How VALORANT Kingdom Credits Work

Everything You Need to Know About VALORANT Kingdom Credits

With the launch of Episode 7, a new currency in Kingdom Credits were introduced.

This new currency has new means of acquiring it and various uses.

This article will go over how to unlock Kingdom Credits, what they can be used for, how many in-game systems changed with their introduction, and how to maximize utilizing them.

At the end of the article is a table that summarizes all of the changes.

What are Kingdom Credits?

Kingdom Credits are a new currency that is used to unlock agents and accessories.

Your Kingdom Credit balance can be found in the top right of the main menu next to your VALORANT Points and Radianite.

kingdom credits count

The introduction of this new currency changed how daily missions and unlocking agents work which we will discuss below.

Not only are these systems changed, but an entirely new Accessory Shop was introduced into the game which we will cover as well.

Acquiring Kingdom Credits

Daily Challenges have been replaced with the acquisition of Kingdom Credits which are acquired simply by playing the game each day. There are 4 checkpoints which can be completed per day, and each give you 150 Kingdom Credits for a total of 600 Kingdom Credits per day.

To complete these Checkpoints you can win rounds in Unrated, Swiftplay, Competitive, or Premier for 1/4th of a checkpoint per round won or play a Spike Rush, Escalation, or Team Deathmatch game for 1/2 of a checkpoint.

kingdom credits dailies

This equates to the 4 daily checkpoints being completed by 16 round wins in Unrated, Swiftplay, Competitive, or Premier or 8 games of Spike Rush, Escalation, or Team Deathmatch. These can be mixed and matched, so you can win one unrated game (13 rounds) which will unlock 3 and 1/4th of the checkpoints, and finish the dailies with 2 Team Deathmatch games.

This system promotes playing every day, but does have a catch up mechanic if you miss playing some days. If you do miss a day, your 4 checkpoints will convert to a catch up bonus the next day in which your checkpoints the following day will give double the Kingdom Credits.

Not only is there a daily bounty methodology of acquiring Kingdom Credits, but there is a general game play route as well.

  • For Unrated, Swiftplay, Competitive, and Premier games 10 Kingdom Credits are given per round played, and 20 Kingdom Credits are given for every round won.
  • For Spike Rush, Escalation, and Team Deathmatch games, a game completion will give 20 Kingdom Credits.

The final means of acquiring Kingdom Credits are via agent specific contracts in which tier 5 gives 2,000 Kingdom Credits. This will be discussed in more detail in the next section.

kingdom credits match results

Spending Kingdom Credits

Now that you know how to get the currency, what can you use it on? The two current purchase items are acquiring agents and the Accessory Store. Agents will initially have a 4 week span after release in which they are only obtainable with VALORANT Points or gaining 200,000 XP points.

This 4 week period is known as the Recruitment Event, and will be present for new agent releases. After the Recruitment Event agents can be purchased for 8000 Kingdom Credits. Previously released agents that you may not have can be purchased for 8000 Kingdom Credits with no waiting period, as this only pertains to newly released agents.

kingdom credits purchase deadlock

Not only will Kingdom Credits be used to purchase new agents, but they can be used as an alternative means to acquire agent specific items such as their titles, player card, weapon skin, etc. These items have an escalating cost in Kingdom Credits with the tier 1 costing 2,000 Kingdom Credits and the final tier costing 8,000 Kingdom Credits. Lastly these items can only be purchased when the agent has been unlocked. Tier 5 of the agent contract cannot be purchased, but it is rather an unlock that gives 2,000 Kingdom Credits.

The Accessory Store is a new addition that allows you to purchase previous Battle Pass Gun Buddies, Sprays, and Titles with Kingdom Credits. This store is similar to the standard weapon skin store, and will reset each day with new items you do not possess. These items can only be purchased with Kingdom Credits and have varying prices.

accessories store

The last important bit about spending Kingdom Credits is that you can only hold 10,000 Kingdom Credits at a time to promote spending them more often.

Being Efficient

In terms of time investment, completing dailies is the most efficient means of acquiring Kingdom Credits. Because Unrated, Swiftplay, Competitive, or Premier give Kingdom Credits for round wins and played as well as checkpoint progress with round wins, these game modes are the most efficient to play to quickly earn Kingdom Credits. Not only do these game modes complete daily checkpoints faster, but they earn more Kingdom Credits for playing the games.

Playing a Competitive or Unrated and then a Swiftplay game will most likely get your checkpoints done for the day. Not only will you get the 600 from the daily checkpoints, but you’ll also gain roughly 700 Kingdom Credits from playing those games.

Meanwhile, Team Deathmatch games take roughly 8 minutes, and 8 of these games are required to complete the daily checkpoints for 600 Kingdom Credits, but only give 160 Kingdom Credits for playing the games. This is slightly above the time it takes to play a full game and a Swiftplay for fewer Kingdom Credits.


Below is a table that contains all the information on spending and acquiring Kingdom Credits as a summary.

kingdom credits spreadsheet chart

In the table, green highlight actions give Kingdom Credits, while red are means of spending them. The final entry of the table is the maximum cap. Good luck with Episode 7!