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Zenless Zone Zero Reveal: Lucy & Sons of Calydon

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Zenless Zone Zero Reveal: Lucy

Recently, Hoyoverse teased a new character, Lucy, and the new Sons of Calydon Faction on their socials. Furthermore, Hoyoverse have revealed the Attributes and Fighting Styles of Lucy and another new Agent, Piper.

Lucy and the Sons of Calydon weren’t present in any of the CBTs, but Hoyoverse is no stranger to drip marketing new characters to get the community hyped up.

Zenless Zone Zero Lucy Release Date

From the Pre-Release Special Program, it was announced that Lucy and Piper will release with Version 1.0. This means they will be part of the official launch. While we don’t have info on their full kits yet, we’ll be sure to update our guides once the game is out.

Zenless Zone Zero Lucy & Sons of Calydon

Here’s a look at some of the image files teased thus far of Lucy and Sons of Calydon.

Zenless Zone Zero Lucy Agent Record

Lucy Agent Record

Zenless Zone Zero Lucy Sons of Calydon Reveal

Sons of Calydon Faction Reveal

Zenless Zone Zero Faction Sons of Calydon

On the official website, we can see the Faction image for the Sons of Calydon. We have Lucy standing on the right, and Piper Wheel leaning onto the table.

ZZZ Lucy Fire Support

Lucy is a Fire Attribute Agent with the Support Fighting Style. This makes things quite interesting as we now can look at the Fire roster with a new lens.

Previously, we only had information about Koleda, Ben, and Soldier 11. With Lucy now revealed, there is potential for a stronger Fire Attribute team.

As we learn more about their kits, we’ll be sure to update you on the best builds and teams for Lucy. As things stand, there is no Attack Agent for Sons of Calydon (Piper is Physical/Anomaly).

Even still, new characters will definitely bring lots of changes to team building potential.

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