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Wuthering Waves Echoes Complete Guide

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Wuthering Waves Echo System Guide

In this article, we’ll cover the Echo system in Wuthering Waves, how Echoes work, how to get them, and more. Currently, you can also participate in a Web Event, where you will be able to claim one Echo before the game even releases.


What Are Echoes

Wuthering Waves uses “Echoes” as the gear system in the game. Instead of equipping traditional armor pieces, you instead equip Echoes which are overworld monsters you fight in the game. Equipping Echoes will grant a variety of stat bonuses and each Echo has a skill.

In combat, you can briefly transform/swap into your main Echo and activate their skill. These skills have a variety of effects like dealing damage or healing. This adds a lot of build diversity as you can modify things to your liking.

While you can farm monsters in the world to drop Echoes, you won’t be able to upgrade them without spending “stamina.” This is the time gated resource that prevents players from reaching endgame gear quickly.

Types of Echoes: Class and Rarity

We briefly covered Echo Skills, but there are a few more classifications. Each Echo will have their own Class, Cost, and Rarity. These determine a variety of things, so let’s dive into each section.

Echo Rarity

  • Green (Rank 2): Max Level 10, 0 Substats
  • Blue (Rank 3): Max Level 15, 3 Substats
  • Purple (Rank 4): Max Level 20, 4 Substats
  • Gold (Rank 5): Max Level 25, 5 Substats

When you get an Echo, there will be four different rarities: Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold. Green will be the lowest rarity and most common, with Gold being the highest. The rarity of an Echo will determine how much you can level it up and how many sub stats you can unlock. As expected, Gold rarity Echoes will provide more stats as you can level them up more.

We’ll dive deeper into stats in a bit, but let’s first talk about Echo Class/Cost.

Echo Class/Cost

  • Common (1-COST)
  • Elite Class (3-COST)
  • Overlord/Calamity (4-COST)

There are 3 types of Echo classes you can get in Wuthering Waves. The first are common Echoes you’ll find killing the majority of monsters in the overworld. Next are “Elite” Echoes which are the slightly tougher monsters. Lastly are “Boss” Echoes which are the Overlord and Calamity class.

You will be able to equip 5 echoes per character, with a cost limit of 12. (In the early game this number will be 10)

Wuthering Waves Echo Cost

A common configuration players will use is 4/3/3/1/1. This means you can have a Boss Echo as your main Echo (skill). The remaining 8 points go toward two Elite and two Common Echoes.

Common Echoes are easily found throughout the world, and Boss Echoes can be farmed by fighting bosses which respawn quickly. Elite Echoes can be quite tough to farm as there are a limited number in the world that refresh every day.

Echo Stats

In Wuthering Waves, Echoes will have three different stat categories: Main Stat, Secondary Main Stat, and Substats. The Main Stat and Secondary Main Stat will both increase when an Echo levels up, but Substats are unlocked with items.

Wuthering Waves Echo Stats

Main Stat

Main Stats are dependent on Echo Class. Each Class will have a different pool of potential stats to roll.

  • Common: HP%, ATK%, DEF%
  • Elite: HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Energy Regen%, Attribute DMG% (Glacio, Aero, Electro, etc)
  • Overlord/Calamity: HP%, ATK%, DEF% Crit Rate%, Crit DMG%, Healing Bonus%

Secondary Main Stat

Secondary Main Stats are fixed based on the Echo Class/Cost. For example, if you’re using a 4/3/3/1/1 setup, you’re Secondary Main Stats will always be 3x Flat ATK and 2x Flat HP.

  • Common – Flat HP
  • Elite – Flat ATK
  • Overlord/Calamity  – Flat ATK


Substats work differently from other games. Each Substat will be one value that you reveal by unlocking. Once you reveal all 6, that’s it. Substats also have a range in which they can roll. If you unlock a Crit Rate Substat, it comes out from a range of potential values. This system creates an infinite grind, where you can always optimize your Substats further and further.

  • Flat HP
  • Flat ATK
  • Flat DEF
  • HP%
  • ATK%
  • DEF%
  • Crit Rate%
  • Crit DMG%
  • Basic Attack DMG Bonus%
  • Heavy Attack DMG Bonus%
  • Resonance Skill DMG Bonus%
  • Resonance Liberation DMG Bonus%

Echo Sets

The last Echo classification comes with Set Bonuses, or Sonata as the game refers to it. Like in other games, these Set Bonuses will activate when you equip Echoes of the same Set. For the Set Bonus to activate, you need to equip different unique Echoes. For example, if I equip two Cyan-Feathered Herons with the Aero Set bonus, it will not activate the 2-set bonus.

There are currently 9 different Echo sets. One for each damage type, 2 support-oriented sets, and one ATK based set. Here’s a rundown of the different effects.

Freezing Frost (Glacio)

Wuthering Waves Freezing-Frost

  • 2 Set: Glacio damage increased by 10%.
  • 5 Set: After using Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Glacio damage is increased by 10%, this effect can be stacked three times, lasting 15 seconds.

Molten Rift (Fusion)


  • 2 Set: Fusion damage increased by 10%.
  • 5 Set: After using Resonance Skill, Fusion damage is increased by 30%, lasting 15 seconds.

Void Thunder (Electro)


  • 2 Set: Electro damage increased by 10%.
  • 5 Set: After using Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill, Electro damage is increased by 15%, this effect can be stacked twice, each lasting 15 seconds.

Sierra Gale (Aero)


  • 2 Set: Aero damage increased by 10%.
  • 5 Set: When using the Intro Skill, Aero damage increases by 30% for 15 seconds.

Celestial Light (Spectro)


  • 2 Set: Spectro damage increased by 10%.
  • 5 Set: When using the Intro Skill, Spectro damage increases by 30% for 15 seconds.

Havoc Eclipse (Havoc)


  • 2 Set: Havoc damage increased by 10%.
  • 5 Set: After using Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Havoc damage increases by 7.5%, this effect can stack up to four times, lasting 15 seconds.

Rejuvenating Glow (Healing)


  • 2 Set: Healing Bonus increased by 10%.
  • 5 Set: When performing the Outro Skill, the ATK of the entire team’s Resonator increases by 15%, lasting 30 seconds.

Moonlit Clouds (Energy)


  • 2 Set: Energy Regen increased by 10%.
  • 5 Set: After using Outro Skill, the ATK of the next Resonator to enter the field increases by 22.5%, lasting 15 seconds.

Endless Resonance (ATK)

Endless Resonance

  • 2 Set: ATK increased by 10%.
  • 5 Set: When on the field, ATK increases by 5% every 1.5 seconds, this effect can stack up to four times. Exiting Attack damage increases by 60%.

How to Get Echoes

As previously mentioned, you can farm Echoes by killing monsters in the overworld. You won’t always get an Echo drop or a high rarity drop, but it’s something you can do every day. If you run out of monsters, you can join a friend’s world and keep going. This is a nice way to incentivize co-op play in Wuthering Waves.

Lastly, if you don’t want to mindlessly farm monsters every day, you can enter a Dungeon. This dungeon will give you Echoes in exchange for spending stamina. Since stamina is an important resource for upgrading Echoes, this isn’t advised if you want to min-max. However, if you want to just play the game casually, log in and do some dungeons, it’s perfectly fine to do so.

Farming is simply a method you can do if you’re more serious and want to maximize your account through playtime.

Data Bank

As you collect Echoes, you’ll start leveling up your Data Bank. This is essentially like an Echo completion tracker. As you find more unique or different rarity Echoes, you’ll level up the Data Dock.

Wuthering Waves Data Bank

Depending on the level of your Data Dock, you’ll have increased odds of finding Echoes, higher rarity Echoes, and Cost Limit.

  • Echo Drop Rate:
    Echo drop rate starts out at 10% and increases to a maximum of 20% at Data Dock Level 10.
  • Enhanced Absorption Probability:
    The chance that you absorb an Echo of the highest possible rarity. Starts at 20% and goes up to 100% at level 20.
  • Max absorbable Rarity:
    At level 1, you will only be able to find Rank 2 Echoes (Green). As you level up, your Max will increase, up to Rank 5 (Gold) at level 15.
  • Cost Limit:
    Starts out at 10. At Data Dock level 9, this increases to 12.

Note: Your Max absorbable Rarity also increases the floor of your Echoes. You will only absorb 2 rarities of Echoes, your max absorbable and one tier below. So if you’re at Data Dock level 15, you will only absorb Purple and Gold Echoes.

Reaching Data Dock level 15 is an important milestone for progression. This unlocks Gold Echoes which are the highest rarity. At level 15, you’ll have a 60% chance of finding Gold Echoes (with 20% Drop Rate) and a 40% of finding Purple ones. As you level up more, the odds of finding Gold Echoes will increase. (Enhanced Absorption Probability)

How to Upgrade Echoes

When you first acquire an Echo, it will be level 1 without any substats. By spending stamina on the Tacet Field Cleanup game mode, you’ll get rewards including Sealed Tubes, Tuners, and random Echoes. Make sure to enter Tacet Field with the Echo Sets you want, as you might get one you need for a Sonata Effect Set.

Wuthering Waves Sealed Tubes

Tuners are what you will use to level your Echoes. When you have extra Echoes you don’t want, you can’t use them to upgrade other Echoes, you’ll need specific EXP material, the Sealed Tubes.

You can, however, feed leveled up Echoes to other Echoes. When doing this, you’ll gain 75% of the experience used on the leveled up Echo.

Wuthering Waves Tuners

Tuners will be how you unlock Substats on your Echoes. Substats have a level requirement, in intervals of 5. For example, you can unlock Subtats on a Gold Echo at level 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25.

When you feed an Echo to another one, you’ll be refunded some of the Tuners used as well.

How to Maximize your Resources

When it comes to gacha games, resource management is a key factor when you want to progress efficiently. If you level up or tune Echoes too early, you might put yourself behind.

When upgrading Echoes, you want to identify a few key things.

  1. Which Sonata Set do I want for a character? (Glacio, Fusion, etc)
  2. What Cost Curve will I use? (4,3,3,1,1)
  3. What Main Stats do I want on each Echo? (Crit Rate, Energy Recharge, etc)
  4. What Substats do I want on each Echo? (ATK, Crit Rate, Crit Damage)

Baseline Echoes

Let’s take a look at Jiyan for example. He will be the first Event Character in Wuthering Waves, and is an Aero Broadblade Resonator. His kit also utilizes Heavy Attack DMG for a large portion of his damage.

Instead of trying to get perfect Echoes, you instead want to simply aim for a baseline that will be strong enough to tackle harder content. This gives you more resources to build up other characters for your team or other teams.

In general, you want to simply aim for 3 things. In the case of Jiyan, we can use these:

  • Correct Set: Sierra Gale
  • Correct Costs: 4,3,3,1,1
  • Correct Main Stat: Boss Echo (Crit Rate/Crit DMG), Elites (Aero DMG), Common (ATK%)

Once you find 5 Echoes that matches these requirements, you can then level them up to get stronger Main Stat and Secondary Main Stat bonuses.

After this, unlocking your substats will be a bonus on top of what you already have. If you don’t get offensive substats, don’t worry too much. You can always keep trying in the future.

But in the beginning of the game, don’t spend too many resources on perfecting one character. You can throw this advice out the window if all you want to do is maximize one character’s potential. This is just advice to build up more characters and progress through the game more efficiently.

Thanks for Reading! Be sure to check out our other Wuthering Waves Guides or our Wuthering Waves Tier List.