5 Advanced Tips From An Immortal Reyna Player

5 Advanced Tips From An Immortal Reyna Player

Reyna may seem like a relatively simple duelist with straightforward abilities like Leer, Devour and Dismiss.

Most Reynas are used in exactly the same way, heal if you take damage, Dismiss to safety if you get a kill, and always use Leer when pushing sites.

However, this article will show a few tricks that are a bit more complex and may just improve the way you use her in your games.

1. You can Devour and Dismiss regardless of whether you are facing the soul orb.

If there isn’t anything obstructing you from being able to see your soul orb you will be able to use it. You have to be in a potential line of sight to be able to use a soul orb.

In other words, if you were to stand still but turn around 180 degrees if there is a soul orb there that isn’t blocked by anything, you will be able to use it.

Hence, after a kill, you can leave the soul orb there for a tactical advantage in your next fight.

Some players that are new to Reyna are mistaken that they have to face the orb for the entirety of the healing process, if you are Devouring an orb you can face away from it to hold a new angle whilst healing.

If you walk away mid-heal and the path of your Devour is obstructed by a wall it will immediately cancel, so make sure to leave the path clear as long as it’s safe to do so.

For example, you’re in a 2v1 situation trying to clutch on Bind B site. You just got a kill on an enemy in CT, you leave the orb there and you heard an opponent pushing hookah so you begin to hold that angle.

reyna bind gif 1

If the enemy pushes you Hookah from a slightly unexpected angle and you don’t feel comfortable with the gunfight you can now Dismiss even though the orb is behind you.

2. Your Leer is more situational than you may think

Using your Leer to push space and advance your map control is not always the right play.

Your Leer makes a lot of noise and can sometimes give away your position when you could be sneaking up on your opponents and catching them off-guard.

Sometimes your team may be playing default and you may be a lone-wolf trying to push your way up to B Main Ascent for example.

Ascent Valorant map

If you take your time with this Push and let your team make a lot of noise towards A main and A short for example, an enemy defender on B may be convinced that with the lack of noise on B that they should be rotating.

If you have stayed silent and refrained from using your Leer, you may be able to pick them off as they begin rotating or as they begin holding their angle with less conviction that an opponent will actually be there.

If you decide to Leer at this point you are giving away unnecessary information.

They may have been playing Stairs on B site near CT (a quite popular position), and after you used your Leer out of B main they just sidestep behind the boathouse wall and are now completely hidden from you.

Ultimately, you gained nothing from this Leer, instead, it only gave your position away. Since they didn’t shoot at it and you didn’t see them, it may have also given you a false sense of security that you are safe to push B.

Some additional thoughts on the Leer:

  • This is not to say that your Leer is not a good ability, when used for coordinated team pushes it is one of the best blinding abilities since opponents must shoot it and give up the angles they were holding.
  • Make sure you are not Leering too high as it must be within your opponents’ line of sight to blind them, (visible on their screen).
  • Try to Leer away from where you will be standing when you push out. This will force your opponent to aim away awkwardly at your Leer and then have to readjust to your adjacent position.

One last thing that is important to remember: If no one has shot down your Leer this doesn’t always mean you will be safe whilst it is up in the air.

Look at the clip below, does this look like a standard Leer that you would use when pushing out of Split B main?

reyna leer 1 gif

Most Leers will blind the majority of the area that you are pushing but will often leave out certain cheeky spots opponents can hold.

Take a moment to think about how you can direct your Leer to clear out and blind as many angles as possible.

See below for a safer Leer out of B main split which still gets Heaven.

reyna leer gif 2

After using a Leer like this you obviously need to redirect your attention towards the default plant position and have your crosshair ready for potential duels whilst pushing there.

3. Using your Dismiss whilst in Empress form is a great way to gain information

Most of us know that when we Dismiss whilst in Empress form we are invisible and our position is unknown, (until given away by Reyna’s audio queue of laughter once the Dismiss is over).

Being in the invisible state is a smart way to gain information on any enemies.

Some enemies may think after you have used your Dismiss from a previous kill that you simply decided to reposition yourself and retreat to safety.

This may give them a false sense of security to try and advance or reposition themselves within those 2 seconds of your Dismiss.

After bagging a kill and using your Dismiss, in some situations you may be able to continue to peek at the same angle or a new one whilst being in your invulnerable state.

Making this extra effort to get a glimpse into what your opponents are doing can be crucial information gathering that comes with zero risks.

For example, you are playing double-box at the back of A site Bind. Two enemies are pushing up A short, you get a kill on one and instantly Dismiss.

You should hold that Dismiss out in the open for the full 2 seconds before retreating to safety to know whether or not the other enemy decided to push lamps, tank, or opted to retreat.

4. Reyna is an off-angle specialist

Reyna is capable of playing a lot of weird off angles since she can use her Dismiss to glide back to safety. More often than not the weirder and more unexpected the off-angle is that you are playing the more likely you are to catch your enemy by surprise.

Whilst playing these positions with Reyna, you want to put yourself in your enemies’ shoes and understand where they would most likely be pre-aiming. For example, here is a standard way that an experienced player would clear out B Main for Ascent.

reyna ascent 1

If you are playing a standard angle like the player on B site stairs you may run the risk of being pre-aimed.

What Reyna does so well is catching enemies off guard by playing angles other agents would never dare try.

They wouldn’t dare try them because they don’t have the opportunity to gain free picks and Dismiss like her.

An off-angle can be defined as an unexpected, generally exposed position that is often a few steps awkwardly beside common angles.

You want to be in a position where your opponent’s crosshair is in a state of transition.

For example, in this next clip, I clear B Main market and the next common spot to check is CT, for a split second in between checking these two spots my crosshair floats mindlessly from one to the other.

reyna ascent 2

The enemy Reyna that decided to play in between these two spots has utilised the element of surprise perfectly: awkward verticality combined with standing in a spot where the mind of the player clearing angles goes into auto-pilot just for a split second whilst transitioning from one clear to the next.

reyna ascent 3

reyna ascent 4

Some final thoughts regarding off angles:

Make sure that you have a safe spot to Dismiss to and that you can reach it easily.

You don’t always have to go for bizarre off-angles sometimes slightly readjusting from common angles will do the job, for example:

Instead of peeking A main Ascent like this:

reyna peek ascent 1

Occasionally, try this with Reyna instead.

reyna peek like this ascent

5. Communicate and plan aggressive plays with your teammates

Reyna is a duelist after all and you shouldn’t be afraid to change up the tempo of how your team has been playing, particularly on defence.

Getting aggressive on defence with Reyna will not only surprise your opponents, but it will also confuse them for future rounds as they won’t know what to expect from you.

It can also be a real mood setter for the game and a confidence crusher for the enemy.

Personally, if some opponents have won some aggressive rounds whilst defending against my team, I begin thinking they are going to be a very capable team on attack and that it will be a tough game.

When I say get aggressive on defence, I mean only one or two rounds try and catch your opponents off guard and communicate to your team to be able to play off of your initiation.

reyna + raze splash

Use your team to make your Dismiss even stronger than it is.

For example, you can get aggressive at the start of a round on Haven by pushing halfway up C long.

If you bag a kill here you won’t be able to dismiss all the way out successfully, what you can do though is have a teammate like Skye flash opponents that try to trade you out so that you can leave safely.

Or you could set up an Operator back of C site to secure another kill on someone that is W keying rushing frantically to trade you out.

If you communicate with your team two-move plays like this it can really pay off sometimes and send a message to the opponents that you guys have strong teamwork.

Another example could be rushing Nest on Icebox, grabbing one pick and Dismissing out. When you Dismiss out of the nest and fall to the ground you lose a lot of time on your Dismiss and fail to retreat around the corner properly.

An opponent on top of Nest will most likely swing out desperately to try and trade you out. If you communicate this play to your team before the round you could have someone waiting on rafters to grab a pick on this enemy.

Final thoughts

In this article, I hope there will be a few interesting things about Reyna’s playstyle and her potential that you can take away into your own games. Her kit is easy to understand but I believe it’s complex to utilise to its fullest potential.

Be confident on Reyna as a lot of her plays are bold and can make or break rounds. Make sure to keep the opponents on their toes, don’t repeatedly use the same plays or off-angles within the same game, keep it unpredictable!

Best of luck with your future Reyna games.