Wild RiftPatch Notes

Wild Rift Patch 3.2 Breakdown

Wild Rift 3.2 Patch Notes Breakdown

In this Wild Rift patch rundown, we are going to analyze the changes for the 3.2 Wild Rift patch, looking at the buffs and nerfs which had the most impact on the meta.

For more concrete details about the patch, you should read the official Wild Rift patch notes (we’ll be referring to screenshots from the notes throughout our breakdown).

To see which champions are dominating the meta, check out our Wild Rift tier list.

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Buffs, nerfs, and adjustments

In the following section, we are gonna present and explain all the nerfs and buffs each champion and item received in Patch 3.1a

We’ll start with champions and proceed with the items.

Akali (Buffed)

TFT Akali Set 4

Akali was kinda weak after several nerfs, now she should be in a much better place.

  • Base energy regen decreased.
  • Ability (1) energy cost lowered and base damage increased.
  • Ultimate damage increased by a lot.

Karma (Nerfed)

Karma was way too strong in the Midlane and as a Support, this changes should make her early laning phase and poke weaker.

  • Ability (1) base damage decreased.
  • Ultimate slow reduced.

Ahri (Nerfed)

Ahri had too much sustain and could go for risky plays, this should reduce her power.

  • Base health decreased.

Blitzcrank (Buffed)

TFT Set 6 Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank was way to weak after the nerfs, this should help him recover from the past nerfs.

  • Base stats buff.
    • Mana regen increased.
    • Attack speed increased.
  • Ability (3) cooldown reduced.

Galio (Buffed)

Galio Original splash (LoL)

Galio was a bit to weak, this little tweak should make him way consistent.

  • Ability (2) buffed.

Morgana (Adjusted)

Kayle morgana splash

Morgana has been to strong as a support, this change should push he more into the Jungle.

  • Ability (1) base damage increrased.
  • Ability (3) base damage decreased, but damage to monsters increased.

Rengar (Nerfed)

Rengar has been quite strong since the addition of the new items.

  • Base attack damage decreased.

Seraphine (Adjusted)

Seraphine has been strong paired with anotherr enchanter Support, this should make her less powerful.

  • Ability (1) damage increased and AP ratio decreased.

Shen (Buffed)

Shen has some energy regeneration problems, this should be not be a problem anymore.

  • Base energy regen increased.
  • Passive energy gained decreased.
  • Ability (2) energy cost increased.

Sona (Nerfed)

Sona has been to strong if she pairs up with a Seraphine on the botlane, this should make her sustain worse.

  • Base armor decreased.
  • Ability (1) heals deceased and shield increased.
  • Ability (3) cooldown decreased.

Soraka (Buffed)

Soraka has been a very bad Support for a very long time, this should be different now that she got huge buffs.

  • Passive movement speed increased.
  • Ability (1) buffed.
    • cooldown decreased.
    • AP ratio increased.
  • Ability (2) buffed.


Blade of the Ruined King


Executioners Calling

Infinity Orb

Ixtali Seedjar

Last Whisper

Rylai’s Crystal

Solari Chargeblade

Void Staff


Giant Slayer



Nimbus Cloak

Lethal Tempo

Kraken Slayer

Ultimate Shield

Nullifying Orb

Grasp of Undying


Fleet Footwork


Control Ward

Come back every patch to check out our Patch breakdown that will be updated according to the new buffs and nerfs. If you have any comments, questions, or feedback leave them below. Good luck climbing and see you soon Summoner!