Breach – Valorant Agent Guide

Valorant Agent – Breach Overview

Breach is a beast of an initiator with abilities that can go through terrain to deal damage and CC enemies.

He has the most crowd control with abilities that can blind, knockup, and disorient.

On offense, he’s a great lead before a big push and on defense, he has a lot of tools to make enemies think twice about approaching.

breach character select

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Breach’s Abilities

Aftershock (C – 100 credits)

Fires an explosive that blasts out the other side of a wall after a short delay, dealing AoE damage to all agents within its explosion. The closer they are, the more damage they’ll take.

breach wallbang

It does have a brief delay so an opponent will have time to move away from it but you can anticipate this and force them to choose between taking the hit from Aftershock or getting shot by you.

breach enemy wallbang pov

Flashpoint (Q – 200 credits)

Fires a charge that works similarly to Aftershock, but instead of a damaging explosion, it’s a flashbang that blinds all agents within its zone.

breach flash firing side

It has a delay as well but activates much faster than Aftershock. The range is is quite far so take advantage of that.

breach flash bang other side

Fault Line (E – free, 35 second cooldown)

An ability that you must equip and charge before firing that creates an earthquake effect and disorients all agents within its effect.

breach E 2

Like Breach’s other abilities, it can be cast through terrain with a cast indicator on the minimap.

Rolling Thunder (X – 7 ultimate orbs)

Fault Line’s big brother, Rolling Thunder, launches a wider earthquake affect which disorients but also knocks up agents within its blast, leaving them vulnerable as sitting ( or flying?) ducks.

breach ult knockup

One of the best ultimates in the game and one of the reasons why Breach was highly regarded throughout alpha testing.

Breach Tips and Tricks

1. Be sure to coordinate and communicate with your team before using your abilities. If you aren’t on the same page, it can be disastrous since you can CC your own allies, causing more harm than good.

2. Your abilities indicators on the minimap that will show where your abilities land. You’ll also have yellow and red indicators to show whether or not you’re in range.

Use these to build comfort so the map and its angles eventually becomes like the back of your hand.

3. Listen for sounds cues when defending against a spike plant or defusal. Breach is one of the few characters with abilities that can interrupt agents that are interacting with the spike.