bangboo Software Patch (100 EXP) Bangboo Software Patch
Bangboo Algorithm Module (600 EXP) Bangboo Algorithm Module
Bangboo System Widget (3000 EXP) Bangboo System Widget

Bangboo Promotion Material

Ether Electrolyte (Level 20) Ether Electrolyte
Energy Transfer Fluid (Level 40) Energy Transfer Fluid
Concentrated Cooling Fluid (Level 60) Concentrated Cooling Fluid

Increases level cap of W-Engines. Same breakdown as Agent Promotion Materials.

Zenless Zone Zero Key Items

As of now, we’ve covered the majority of items you’ll use in game. Most of the time, you’ll be interacting with Currency and Upgrade Materials. Even still, there are a few more items to go through, so here’s a quick rundown.

  • W-Engine Chip: Used to craft W-Engines
  • Ether Battery: Use to gain 60 Battery Charge (Stamina)
  • Prototype Seal: Use as a replacement for Certification Seals.
  • Master Component: Use as a replacement for W-Engine Components.
  • HIA Coins: Find coins spread throughout the map, through various activities. Trade into Sage in a Barrel for rewards.

In Conclusion

This just about wraps up 99% of the items you will interact with in Zenless Zone Zero. While it may seem daunting, once you get the hang of it, you’ll see it’s much simpler than expected.

Currencies are fairly straight forward, and upgrade materials are simply broken down into different categories, but function the same.

Thanks for Reading! For more resources, be sure to check out our other Zenless Zone Zero Guides. We cover a variety of topics, including our constantly updated ZZZ Tier List.