Sova – Valorant Agent Guide

Valorant Agent – Sova Overview

Sova is a Valorant character that is one of the best scouts in the game due to his abilities that allow him to find and reveal opponents.

He has a playstyle similar to a ranger due to his bow that allows him to fire and bounce at creative angles, rewarding geometric skill (howdy Hanzo mains).

Sova offers a good amount of versatility on both offense and defense, so he can fit well into most team comps on both maps.

sova character select

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Sova’s Abilities

Owl Drone (C – 300 credits)

Equip and fire an owl drone that you take POV control of. While flying the owl, you can fire a dart which temporarily reveals its target’s location.

sova owl tag

You can fire it multiple times but it has a long cooldown so you’ll need to fire early and have the drone survive long enough.

Shock Bolt (Q – 100 credits)

Equip and fire a lightning arrow that deals AoE splash damage. The closer an agent is to the blast, the more damage they will take.

charging up sova bow

You can choose to bounce the arrow off of surfaces up to two times. The distance of your shot depends on how long you pull back the arrow based on three set distances – one charge bar for short range, two for mid range, and three for long range.

trajectory sova

The trajectory of where the arrow went will be indicated by a line as it bounces, as shown in the image above.

Recon Bolt (E – free, 35 second cooldown)

Equip and fire a recon arrow that works similarly as the Shock Bolt in terms of firing the arrow (being able to pull for more distance or bounce up to two times).

sova recon arrow

If the arrow has line of sight of an enemy, it will reveal their location with an outline.

arrow on map sova

Enemies will see your arrow and its scouting radius on the minimap so keep that in mind. If they’re fast enough, they can destroy it before it tags them.

Hunter’s Fury (X – seven ultimate orbs)

Fire up to three global arrows that pierce through terrain in a straight line.

sova ultimate arrow

Enemies hit by a blast will be temporarily revealed, it does have a slight delay so it can be somewhat easy to dodge if an enemy is prepared.

revealed sova ultimate

You can see the path of the blast fire across the minimap to help you line up to certain areas.

Sova Tips and Tricks

1. Communication is key when using your owl. You can facilitate pushes and give your team the edge in scouting around corners and other places that enemies may be posted.

2. Just because your Recon Bolt doesn’t reveal where an enemy is, doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Good players will wait it out and then press forward or shoot it to fake that they’re coming and rotate away.

3. On the flip side, you can also be creative in using your Recon arrow to fake that you’re pushing as enemies may expect that you are scouting before your team pushes. As you can tell there are a ton of mind games involved when Sova’s in a match.

4. Sova pairs well with other agents such as Sage as she can slow down enemies with her Slow Orb to set up for Hunter’s Fury.