The Best Maps and Sites for Each VALORANT Agent

Recommended Maps and Sites for VALORANT Agents

We are going to go through every agent and list their best maps, and which sites and areas they play well on.

Even if some agents are great across all of the maps due to the current agent meta, we are selecting the maps in which each agent is strong even with more competition in their role due to how that agent synergizes with each map.

This list will help you learn how to play, and where to play your favorite agents.

Once you find the best sites for your agent, be sure to check out their ability lineups for that map!



Astra is great for attacking and defending sites with tight chokes and small areas using her Gravity Well and Nova Pulse to split up attackers, and set up easy kills.

Defending Split B Site is a great spot for Astra, as this Site has a tight choke attackers must push through where she can drop two stars in front of one another, with a smoke and a Gravity Well once attackers push through. With this set up, attackers who push the smoke won’t be able to see the Gravity Well.

Astra can do the same on A Site on Pearl. She is one of the best anchors on this site, and her utility is universal, so she can assist her teammates all the way on B Site with her global reach.

Her ultimate is great for ensuring a safe spike plant, and makes attacking A Site on Ascent much easier as can use her ultimate to block all of A Heaven, and the rest of her utility pressuring those playing on site who won’t be able to get any help from teammates blocked off A Heaven.


Fracture is the best Breach map. Breach dominates B Site on offense and defense. On defense he can play behind the boxes on site to stun or flash those coming up B Main. On offense the diagonal wall to B Site is great for flashing for a duelist, and Rolling Thunder can cover the entire B Site if sent from Sewer.

Taking advantage of long straight pathways makes Breach fantastic for Haven C Site on defense as all of C Long can be stunned by a Fault Line from behind the box on site, and any enemy hiding in Cubby can be forced out with an aftershock.


Brim plays very well on A Site of Fracture on offense and defense as he is the only dome smoker with 3 smokes and can block defenders’ vision to isolate those on-site and can stall A main very well with a smoke and molly.

Taking space with his utility also makes Brimstone a strong agent for attacking on Bind A Site where he can use his Ultimate in U Hall or use his molly at the door of U Hall to push defenders back.

Brimstone can also save his molly for post plant on A Site Bind by lining up the Mouse icon above the molly ability with the bottom of the palm leaf.


Maps, where Chamber is able to Rendezvous safely through walls, is where he plays best. Defending Lotus B Site is great for Chamber as he can set up his Rendezvous on site, but can play through B Main to take an early fight.

Chamber can do this while defending A Site on Haven by going A Short and setting up his Rendezvous in B Link. Overlapping walls lets Chamber attack A Site on Ascent well.

He can place his Rendezvous near the ultimate orb on A and teleport out when he is at bottom Catwalk or on A Site itself, giving him many options to safely get out.


Cypher can lock down the B Site of Fracture on defense by getting information at all of its points of entry at B Main, Arcade, and B Heaven with his cam and Trapwires.

Cypher can also watch flanks while being on the opposite side of the map which no other agent can do with the width of Fracture. Haven is another map that is very wide for watching flanks where Cypher being able to hold flanks at all distances is very useful. On Haven, while on offense, Cypher can solo lurk into Garage or B Site while holding flanks for his team that will be elsewhere.


Areas in which Fade can get Haunt onto hard-to-shoot places is where Fade should try to situate herself. She can do this well when attacking and defending Haven A Site.

Her Prowlers have the added bonus of being able to clear out the close angles in A Sewers. Both sites on Pearl, Fade is able to get Haunt into difficult to shoot spots on top of rooftops which will set up you and your team for easy kills through smokes.

When defending Bind B Site Fade can take advantage of this as well if she is smoked out when playing Elbow or B Hall.


Harbor’s High Tide is a more dynamic version of Viper’s Toxic Screen. Attacking A Site on Breeze is an example of where Harbor is great for getting his team on Site by using High Tide to cut across the site.

Attacking B Site on Pearl is where Harbor can use all of his utility well. Cascade can be used to safely push Ramp towards site while blocking an Operator’s sight, High Tide can be used on Site itself to cut off angles, and then protect the player planting the site with Cove.

To be successful on defense, Harbor should be able to stall by playing around his vision blocking utility and place himself in a central location where he can help others with High Tide.

Harbor is good for defending B Site on Pearl while standing at B Link as he can send High Tide to other spots on the map, and block attackers pushing B Link using Cascade.


Jett is great for Op’ing on all locations on Ascent when on defense, but in terms of offense she excels on attacking B Site Ascent as she is able to dash into her own smoke on Button to close the door, and shoot any enemy her initiator reveals on site through the wall.

Being able to Dash to make space into her own space is the best way to attack with Jett, attacking C Site on Haven is great for Jett as she can dash and Updraft on top of the box on site into a Cloudburst, and shoot any enemies highlighted or flashed by her initiators.

Jett is also strong at defending open areas where she can play off angles and dash to safety if needed such as Lotus A Site when fighting for A Rubble as a defender.


KAY/O is strong at suppressing enemies on maps that have overlapping walls because he can suppress enemies with them having no chance of shooting Zero/Point. Ascent A Site is a prime example of this, where KAY/O is great for defending as he can get information, and suppress enemies.

KAY/O can also play for A Main on Ascent aggressively with flashes and using Frag/Ment for enemies stuck in the cubby next to the ultimate orb. Defending Breeze on A Site is where KAY/O can do this as well, as he can suppress a Sova who is using Owl Drone A Main through the wall.

Offensively KAY/O is a strong character as he can throw his flashes short or long. When attacking Breeze A Site, KAY/O can pop flash, or throw a deep flash through a Viper Toxic Screen to catch enemies who are back site off guard.


Killjoy plays all areas of Ascent well, but on the B Site she can shut down an entire 5 man push with setting up Alarm Bot and Nano Swarms in Lane, and cover mid with a Turret on Button to watch Mid Pizza through Door. On offense, a Lockdown can cover the entire B site of Ascent, giving it to her team for free.

On Haven, Killjoy is great for solo holding A Site or C Site and Garage simultaneously. Lockdown is great for playing retake on A Site Haven with a Nanoswarm lineup to cover the portion of A Long that Lockdown doesn’t capture.


Neon is best for attacking tight spaces by using Relay Bolt to stun an enemy, Fast Lane to isolate the stunned enemy, and then sprint in with High Gear to close in on the stunned enemy quickly. Attacking on A Site on Fracture is a spot Neon can do this fantastically.

She can send Relay Bolt at defenders under site, and Isolate them by throwing Fast Lane to the left out A Main. Neon can do this on Pearl B Site as well. Back Hall is a tight space Neon can stun and get to by sending a Fast Lane across site.

For these same reasons Neon can defend A Site on Fracture well, as she can fight for A Main by stunning and pushing back attackers in the narrow corridors of A Main.


Omen is great for defending and attacking A Site Haven as he can Paranoia most of site, and once his team has control of site, he can use Shrouded Step to get into A Heaven to catch retakers off guard.

On Ascent A Site, Omen is great for defending as he can set up a one-way smoke A Main, and can Paranoia for a teammate from A Tree all of A Lobby. Setting up your team with Paranoia is a great way to get value out of Omen.

This makes him very strong on attacking Ascent A Site as he can Paranoia most of the site and throw up a one-way smoke at door making it difficult for retakers to enter the site. To throw this one-way smoke on A Site, aim at the top of the door and look for a green arrow.


Phoenix can farm ultimate orbs for his grand entry ultimate. Phoenix can make a ton of space on Ascent B Site with his ultimate and can use his Hot Hands through the windows B Main to clear out Killjoy setups on Lane. Taking advantage of maps with easy-to-grab Ultimate Orbs is great such as Fracture with 4 Ultimate Orbs.

Phoenix’s other strength lies in the unique trajectory of his flash. This makes him great for defending Garage on Haven where he can flash around the awkwardly shaped doors.


Raze is great for defending A Site on Split as she is able to clear out space with her Boom Bot A Main and use her Paint Shells to kill enemies trapped in A Lobby.

Raze can do the same when defending A Site on Bind by trapping enemies in A Cubby. Using Raze’s utility in tight spaces is where she is best, and Raze is very strong on attacking A Site on Fracture as her Boom Bot can clear bottom site, and she can Blast Pack up on top of Site to put pressure on the limited space defenders have.


(Clip from Asuna)

The clutter of Icebox’s A Site gives Reyna lots of opportunities on offense and defense to get a quick kill then dismiss behind cover back to safety. Cluttered areas like Ascent A Site is a spot with a lot of cover where Reyna can play defensively as a good anchor on.


Sage is a must-pick agent on Icebox because of how strong her Barrier orb is for making space to plant the spike. Her wall is the best way to get a spike plant down. On A Site Icebox, she is strong for defense as her slow orbs take up much of the site, and her Barrier Orb can funnel attackers or be used to sneak in a defuse for teams who playback or rely on lineups.

Sage plays well on A Site Split on both Offense and Defense. Walling A Main on Split early on defense is a great way to get map control. On offense, Sage can use her wall to get from A Main on Split to on top of ledge outside A Heaven to throw off defenders.


Skye is good for attacking A Site on Haven as she can flash A Long to check for an Operator and use her Trailblazer to clear out anyone playing close angles A Short.

Getting information with her Flash on potential Operator or Shotgun angles is how to best use Skye. This makes her great for defending B Site on Bind as her Flash can get information near Fountain or be sent through the teleporter to get information outside of Shower towards A Site.


Sova has been a menace defending Ascent’s B Site since Ascent was released. Being able to send his utility through the B Main windows and highlight or Shock Dart enemies on the other side is oppressive for enemies on both Attack and Defense.

Playing in areas where Sova can take advantage of revealing enemies through walls or getting information from long distances is his specialty such as on Haven Garage. This lineup allows you to spam outside of Garage early at the start of rounds by hiding Recon Dart in the tree.

When attacking, Sova is able to get long-distance information, which makes him great for attacking A Site on Breeze as he can clear close angles with an Owl Drone and scout back site with a Recon Bolt shot along the back wall of A Site.


Viper is very strong on Icebox because of her play on the B Site for both offense and defense. She can set up a Poison Cloud one way B Main, and her Toxic Screen is a great tool for executing on the B Site on offense.

Split B Site is another area in which Viper can use her Poison cloud to create a one way smoke to prevent attackers from getting through a choke. Once the Poison cloud is out of gas, use a Snakebite in the chokepoint to stall even further.

Large spanning areas such as Breeze’s A Site is where Viper is very useful for attacking, as Toxic Screen can divide the site for her team to enter safely.


There are a lot of lineups on Lotus where Yoru can get deep and Gatecrashes in an unexpected location behind enemy lines. Yoru is strong at attacking A Site on Lotus as he can Gatecrash to the other side of Rubble, and can open the door to send a Gatecrash all the way to A Drop to make space for his team.

Breeze is another map that offers a lot of space for Yoru to send in a deep Gatecrash. This is risky but can lead to some easy backstab kills if timed properly with your team. When defending Breeze B Site, Yoru can take B Main and then send a Gatecrash deep into enemy territory, allowing him to flank quick A pushes from the other team which are so common on Breeze.

Closing Thoughts

Although some agents are best on a select few maps, some of the geometry that makes an agent excel on one map can be utilized on other maps to make your agent you are more comfortable on a solid play in some areas of maps they otherwise are mediocre at.

Use the tips and spike sites mentioned for your agent next time you get that map in your ranked queue, and apply the fundamentals discussed across all maps.