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The Best Warcraft Rumble PVP Decks (Season 2)

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Warcraft Rumble PVP Decks and Units You Should Be Using

We’ve compiled the best Warcraft Rumble PVP decks to help you dominate the competition in Season 2.

Given the ever-changing state of Rumble’s PvP meta due to map and modifier changes, we have decided to provide an update every season where the map changes and a bi-weekly update whenever the modifiers change.

As a reminder, since Warcraft Rumble’s Seasons last 6 weeks, Season 2 should last until January 21st, 2024.

Read on to find out about the recommended units and meta decks in this rotation!

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PvP Season 2 Breakdown

In Warcraft Rumble, the PVP mode changes every 2 weeks based on three categories:

  • Map
  • Towers
  • Modifiers

Let’s dive into our recommendations for the current setup:

  • Map
    • Arathi Basin
  • Towers
    • Dragon Towers
  • Modifiers
    • Fortifications

Arathi Basin Map Tips

warcraft rumble arathi basin map

Arathi Basin is a 2-lane map, with the option to divert your forces into a resource-rich island in the middle, where a majority of your clashes will take place as you fight to be the king of the hill. Unlike Season’s 1 Alterac Valley which focuses on map control and grabbing resources in all 3 lanes, in Arathi Basin you are going to be focusing only on holding the center island.

Further, Arathi Basin lanes narrows down into the red choke points on both lanes. Since you will also be wanting to point the arrow right to direct your minis into the island to contest the gold mines, this causes most of your forces to gather and consolidate in the right lane, on the bridge. This makes it very easy for players to defend their bases as spells and AoE minis can obliterate large forces which are clumped up together.

Dragon Towers Tips

Dragon Towers deal elemental damage on a frontal cone attack, based on the distance away from the tower. Melee units suffer the most from Dragon Towers due to the increased damage taken, and ranged units in general are better against Dragon Towers. Resistant minis also take 50% reduced elemental damage and can survive longer.

Best Choices for Arathi Basin, Dragon Towers, and Fortifications

Putting together the map with narrow chokepoints, Dragon Towers which deals AoE damage, and Fortifications which doubles tower health makes it very undesirable to waste your time on the left tower. Meanwhile, with a resource-rich middle island, you can see that most of your minis will end up clumping on the right choke point, and will have a difficult time pushing into an AoE tower that can easily be defended by a Blizzard.

This trend will continue for quite some time, as the next slated rotation is for Dragon Tower to change into Rocket Towers, which deals even more terrifying AoE damage to both melee and ranged minis.

The general strategy of a majority of Season 2 PvP will thus revolve around control decks, and slowly poking your enemy’s bases from leftover mini from trades and spells until you win by timeout.

Control decks are decks that are defensive and reactive in nature, which focus on controlling the game by disrupting the opponent’s strategy and managing threats. This is in contrast to decks where you stack a lane with a lot of minis and you try to win by creating a single overwhelming push, as the chokepoints in this game would kill all your minis with a single Blizzard.


warcraft rumble blizzard

Blizzard excels in Arathi Basin due to 2 aspects – It first takes advantage of the many choke points present to generate tons of value by wiping most low to medium health minis.

If the minis don’t die due solely to Blizzard’s damage, they are further rooted when using the Cold Snap talent, effectively stunning them as your other minis clean them up. If that wasn’t enough, Blizzard can also be used offensively on your enemy towers and base, rooting the enemies’ defensive minis and dealing some poke damage to the base at the same time.

In many even matches, you can win solely by the fact that you casted Blizzard on the opponent’s base more than he casted Blizzard on yours.

Deep Breath
deep breath spell

Image from warcraftrumble.gg

Deep Breath should be mentioned shortly as it is stronger than Blizzard due to its ability to be casted twice for 4 gold and deal immense damage on the enemy’s base and minions. However, this is only available after you have defeated Onyxia, so if you have not unlocked this yet, settle on Blizzard, which is also a very strong spell which focuses more on control than damage.

Jaina Proudmoore

warcraft rumble jaina proudmoore

For a week where spells on chokepoints is king, its no surprise that Jaina has risen to be one of the top picks for Arathi Basin. Her innate ability to increase your spell levels by 3 make them hit so much harder, and the Clearcasting talent reduces their cost by 1.

Maiev Shadowsong

maiev shadowsong warcraft rumble

The poster girl for the control archetype, Maiev playstyle in dropping large amounts of unbound minis and spells ensures that she can control the middle island’s gold mines very well, and use the additional gold to constantly poke their base with spells and unbound units.

Baron Rivendare

baron rivendare warcraft rumble

Baron continues to be oppressive in PvP. His key strength – the overwhelming map pressure and control he provides by constantly summoning 2 skeletal mages regardless of whether he is actually played on the field – is less important in a 2 lane map as compared to a 3 lane map, but free minis are still good to pass up, and having a constant steam of frost casting mages that will walk from the left side into the island in the middle will definitely help out with taking chests or reinforcing the clashes there.

His only downside is that necromancer units are not too great at PvP and he has to fill 2 of his necromancer trait slots with minis which are average at best. However, you can easily misfit Dark Iron Miner into one of his necromancer slots, as levels for the miner is not too important and Miner is a very strong mini for Arathi Basin.

Dark Iron Miner

dark iron miner warcraft rumble

In this map with two hotly contested gold mines in the middle, Dark Iron Miner is a pressuring card when played in the middle that prevents your opponent from sitting back and being passive.

Talent choice for Arathi Basin would definitely be Gold Mine, which will reinforce your mid island clashes with numerous mines that can sometimes completely kill an opponent kobold or Miner who arrives later. He also provides a decent frontline for the rest of your units at 2 gold and can be considered a less tanky Quilboar with utility.

The Usual Top-tier PvP Units
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot
    • Continues to dominate with her map-wide presence to capture chests and deny gold mines, and her ability to trade advantageously with nearly 80% of the meta PvP units roster by assassinating them.
    • She can be crashed on the island in the middle of the map to contest the gold mines and destroy kobolds and Dark Iron Dwarf. She continues to see a 100% inclusion rate for all top PvP decks.
    • Usally run with Gnomish Cloaking Device, but Comin’ In Hot! is another good option for her to quickly defeat a group of enemies especially when comboed with Blizzard.
  • Gryphon Rider
    • Still strong being a cheap flyer that has very long-ranged attacks. Her increased range allows her to safely hit minis away from most splash AoE, unlike harpies.
    • Her cost being at 2 allows her to minimize loss of value if the opponent decides to use SAFE pilot to counter her, and allows her HP allows her to survive an equal leveled Chain Lightning.
    • On weeks where there are Dragon Towers, she can survive longer due to her long-range attacks placing her further from the breath.
  • Whelp Eggs
    • A strong unbound mini that can be used to distract any melee unit that attempts to take chests or is sent to deny the gold mines, and still push effectively after.
    • However, they are weaker on weeks when the Dragon Tower or Rocket Tower are up as they both are killed instantly due to splash when in range of the towers.
  • Quilboar
    • Vital in positioning enemy minis away from hitting your ranged minis. In Arathi Basin where Dark Iron Drawf is very commonly played, Quilboar can also be quickly summoned beside Dark Iron Drawf before he starts mini, forcing them to fight.
    • With the Bristleback talent, he will win the trade, allowing you to play your own Dark Iron Drawf to capture the gold mine the opponent originally intended to take.
    • Lastly, he is one of the few tanks that continues to perform well under Dragon Tower. Being resistant and unbound means that he can be summoned to the left side of the tower just before your main forces reach the bridge, allowing you to distract the base to get some hits in.

The Best Warcraft Rumble PVP Decks for Season 2

Below you can find some of the meta decks you can play with and face off this season.

Jaina, Baron, and Maiev all play very similarly.  Use cheap minions to contest the middle island for positive trades, mine the gold, and use Blizzard to either defend your base when enemies are in range of your base, or offensively on your opponent’s base when you have minis that can assault their towers.

The top decks of each leader consist of mostly the same mini, with 1 mini swap depending on what weaknesses the leader needs to cover.

Jaina Proudmoore (Alliance PvP Deck)

Jaina Proudmoore (Alliance PvP Deck)

Jaina is a squishy leader with low health, and would have trouble facing off with any minis, thus lacking a tanky unit to defend the base with should they sneak past your defences. Harvest Golem is included to base on your base on defence, with his AoE stun easily delaying groups of enemies under your tower for a long time.

Baron Rivendare (Undead PvP Deck)

Baron Rivendare (Undead PvP Deck)

Baron’s talent already gives him plenty of ranged skeletal mages and he is quite a tanky unit, so adding unbound skeletons can further strengthen your mid island clashes.

Maiev Shadowsong (Alliance PVP Deck)

Maiev’s PvP deck revolves around unbounds, so playing with more unbounds is always beneficial.

Whelp Eggs are generally weaker this season with a focus on spells which will always completely wipe them off without them being able to do damage, but the vast amount of unbound threats Maiev summons will overwhelm your opponent’s counters, and as they need to deal with both Dark Iron Dwarf and S.A.F.E. Pilot as threats as well, and may run out of counters to your whelps.

Old Murk-Eye (Beast PVP Deck)

Old Murk-Eye (Beast PVP Deck)

Old Murk-Eye’s PVP deck is a swarm deck that attempts to use cheap Murlocs to overwhelm your opponents. Since Murk-Eye is easily sniped by S.A.F.E, Chain Lightning, or Whelps due to his low HP, he needs to stockpile close to 10 gold and unleash his threats across different lanes.

His free Murlocs will ensure that most lanes are pressured and opponents will have to scramble to defend each lane. Where a lane is pushed in, Quiboar and Billzard can be used to distract the Dragon Tower from wiping out your squishy minions.

Tirion Fordring (Alliance PVP Deck)

Tirion Fordring (Alliance PVP Deck)

The last deck is one of the only ‘snowball’ decks that works in building up a large push to deal significant damage to the enemy base, with Huntress as your carry which clears the middle lane and which you want to guide her into the enemy base.

Since Tirion is very slow moving and won’t keep up with Huntress, you generally want to first use Tirion defensively to clear an enemy push, and let him walk up a distance between summoning Huntress to support him. You can run Blizzard, though this makes the deck very expensive, so swapping to Chain Lightning is also possible.