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Warcraft Rumble: Best Tirion Fordring Decks (PvE and PVP)

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The Best Tirion Decks in Warcraft Rumble

Tirion Fordring is one of the best leaders in Warcraft Rumble and can be used to clear the entirety of the Normal and Heroic campaigns with ease.

Although he’s very good at PVP at A-tier, he’s among the best choices for PvE at S-tier. So overall, he’s a great option if you plan on playing both modes.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the best Tirion Fordring decks for PvE and PVP in Warcraft Rumble.

For each deck, we’ll provide core recommendations along with options for mini swaps.

tirion fordring warcraft rumble mini



  • PVE: S Tier
  • PVP: A Tier


  • Melee
  • One-Target
  • Tank
  • Armored
  • Healer

Ability: Holy Light

Tirion Fordring’s ability allows him to heal all nearby friendly units. It automatically casts a healing spell periodically and applies to himself as well. Overall, he’s one of the easiest and best leaders to use as he is one of the few minis in the game that can heal allies.

His heal does not have a unit limit, so he can heal up your entire group of minis constantly. As long as they do not die, Tirion will keep everyone at full health and ready to engage the next group of enemies.

As a tank, he boasts higher health compared to minis of similar gold cost. However, you may not always want him to be at the front tanking for all your other minis, as his ability is too useful to have him die early into the fight. Hence, he is best played as an off-tank, where he can soak some of the damage taken but you do not want him to die too early.

His weaknesses are that he has slow movement speed and that he is a melee one-target mini. This means that most squad or ranged mini can trade fairly well against him, especially if they are supported by a tank mini in front. His armored trait does not protect him from elemental damage. Thus, you will have to support Tirion to ensure he is well-protected and able to meet any threats to keep him alive and healing.


tirion fordring warcraft rumble talents

Divine Shield (Best Choice)

Divine Shield is Tirion’s best ability as it ensures that he will survive for a set duration no matter how much damage he takes. During the 5 seconds of shield, Tirion will continue attacking and healing, making it an invaluable way to extend his life and healing capabilities, and can hold off bosses with damage that can usually quickly kill your other tank units.

When facing stages when severely under-leveled such as high-level dungeons, Tirion can hold off enemies for longer than he normally should as he is invulnerable, and is the only tank that can uniquely do that. Do note that damage that bursts him down immediately to under 30% health will prevent him from triggering his Divine Shield, such as a large living bomb or certain one-shot mechanics from bosses.

By the Light

By the Light is also a strong talent when running Tirion with other tanks such as Earth Elemental, Abomination, and Stonehoof Tauren. Larger heals mean that your main tank can continue to survive while your other minis deal damage.

It is especially useful when paired with other offensive tanks like Abomination as it allows him to continue performing his role in hooking and killing off minis while keeping at full health. However, this makes Tirion a weaker solo tank and more susceptible to being sniped off or targeted down without the safety net that Divine Shield provides.

While By the Light is stronger in situations where Tirion is never hit at all or comes close to dying, Divine Shield is a better talent for all situations.


Consecrate is his weakest talent. Tirion can much better clear squad minis with this talent, but you often do not be the damaging unit. He will still lose to most ranged mini if they are protected, and it is better to further play to Tirion’s strengths and use other minis to cover for Tirion’s weaknesses.

PvE Deck Considerations

Each deck should have a good mix of tanky melee units and high-damaging ranged AoE or single target damage.

In general, you should have 2-3 tanks (including your leader) and fill the rest with damaging minis or utility minis.

Unbound tanks and minis are also highly valued as they allow you to drop the mini anywhere on the map to provide a direct counter to any enemy unit, preventing them from clearing off your minis.

Heroic mode

Heroic mode unlocks at 50 Sigils and presents players with a much higher difficulty against the bosses you have faced before.

50 heroic complete

Further clearing each stage with a leader from each faction will give you on XP tome – clearing each stage with leaders from all 5 factions gives you 5 XP tomes and 200 gold! (300 gold with Arclight Booster).

heroic mode blackrock mountain completed

For this reason, it is important to use leaders and minis that synergize well with leaders of different factions.

heroic decks

Above is an example of the decks used to completely clear all 75 Heroic stages. Using the same minis as far as possible ensures that you can focus your XP and gold into a core team of 8-12 minis, and using those same minis across all decks to ensure that no one faction is lagging behind the rest, impeding your heroic clears.

The Best PvE Tirion Deck

Below is the best Tirion deck that has been used to clear the entirety of Heroic stages at 0-2 levels below the recommended deck level.

Do note that the decklist are general deck used for most stages. On certain stages with unique mechanics, certain minis should be swapped out to counter that stage’s mechanics.

For example, in Heroic Devilsuar, ranged minis can hit the boss without retaliation but melee minis get instantly killed. Swapping out Harpies for Batrider will help you clear the stage even if he is under-leveled.

Tirion Fordring Heroic PvE Deck


  • Defias Bandits
  • Huntress
  • Earth Elemental
  • Pyromancer
  • Quilboar
  • Harpies

Possible replacements:

  • S.A.F.E. Pilot
  • Blizzard
  • Stonehoof Tauren
  • Batrider
  • Banshee

This deck aims to build up a push by ensuring that no enemy threat can kill Tirion and slowly building up a mass of minis that is constantly healed by Tirion which will eventually overwhelm the boss.

Tirion should be used defensively in the initial attack by your opponent. Once he defends the push with his healing and support fire from your tower, accompany him with other minis to support him. You do not want Tirion to be taking most of the damage normally, as you will want him to survive and constantly heal your team. Eventually, when you get 2 or even 3 Tirions together in a push, your army will be invincible through all the healing they do.

Pyromancer should be played alongside Tirion to cover his single-target melee weaknesses – she can hit both ground and air minis in an AoE. She also moves at the same pace as Tirion, ensuring that he can provide cover whenever they encounter any enemies.

Earth Elemental and Quillboar are 2 unbound minis that serve as your main tanks. Whenever you see an enemy lineup that Tirion + Pyromancer cannot kill before activating Tirion’s shield, drop either of them behind the enemy depending on whether the damage type is predominantly elemental or physical, and use them to keep Tirion safe.

Tirion will consistently heal your main tank while they draw any AoE fire away from both Tirion and Pyromancer, ideally getting a good trade without any of your minis dying. For example, if an enemy Huntress is going to engage your Tyrion, place Earth Elemental behind Huntress, distracting her and allowing even squishy harpies time to walk up to her to kill her before Earth Elemental dies.

Huntress is included to provide strong single-target damage to minis or towers or bosses with her talent that increases the damage her main glaive does. However, she moves much faster than Tirion and will often be ahead of him. One strategy is to drop Huntress behind Tirion, and in some placements, Huntress will push Tirion in front of her and make him move faster. Otherwise, keep your Earth Elemental and Quillboar ready if Huntress runs ahead without a tank in front of her.

Harpies provide much-needed air support to get free kills off mini that cannot hit air. When minis or bosses are distracted by Tirion’s healing on your tanks or his divine shield, poison harpies who boast the highest DPS in the game can shred enemies apart.

Bandits are included as a cheap unit to cycle through your deck faster and to reach your other units faster. They also provide a ton of value for their cost, often being able to trade into 3 gold units like pyromancers without ever taking a shot due to the stealth mechanics. When played alongside Tirion, he can help close the gap between Tirion and the ranged mini by providing stuns and extra damage.

Possible replacements include Stonehoof Tauren when the enemy deck includes multiple ranged minis that are hard to reach, Batrider, when there are many enemy ground units spams like Footmen and Raptors, S.A.F.E. Pilot where there are multiple difficult-to-reach, ranged units like fliers and Necromancer and can be paired with harpies to kill ground enemy units easily by first sniping their ranged damage off.

Banshee can be used when the stage has a lot of Molten Giant or Abomination spams (use bandits to stun Abomination first!). Footmen is probably a go-to option for many newbies, but Footmen is a poor investment as they generally do not fit in any other leader deck, and are a weaker option to a slow push deck than running Abomination, which is covered in the next alternative deck build.

Alternative Tirion PvE Deck

Alternative Tirion PvE Deck


  • S.A.F.E. Pilot
  • Defias Bnadits
  • Abomination
  • Frostwolf Shaman
  • Quilboar
  • Harpies

Possible replacements

  • Huntress
  • Blizzard
  • Batrider

This deck is more of a fun deck that is actually very strong if the stage allows for it. In this deck, Abomination will act as your ‘hyper carry’ which will be buffed by Shaman to grant him armor.

Tirion and Shaman are then played behind Abomination to constantly heal him, keeping his HP full, while Abomination defeats all enemy minis by hooking them or cleaving them with his attacks. Whenever Abomination drops below 50% HP, the talent Cannonball will activate, stunning nearby enemies for 5 seconds.

This stun is repeatable, and since Tirion and Shaman are healing Abomination, they will constantly top him up to above 50% HP, which will allow him to slam the enemy yet again, buying time for the rest to heal him up and repeat the cycle, this even works on bosses, and is quite hilariously broken when it does work.

The slow pace of this deck will ensure that you have sufficient time to play multiple Tirions and Shaman and Abominations. It is not uncommon to have 4 Tirions and Shamans supporting 3 Abominations by the time you reach the boss.

As this deck is slow-moving and hooks are easily prone to misfiring on enemy squad units instead of the enemy Pyromancer hiding in the back, S.A.F.E. Pilot is used to snipe enemy minis to clear the way for Abomination hooks or to hit flying units like Drakes and Batriders, which take forever for Shaman to kill by herself. She also moves at the same speed as Tirion so she won’t run ahead of the group like Huntress would.

Harpies are used to hit towers and minis that are focusing on Abomination, allowing her to freely melt those units. Bandits are mostly cheap cycle units to play in a very expensive deck to get back your next Tirion quicker, though they can be used to great effect to defend under your tower in the lane where your main ball of units is not at.

However, this deck is rather slow and you will take a long time to complete your stages. If the map is resource-rich in the enemy’s favor, you will take a long time to reach their towers, mines, and chests, and the resource disadvantage may eventually overpower your healing ball. Further, it is a resource-intensive build costing 14 gold to get rolling, and you are very susceptible to attacks from other lanes once you are committed to a lane.

The Best Tirion PvP Deck

Note: The best PvP deck for any leader depends highly upon the season’s buff which rotates every few weeks. Not only will the map change, affecting chests, gold mines, and tower locations, but the towers themselves will also change, which may drastically affect the type of minis you should bring.

For example, Footmen are really good units in a Tirion deck in PvP, however, on weeks with Dragon Tower and Rocket Towers, these slow-moving footmen will die before they can ever reach the tower. That said, we will recommend decks that form the backbone of each deck, though you can refer to our seasonal PvP updates on the best new minis to fit into your decks.

Best Tirion PvP Deck


  • S.A.F.E. Pilot
  • Gryphon Rider
  • Prowler
  • Huntress
  • Quilboar
  • Chain Lightning

Possible replacements:

  • Footmen
  • Pyromancer
  • Blizzard
  • Batrider

Tirion’s deck focuses on playing to generate value out of Tirion heals by trading efficiently against enemy units without dying, then healing them up for a bigger push.

The tank slot is filled with a unit that is tanky yet does damage. In weeks where chests are hotly contested, a speedy tank unit like Prowler is good to reach the chest faster than your opponent, whereas slower tanks like Footmen or Stonehoof can be used where the focus is on winning a single lane or holding a certain zone with their slow march.

The ranged slot can be equipped with stealth Huntress, which is difficult to pull out of stealth preventing her from being sniped, and trades well into most minis as long as there are tanks for her. Stealth also lowers her speed ensuring she does not move too fast ahead of your other units. On weeks with the towers that deal elemental damage, her resist traits come even more in handy by allowing her to take those towers much easier.

The spell slot is usually reserved for Chain lightning, which eliminates many squad units effectively, most importantly whelp eggs as it will both pop the eggs and kill the Whelps that spawn and additionally stun other units on demand, turning a trade that your unit might have lost into a winning one.

S.A.F.E. Pilot is an auto included in all PvP decks as she brings too much utility in sniping chests, mines, and key enemy ranged units, including the enemy’s S.A.F.E. Pilot.

Gryphon Rider is another must-include for most PvP decks due to her cheap cost as a flying unit that can hit all units, and her ability to fight at long-range and her cheap cost allow most units to trade badly against her.