Wild Rift Patch 2.4b Breakdown

Wild Rift Patch 2.4b Breakdown

Wild Rift 2.4b Patch Notes Breakdown

In this Wild Rift patch rundown, we are going to analyze the changes for the 2.4b Wild Rift patch, looking at the buffs and nerfs which had the most impact on the meta.

For more concrete details about the patch, you should read the official Wild Rift patch notes (we’ll be referring to screenshots from the notes throughout our breakdown).

To see which champions are dominating the meta, check out our Wild Rift tier list.

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Buffs, nerfs, and adjustments

In the following section, we are gonna present and explain all the nerfs and buffs each champion and item received in Patch 2.4a.

We’ll start with champions and proceed with the items.

Akshan (Buffed)

Akshan Original (LoL splash)

Akshan was felt very bad to play and was really weak on top of that, this buffs should make him way more viable than he is right now.

  • Ability (1)base damage increased.
  • The ability (3) can now critically strike.
  • Ultimate damage per tick increased by crit chance.

Ahri (Adjusted)

Ahri had a movement speed buf on her second ability.

  • Ability (3) movement speed bug removed

Akali (Nerf)

TFT Akali Set 4

Akali is too much of a lane bully at the moment and hard to contain during the early stages of the game, this nerf should make laning against her not so insufferable.

  • Passive movement speed and base damage were reduced by a lot.

Graves (Nerfed)

Graves is a bit to strong at the moment, a minor nerf should put him in the right place.

  • Base armor per level decreased.
  • Ability (1) base damage and slow lowered.
  • The second ability cooldown is increased.

Katarina (Nerfed)

Katarina Classic Splash Art

Katarinas early game was to strong, this nerf should make her early laning worse and more punishable.

  • Base health decreased.

Kennen (Buffed)

Kennen was in the shadow for a long time now and hasnt received any love by Riot Games, this buff should make him shine again.

  • Ability (1) base damage increased.
  • Second ability on-hit bonus damage increased.
  • Ability (3) bonus attack speed increased.

Kha’zix (Nerfed)

Kha’Zix had been to strong in the Jungle and had to much power, this changes should make him more forgiving.

  • Base health regen decreased.
  • Ability (1) base damage lowered.
  • Ability (2) Base damage decreased.

Master Yi (Nerfed)

Master Yi seems to be to strong after the last big buff, this nerf should make him more balanced overall.

  • Base health per level decreased.
  • Ability (3) bonus true damage lowered.
  • Ultimate cooldown increased.

Rakan (Buffed)

Rakan was to strong with Xayah but to weak on his own, this adjustment should make him more valaible with other ADC’s

  • Ability (2) damage increased.
  • Ability (3) bonus shield to Xayah.
  • Ultimate movement speed increased.

Soraka (Nerfed)

Soraka had to much impact with her abilitier being able to heal to much, this should make her a bit more weak.

  • Ability (1) buff duration decreased and total heal reduced.
  • Ability (2) buff duration lowered.

Thresh (Buffed)

Thresh wasnt that strong since his release, due to him being a high skill cap champion, and with this buffs he should be more fitting in Wild Rift.

  • Base health and health regeneration increased.
  • The passive soul drop rate increased.
  • Ability (2) shield strength buffed.
  • Ability (3) passive charge time reduced.

Wukong (Adjusted)

Wukong was to weak in the toplane, this change should make him better at laning overall.

  • Ability (1) healing reduction modifier when used against minions.

Xin Zhao (Nerfed)

Xin Zhao has been dominating the Jungle role a bit to much in the past few patches, this changes should make him way more vulnerable during the early game.

  • Base Stats nerfed.
    • Base armor decreased.
    • Base health lowered.


Rabadons Deathcap (Adjusted)

  • Warmog’s Heart trigger condition activated at 950 bonus health.

Awakened Soulstealer (Nerfed)

  • AP increased

Solari Chargeblade (Adjusted)

  • Ability haste decreased.
  • Base damage increased.

Liandry’s Torment (Nerfed)

  • Max damage amplification decreased.
  • Damage amplification per second lowered.

Ludens Echo (Nerfed)

  • Ability haste increased.
  • Gives more AP.


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Come back every patch to check out our Patch breakdown that will be updated according to the new buffs and nerfs. If you have any comments, questions, or feedback leave them below. Good luck climbing and see you soon Summoner!