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Wuthering Waves Gacha System Explained: Rates, Pity, and More

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Wuthering Waves Gacha System Guide

In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about Wuthering Wave’s gacha system. This includes the different banners, rates, pity, and more.

For those who don’t know, gacha refers to the monetization system where game currency (free or paid) is used for the chance to acquire characters, weapons, or any other virtual item. This is based on the “gachapon” which are little vending machines from Japan.

Before we dive into the Wuthering Waves system, let’s briefly cover some terminology.


Gacha Terminology

Pulls/Rolls (Convene): The act of “pulling” for a character/weapon through the gacha sytem. Refers to pulling on a vending/slot machine.

Banners (Convene): Different events or promotions where certain characters/weapons are featured for increased rates.

Pity: The amount of pulls required to guarantee a character/weapon.

Standard (Permanent): The subset of characters/weapons that are always available in game.

Limited (Event): Characters or Weapons that are only featured on banners for a limited amount of time.

Rerolling: The act of starting a new account over and over to abuse the gacha system to obtain a character/weapon at the start of the game. You can refer to our full Wuthering Waves Reroll Guide for more info.

These are the standard terms used throughout the gacha game genre, but each game may choose to name things differently. In parenthesis, I include the Wuthering Waves specific terminology.

Gacha Currency – Astrite and Tides

Now that you know the basics, let’s look at the currency types in Wuthering Waves for the gacha.

Wuthering Waves Astrite

  • Astrite – Premium currency obtained throughout the game. Exchange 160 Astrite for any Tide.
  • Lustrous Tide – Used for Permanent Banners/Novice Banner. Rewarded to players often as you progress.
  • Radiant Tide – Used for Character Event Banner
  • Forging Tide – Used for Weapon Event Banner

Types of Banners

In Wuthering Waves, there will be 6 different banners available. The game refers to banners/pulling as Convene and instead of Standard/Limited, the game will refer to it as Permanent/Event.

  • Novice Convene
    • Available to new players, will discount pulls by 20% and only lasts for 50 pulls. Guaranteed Permanent 5-star character within the 50. (Only one 5-star character guaranteed)
  • 5-Star Selector
    • After finishing the Novice Banner, you will gain access to a 5-star selector banner. You will be able to select which Permanent 5-star you want and guarantee pulling within 80.
  • Character Permanent Convene
    • Will always be active in game. Has a pool of five 5-star characters.
  • Weapon Permanent Convene
    • Will always be active in game. Has five different 5-star weapons. (One for each type)
  • Character Event Convene
    • Time exclusive Banner featuring an Event Character. Only obtainable during the banner. (Characters generally also get rerun banners in the future)
  • Weapon Event Convene
    • Time exclusive Banner featuring an Event Weapon. Only obtainable during the banner. (Will generally be BiS (Best in Slot) for the limited character)

Novice Convene (Novice Banner)


Character Permanent Convene (Standard Banner)

Wuthering Waves Permanent Banner

Weapon Permanent Convene (Standard Weapon Banner)

Wuthering Waves Permanent Weapon Banner

Character Event Convene (Limited Banner)

Wuthering Waves Character Limited Banner

Weapon Event Convene (Limited Weapon Banner)


Permanent Characters

Wuthering Waves Standard Characters

In Wuthering Waves, there is a roster of 5 characters in the “Character Permanent Convene.” These are also the same 5 characters in the “Novice Convene.” These are the characters from left to right.

  • Calcharo – Electro/Broadblade
  • Encore – Fusion/Rectifier
  • Jianxin – Aero/Gauntlets
  • Lingyang – Glacio/Gauntlets
  • Verina – Spectro/Rectifier

If you want to learn about which characters to go for, you can refer to our Wuthering Waves Tier List.

Wuthering Waves Gacha Rates

Lastly, let’s briefly go over the gacha rates and pity system in Wuthering Waves. For all of the banners, the rates will be the same, with a small difference on the weapon banners.


  • 4-star Character/Weapon – 6%
  • 5-star Character/Weapon – .8%

You might see that the “overall rate” for 5-stars is 1.8%. Where does this number come from? Well, it’s a result of combining the pity system into the overall rate. That being said, let’s briefly cover the pity system.

Wuthering Waves Gacha Pity System

With such low rates, it’s technically possible to roll tons of times and get unlucky. This is where pity comes in. After a certain number of pulls without a 5-star, you will be guaranteed to hit a 5-star. Once you hit one, the pity will reset to 0 again.

Here’s a breakdown of the different banners and their pity. If you’re new, you can keep reading for a more detailed breakdown on the pity system.

  • Novice Banner
    • Technically doesn’t have a pity. At the 50th pull, you’re guaranteed a Permanent 5-star Character. If you get one early, there is no guarantee, only discounted pulls.
  • Character Permanent Banner
    • Pity at 80 – Random Permanent 5-star Character.
  • Weapon Permanent Banner
    • Pity at 80 – Select which 5-star Weapon you want.
  • Character Event Banner
    • Pity at 80 – 50/50.
  • Weapon Event Banner
    • Pity at 80 – Guaranteed Event Weapon.
  • 4-star pity
    • On any banner, you’re guaranteed one 4-star character/weapon every 10 pulls.

Weapon Permanent Banner Pity


Just like the character banner, the weapon banner also has 5 permanent weapons you can receive. However, for this banner, you will be able to select which weapon you want to roll for.

You’ll be guaranteed your 5-star weapon of choice within 80 pulls. (You can also change weapons and the pity will carry over)

Character Event Banner Pity

Wuthering Waves Jiyan Portrait

The pity for event banners works a little differently than permanent banners. When rolling for a 5-star event character, you will have what is known as a 50/50. You have a 50% chance to obtain the event character, and a 50% chance to obtain a random permanent 5-star.

However, if you lose a 50/50, your next 5-star pull will be guaranteed to be the event 5-star character.

So let’s say you’re on a fresh account. If you want to guarantee obtaining an event 5-star character, you would need to save up 160 pulls to hit pity twice. If you’re lucky, you may win the 50/50 and only need 80 pulls. Or maybe you’re even luckier and only need 10 pulls.

Understanding this is important to plan out your Astrite and pulls to make the most of what you have. If you lose a 50/50, you can still take solace in knowing that you can pull on a future banner and have a guaranteed event character.

Weapon Event Banner Pity

For the limited weapon, the pity is quite generous. You’re simply guaranteed the event weapon within 80 pulls. Other games have less generous pity systems for limited weapons, so this is nice to see from Wuthering Waves.

Soft Pity

Let’s briefly cover soft pity.

When it comes to gacha games with this system, there is usually a soft pity system. This refers to the increase in rate for a 5-star character/weapon until you hit the guaranteed 100% at the 80th pull.

So for example, at around 70 pulls, your odds will go up and up each pull until it reaches 100% at 80 pulls. This is usually not confirmed by the developers, but as the community accumulates data, players eventually figure out what the expected soft pity model is.

If you only want 1 copy of an event character. It’s a good idea to do single pulls when you get closer to pity. It’s unlikely, but there is always a chance you receive 2 copies of a character in one 10 pull.

Most people would take this as a good thing. But if you really only want 1 copy, doing single pulls will guarantee you never accidentally get a second copy. Most players can’t be bothered to do single pulls all the way to 80, so it’s something you can do once you reach “soft pity” and approach 80.

For the Whales

One last thing I want to note for the whales out there. If you’re going for Sequence 6 (7 copies of a character), you want to do single pulls instead of 10 pulls for your last copy.

There is a very small chance that you hit 2 event characters in one 10 pull, and the second one becomes wasted if you only need one last copy.

Thanks for Reading! Be sure to check out our other Wuthering Waves Guides or our Wuthering Waves Tier List.