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How to Play Katarina in Wild Rift

Wild Rift Guide: How to Play Katarina

Katarina is a dominant and frustrating champion to play against in Wild Rift. She is currently a solid mid laner: currently ranked in the S tier of our Mobalytics Wild Rift Tier List. If you’re into champions who frustrate your enemies, then Katarina may be for you.

This Mobalytics article will break down the fundamentals to help you start playing Katarina in Wild Rift. This article is aimed at beginners or players who have never played Katarina.

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How to Play Katarina in Wild Rift

  1. Abilities
  2. Runes
  3. Skill Order
  4. Build
  5. Counters
  6. Best Matchups

Katarina Wild Rift Ability Breakdown

Brace yourself for a basic outline of Katarina’s abilities within Wild Rift. Before we continue, it’s worth clarifying that the descriptions and videos are taken from the Official Katarina Wild Rift Page.

Passive: Voracity- Whenever an enemy champion dies that Katarina has damaged recently, her remaining ability cooldowns are dramatically reduced. If Katarina picks up a Dagger, she uses it to slash through all nearby enemies, dealing magic damage.

Ability 1: Bouncing Blade- Katarina throws a Dagger at the target that then bounces to nearby enemies before ricocheting onto the ground.

Ability 2: Preparation- Katarina gains a burst of movement speed, tossing a Dagger into the air directly above herself.

Ability 3: Shunpo- Katarina blinks to a location near a Dagger or unit, dealing damage to the nearest enemy. Picking up a Dagger reduces Shunpo’s cooldown.

Ultimate Ability: Death Lotus- Katarina becomes a flurry of blades, dealing damage over time and applying healing reduction. Katarina is able to reposition slowly for a short time.

Katarina Wild Rift Runes

Here’s a basic Rune Page for Katarina. You might want to look back at this article in the future
to see if this Rune suggestion has changed.

Credits to WildRiftFire for the Runes. 

Katarina Skill Order

Here’s the skill order for Katarina.

Katarina Wild Rift Skill Order

Credits to WildRiftBuild for the skill order.

Katarina Wild Rift Build

This is one of the best builds for Katarina in Wild Rift. It is important to note that you should stay up to date with what the high-ranking players build in Wild Rift to increase your chances of winning as this guide, including the Runes, may change from patch to patch.

Credits to WildRiftFire for the Build as well.

Katarina Wild Rift Counters

If you’re looking for tips and tricks on countering Katarina in Wild Rift, this section will break down good counters to help you beat her.


Fizz has strong all-in and can counter your all-ins. He can also dodge your damage, which is a pain for Katarina. When he presses R, it can also cancel your Ultimate. All-in-all, try and avoid picking Katarina into Fizz.


Ahri has the range advantage and can bully you down whenever you walk up to farm. This is a big problem for Katarina as you’ll start to fall behind in gold. Furthermore, she can counter your all-in with her charm.


Pantheon isn’t that great post 5, but he will always be good against you. Pantheon can counter your all-ins and whenever you try to trade by jumping on you. He can also cancel your Ultiamte channel, which is another issue for Kata.

Best Matchups for Katarina in Wild Rift

We will now discuss 3 good matchups for Katarina in Wild Rift.


This is a really good matchup for Katarina because Lux doesn’t have any hard CC, which means she cannot interrupt your Ultimate channel, which is ideal for Katarina. Lux is also extraordinarily squishy and easy to kill.

Elementalist Lux Splash


Akali is melee, and so is Katarina, but Katarina can deal more burst damage to Akali than she can deal to you. Similarly, you can counter or reduce her chances of trading back by playing around cooldowns and watching your positioning.


Morgana does have CC tools, but yet again, they’re not hard CC, which means she cannot interrupt your combo. She is a bit more of a threat when she gets her Ultimate, but you can still win all-ins.

Final Thoughts

Katarina can be such a dominating champion in Wild Rift just like in League of Legends. This is why it’s important that you learn the basics of the champion first before diving in deeper trying to learn her so you do not get overwhelmed with the information on Katarina mechanics.

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