Omen – Valorant Agent Guide

Valorant Agent – Omen Overview

Omen is an agent that operates in the shadows, using misdirection and darkness to outplay his enemies.

He’s mobile in a macro sense as he can teleport around the map (they aren’t safe to use in combat).

His projectile utility abilities are able to be fired through walls, allowing him to strike from unexpected angles and deceive opponents.

omen character select

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Omen’s Abilities

Shrouded Step (C – 100 credits)

A short ranged teleport that works similarly to Reaper’s E in Overwatch. Useful for getting onto high ground, across hallways, and into windows.

omen non ult teleport

It does have cast time and an animation that shows where you are teleporting to so use it with care.

Paranoia (Q – 200 credits)

Fires a projectile that can go through walls and reduces the vision of ALL agents that it passes through.

omen paranoia

It’s very useful tool for engaging on a defender or using it to deter approaching attackers.

You’ll know if an agent is hit as their head will be covered by a visual effect.

blinded omen

Note that you lose mobility while casting it so be careful if you aren’t behind cover.

Dark Cover (E – free, 30 second cooldown)

A smoke grenade that can be fired through walls.

omen smoke

Before shooting it, you can see an indicator that shows where it will land – you can push or pull the indicator and see it on the map to ensure it goes where you want it to.

In the image below from Ron Rambo Kim’s Omen video, you can see the icon of where the ability will land on the minimap highlighted in green.

omen smoke grenade minimap

You can save up to two charges of this ability.

From the Shadows (X – seven ultimate orbs)

Open up a map and click on it to teleport to that location (can be anywhere on the map).

omen ultimate minimap

While Omen teleports, he distorts the minimaps of his enemies but the noise it creates is very loud so they can track it that way.

omen teleporting ultimate

If Omen is killed before finishing his teleport (it does take a brief channel as he’s gathering shadow), he returns to where he casted the ability.

Omen Tips and Tricks

1. Use your smokes to cover areas you want to move around. Since Omen’s smoke recharges over time so you will get them back during the round
2. You can use your teleport ability to cross windows or hallways that the enemy might be holding so you can appear from the other side.
3. You can also use your smokes to setup your ability teleport or ultimate teleport so that you are covered while teleporting.