Sage – Valorant Agent Guide

Valorant Agent – Sage Overview

Sage is a Valorant agent that is currently the only one that is capable of healing allies (Phoenix is able to heal himself).

She’s best in class in terms of what she provides in utility with the ability to block off choke points and boost allies to higher ground.

Last but not least, she has one of the best ultimates in the game with a resurrection ability, turning a 5v5 round into a 6v5.

sage character select

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Sage’s Abilities

Barrier Orb (C – 400 credits)

Creates a wall that can be destroyed but has a lot of health. You can change the angle of the wall to spin it how you’d like.

sage wall 2

It can be used to boost allies to high ground, or to deny enemies from entering or escaping a chokepoint.

sage wall

Enemies can destroy it by attacking it – otherwise it will eventually break on its own after some time.

Slow Orb (Q – 100 credits)

Throws an orb that explodes and spreads, slowing all agents that are within it.

firing slow

While moving through, agents are grounded and make a lot of noise with their steps.

sage slow orb

You can bounce the orb off walls to cast it around angles

Heal Orb (E – free, 35 second cooldown)

Heals an ally (left-click) or yourself (right-click) back over time back to full health, it is not a burst heal.

sage healing orb

The range is pretty decent so you can often heal an ally without putting your self in danger if they’re defending the same site as you.

Resurrection (R – seven ultimate orbs)

Brings a dead ally back to life to full health.

pre ressurection sage

It is ranged but you must be very close to your ally.

sage resurrection

Sage Tips and Tricks

1. Since your heal is a cooldown ability and not one you have to spend credits on, try to get as much value as you can out of it by healing your teammates after skirmishes when possible.

That being said, it does take some time to pull your gun back out after equipping a Healing Orb, so make sure that it’s safe to do so before trying it.

2. Sage’s Slow Orb is great for comboing with the abilities of your allies. Try it out with molotov effects like the ones that Phoenix and Viper have or with ultimates like Sovas or Brimstone’s.

3. Unless you know that the enemy team will be pushing a particular side, avoid placing your Barrier Orb wall at the very beginning of a defensive round.

It has a timer before it dissipates, so if the enemy team is playing slow to look for picks or attacking a different site, it’s a waste of 300 credits.

Another way to get value out of your wall is by using it to help secure ultimate orbs or to make it safer to resurrect an ally.