Jett – Valorant Agent Guide

Valorant Agent – Jett Overview

Jett is one of the most mechanically demanding agents in Valorant due to having the most mobility abilities.

Although she lacks the utility of other characters, she offers the most outplay potential and can clutch out games that others could not.

She’s great as a 1v1 duelist but also does well in situations against multiple opponents, especially when she has her ultimate.

Flanking comes easy due to her mobility or she can choose to find creative high ground angles with her boost jump.

jett character select

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Jett’s Abilities

Glide – (Passive)

Jett has a passive that allows her to glide by holding the jump button. This gives her movement mix-up opportunities and can give her additional escape routes without taking fall damage.

Cloudburst (C – 100 credits)

A smoke grenade that doesn’t last as long as others, but does the job. Similar to Phoenix’s fire wall, you can curve it mid flight.

jett smoke grenade

Use it to advance against snipers, as an escape tool, or to deter approaching enemies.

Updraft (Q – 100 credits)

A jump boost that seems simple at first but has more uses than you’d think.

shroud Q high ground

You can use it to ambush enemies hiding behind walls, set up on high ground that often isn’t checked, or in combination with Tailwind to outplay foes.

Some good locations to boost to include the boxes at B and C on Haven and the box on the defender’s side of showers on Bind.

Tailwind (E – free, refreshes after two kills )

A quick dash in the direction that Jett is moving.

jett e

It can take some time to pull your back out after casting so it’s often better used defensively but it can be used offensively in ambush situations.

Blade Storm (X – six ultimate orbs)

Draw kunai blades that have incredible accuracy. Left click throws a single knife while right click throws all at once.

jett ultimate

Getting a kill resets your knives so it it can quickly snowball a match or clutch out a tense ending.

You can also use it during a save round to still offer strong offensive ability while boosting your economy or buying a gun for an ally.

Jett Tips and Tricks

1. You can surprise enemies by throwing a Cloudburst down, walking into it and then using Q and/or E. You can use this tactic with other smokes as well.

2. Pick your spots carefully. Just because you’re mobile doesn’t mean you should be using it recklessly. Be sure to still use fundamentals like using walking to limit your sound output before you strike.

3. Listen closely to enemy reloads, especially when fighting in close proximity around corners. If they step out to fire and retreat behind a wall to reload, you may have enough time to use your mobility to kill them before they can retaliate.