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Wuthering Waves Best Character Tier List (CBT2)

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Wuthering Waves Best Resonators Tier List

Welcome to our tier list where we go over the best characters in Wuthering Waves. If you’re here for the purpose of rerolling, you can check out our Wuthering Waves Reroll Guide as well. Before we dive into the tier list, I want to provide many disclaimers.

Wuthering Waves is not a game where chasing the meta or top tier characters is required. It’s a single-player pve game where enjoyment is your goal.

Different characters have vastly different combat styles and aesthetic, and you should ultimately go for what you will enjoy. Even if your character is in the lowest tier, with enough investment and/or skill, you can still tackle endgame content.

Some players will enjoy games based on dealing the most damage possible or playing meta characters. Having stronger characters will also let you push through hard content faster or with less investment in levels or weapons.

Ultimately, this tier list is for your reference to draw your own conclusions about what you want to do.

Lastly, these tiers are based on gameplay and information from CBT 2 (Closed Beta Test 2). On release, characters will likely be different, resulting in new rankings. The game being accessible to a wider audience will also result in new learnings, resulting in more tier changes.

Wuthering Waves Best Characters

Note: Tiers are not ordered


Tier Resonator
S Yinlin, Verina
A Jiyan, Calcharo, Encore, Danjin, Mortefi
B Aalto, Taoqi
Free Rover, Yangyang, Chixia, Baizhi, Sanhua, Yuanwu
TBD Lingyang, Jianxin


This tiers are generally based on performance and feedback from CBT 2. Since the game has yet to release, things are very likely to change. As people play and test more, the community will start to get a better feel of what’s good and what’s weaker.

The devs will also change a lot of things from CBT 2 to release, so take these early tiers with a grain of salt.

Free characters are omitted from a true tier at this moment. Since you get these characters for free, there’s no need to consider rerolling for a copy of them. They also are generally around B-tier in terms of strength. Once the game releases and we have ample testing, we’ll give them a tier like the other characters.

Lastly, this tier list is generally based on single target damage. Endgame content such as Holograms or Tower of Adversity have difficult boss fights, making single target damage an important aspect of character strength.

Character Breakdowns and Reasoning

In this section, I’ll briefly cover every character that’s releasing. I’ll give a general idea of how their kit works, and why they’re rated the way they are.

Yinlin: S-Tier

Wuthering Waves Yinlin Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Electro/Rectifier

Note: Yinlin will not be available when the game releases. She is set to release a few weeks into the game launch.

Yinlin is an Electro character that boasts high damage while also not taking up a lot of field time. You can only attack with one character at a time, so being able to spend less time on Yinlin is an advantage.

Her Forte Circuit transforms her Charged Attack to mark an enemy. Dealing damage to an enemy (with any ally) will deal bonus damage, making Yinlin a strong secondary DPS.

Lastly, her Outro Skill buffs both Electro Damage and Liberation DMG. This makes her an extremely potent character in all aspects.

Verina: S-Tier

Wuthering Waves Verina Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Spectro/Rectifier

Verina is a Standard Banner character, meaning you can roll her on the Beginner Banner or any future Limited Banner.

Her main role is as a support. Verina’s passive grants an ATK bonus for the team when using her skill. Her outro skill further buffs the ATK of your team.

Verina’s Liberation heals the entire team while also marking enemies. While attacking marked enemies, Verina will perform a Coordinated Attack, meaning she deals off field damage as well.

Lastly, her second passive allows you to avoid fatal damage once every 10 minutes. While this may not be extremely useful, getting one free revive against a Hologram boss is nice to have.

Overall, Verina is the most flexible character in the game. She buffs every character’s ATK, provides healing, and deals off-field damage. It’s very likely that the best teams in the game will include Verina as their 3rd character.

Jiyan: A-Tier

Wuthering Waves Jiyan Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Aero/Broadblade

Jiyan will be the first Event 5-Star character and is mainly an on-field DPS. While he does have an outro skill that deals off-field damage, his role is to deal lots of damage. The majority of his kit revolves around dealing damage, with a large portion of it coming from his Liberation state.

In his Liberation state, all of his attacks will turn into empowered Heavy Attacks. Because of this, characters that buff Aero or Heavy Attack damage will good teammates.

For new players Jiyan can easily carry an account into the harder content. However, in the long term DPS characters are generally power creeped by newer characters.

Calcharo: A-Tier

Wuthering Waves Calcharo Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Electro/Broadblade

Like Jiyan, Calcharo is an on-field Broadblade DPS character. In CBT 2, Calcharo was largely considered to be stronger than Jiyan. However, with changes happening, it’s likely that Calcharo will get slight nerfs on release or Jiyan will receive buffs.

When looking at his kit, his Skill and Liberation look to focus on his Skill and Basic Attack damage. His Liberation state empowers his Basic Attack, dealing more damage.

However, his Forte Circuit revolves around Heavy Attacks and Liberation Damage.

To try and summarize:

  • Skills will grant Cruelty (Forte Circuit resource, max 3)
  • Consume 3 Cruelty for an empowered Heavy Attack and recover energy (counts as Heavy Attack Damage)
  • In Liberation State, Cruelty becomes Killing Intent (max 5)
  • Empowered Basic Attacks in Liberation State grant Killing Intent
  • Consume 5 Killing Intent for an empowered Attack and recover energy (counts as Liberation Damage)

With all of these mechanics, Calcharo deals a variety of damage through Basic Attacks, Heavy Attacks, Skills, and Liberation Damage. Having a support that buffs ATK or Electro damage will be ideal, since these buff all aspects of his kit.

Encore: A-Tier

Wuthering Waves Encore Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fusion/Rectifier

Encore is another DPS character, this time with the Fusion attribute. Encore is somewhat of a more straight forward DPS unit. Her Skill deals damage and her Liberation empowers all of her attacks while turning her into a melee attacker.

Her Forte Circuit grants a big damage reduction buff, and deals damage when the duration ends. This buff should persist even when switching characters.

Overall, she’s a solid unit to be a DPS character on your team.

Danjin: A-Tier

Wuthering Waves Danjin Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Havoc/Sword

Danjin is the highest DPS 4-Star unit from CBT 2. Her playstyle is like that of a berserker. Her kit will decrease her HP in exchange for dealing higher damage than other characters.

In fights against bosses, playing with low HP can be difficult, so there is drawback to her potential. However, she does have some innate healing in her kit, and you can always pair her with a healer to avoid sketchy scenarios.

In higher levels of Hologram, most of the bosses will one-shot you, so having low HP is no longer a drawback. This is another reason why Danjin was extremely powerful in CBT 2.

Mortefi: A-Tier

Wuthering Waves Mortefi Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fusion/Pistols

Mortefi is a strong off-field DPS, which already gives him potential. You can only attack with one character at a time, so having damage while off-field is valuable.

His Liberation allows him to coordinated attack whenever the active character hits with a Basic or Heavy Attack. The coordinated Heavy Attack will deal more damage, and this has a short cooldown. Because of this, Mortefi synergizes with DPS units that use a lot of Heavy Attacks.

His outro skill also provides a large buff to Heavy Attack DMG. This makes him the perfect teammate for any Heavy Attack DPS like Jiyan.

It’s likely that one of the strongest teams on release will be Jiyan/Mortefi/Verina. (speculation)

Aalto: B-Tier

Wuthering Waves Aalto Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Aero/Pistols

Aalto is mainly a sub DPS Aero Resonator. His kit doesn’t require long field time, and it allows you to gain movement speed, letting you dodge attacks or move to favorable positions.

His passive grants him a guaranteed Crit every 30 seconds, which counts down even if he’s not on the field. While you can play him as your main on-field character, you make make use of his quick firing and 30 second Crit much more as a secondary DPS.

Lastly, his outro skill buffs Aero damage, making him a good teammate for other Aero characters like Jiyan or Jianxin.

Taoqi: B-Tier

Wuthering Waves Taoqi Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Havoc/Broadblade

Taoqi is another defense scaling character and is a “tank” similar to Noelle from Genshin Impact.

Her Heavy attack puts her in a defensive stance. When hit, you will automatically perform a parry attack.

Taoqi’s skill will generate 3 shields for the active character. When a shield is depleted, you will gain Forte Circuit resource (max 3). If the shield duration ends, you will also gain this resource.

The main clunky part of her kit is that in order to proc her Forte Circuit skill, you need to parry attack or activate intro skill. Thematically it makes sense. You can scale into defense to tank hits, parry attacks, and generate shields.

However, if late game Holograms can’t be tanked, Taoqi becomes somewhat useless when tackling difficult content. Even if she can help tank hits, one could argue that dodging is more effective and other offensive supports are better.

Lastly, her outro skill does buff Skill DMG. So you can still use her as a shield-generating support character, but that part of her kit is lacking compared to other supports.

Rover: Free

Wuthering Waves Rover Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Spectro/Sword

Rover is the main character you start with, and you can pick between male or female. Overall, the kit isn’t anything superb, but it’s not bad either.

Rover’s kit is mostly based around dealing Spectro damage with your Heavy Attack and Forte Circuit. There isn’t much utility, but Rover doesn’t demand a lot either.

Rover’s Outro Skill is also a 3 second time stop, allowing you to get in free damage. Lastly, since Rover is the main character, you’re able to get Sequence 6 for free. (dupes)

Sequence 6 makes it so Rover’s Skill will shred enemy Spectro RES. Verina is the only other Spectro character thus far, but this utility can be great when paired with a future Spectro DPS character. RES shred is not a common utility in the game, and it’s likely a powerful damage multiplier.

Yangyang: Free

Wuthering Waves Yangyang Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Aero/Sword

Yangyang is another free character from the early story, and she’s a simple DPS unit with a bit of utility. Her Skill and Liberation summon cyclones that pull in enemies around it. This is very helpful when dealing with lots of weak monsters in the overworld.

Her outro skill is her other piece of utility, granting Energy for the character you swap into. Outside of that, her kit mainly consists of dealing Aero damage.

Chixia: Free

Wuthering Waves Chixia Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fusion/Pistols

Chixia is one of the free units you get early in the game, and she’s an on-field DPS character. Being a ranged character has benefits, as you can attack enemies from a safe range. Enemies will move closer to attack you, but it’s something to note.

Her attacks and skills all focus on damage, with her Forte Circuit being a barrage of bullets.

Baizhi: Free

Wuthering Waves Baizhi Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Glacio/Rectifier

Baizhi is the last character that you receive early in the story. She is a healer character with most of her kit revolving around healing party members.

Ghe Skill will heal party members while also dealing a small bit of off-field damage. Baizhi’s passive also makes it so that her Skill provides a small ATK buff, similar to Verina.

Overall, Baizhi is a healer like Verina, but Verina has much more offensive capability with her ATK buffs. If you want to play by dodging enemy attacks and never getting hit, Baizhi doesn’t provide much value.

On the other hand, if you want to play comfortably, having a healer provides a nice quality of life.

Sanhua: Free

Wuthering Waves Sanhua Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Glacio/Sword

Sanhua is a character that everyone will get for free on their 5th Login Reward. She is a Glacio DPS unit, with a Basic Attack DMG buff on her outro skill.

This makes her a strong teammate for just about any DPS character. Most characters will use Basic Attacks to some degree, but some prioritize other things like Heavy Attack.

Her Skill, Intro Skill, and Liberation generate Ice on the field, which you can detonate with her Forte Circuit. Her Forte Circuit builds up pretty easily, so you don’t need to necessarily use her as your main DPS.

Yuanwu: Free

Wuthering Waves Yuanwu Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Electro/Gauntlets

Yuanwu is a character similar to Mortefi in that he provides off-field damage, this time for the Electro attribute. He places down a totem which will launch coordinated attacks, and his ultimate buffs the entire party.

He is also a defense scaling character, meaning he can use echoes that your main DPS units won’t want.

The one utility piece lacking from his kit is a buffing outro skill. This is the main difference between him and Mortefi. However, he’s still a strong second character, and easy to invest into with different stat requirements.

He’s not a bad character by any means, but for meta chasers, Yinlin will almost always replace his spot in Electro teams.

Lingyang: TBD

Wuthering Waves Lingyang Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Glacio/Gauntlets

For these next two characters, Kuro Games announced that they will be buffing/reworking their kits for release. Lingyang was generally considered by many to be one of the weaker characters in CBT 2.

His Forte Circuit allows him to attack mid air and fly around. This has felt clunky for many players, but there are likely also those that can use this to their advantage with enough skill and practice.

Jianxin: TBD

Wuthering Waves Jianxin Portrait

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Aero/Gauntlets

Jianxin also had mixed reception in CBT 2. Her kit provides many things like damage, shielding, buffs, and more. Her Liberation also sucks in enemies from a large area, making her great for clearing weak mobs quickly.

However, her Forte Circuit took a very long time to charge and has a long cast time.

This made her feel impractical to use for many players. It’s tough to assess her as many changes may come on release. But overall, some players find her varied kit extremely powerful, while others find her difficult to utilize fully in harder content.

Closing Words

This wraps up every character that will be releasing in Wuthering Waves. As with all tier lists, things are definitely going to change as the community learns more about the game and optimizes.

Characters will also likely receive buffs/nerfs compared to CBT 2, so there’s no telling what the “meta” will look like after a week or a month.

Remember that tier lists are always meant as a reference and point of discussion. You should ultimately decide what you want with your account and play the characters that you enjoy.

Thanks for Reading! For more resources, be sure to check out our other Wuthering Waves Guides.