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TFT Twisted Fate (New Unit Guide, Patch 9.14)

Twisted Fate Overview

Twisted Fate is the first new unit to be added to TFT, debuting in Patch 9.14 (check out our TFT patch breakdown), he is a suave pirate sorcerer! At the time of his release, there’s nothing particularly strong about him, and he should be primarily played to fill synergies.

TFT site Twisted Fate

Here are a few quick facts about him:

  • He is a fragile unit with 450 HP at lvl 1 and 810 at level 2. For comparison, he is tied with Ahri and Veigar for being the sorcerer with the least HP, and a lot of the stronger casters like Aurelion Sol and Morgana have above 600.
  • His ult takes 50 mana to cast, which means he casts it more frequently than any other sorcerer.
  • He has a range of 3, on par with the highest sorcerers and similar damage.

Ability: Pick a Card

Pick a Card description

Here are the important things you should know about the way the spell works:

  • There are three random outcomes: A stun, AOE damage, and AOE mana restore
  • It activates when you hit 50 mana, and a rotating set of cards appears above Twisted fate. 1, 2, 3 and the card is locked in. The next auto-attack activates the effect.

Recommended Items

Twisted Fate recommended items

  1. Spear of Shojin: More ults, more cards, more mana for your team, potentially.
  2. Guinsoo’s Rageblade: Attack speed and AP, both great for him
  3. Seraph’s Embrace: Similar to Spear, ulting more often is great for Twisted Fate. Seraph’s another way to keep feeding your mana intake.

Recommended Team Comps:

Twisted fate fits in any team comp that is running pirates or sorcerers, especially in the early to mid game as a filler unit for synergies. There are 2 major comp types where he has a great role though:

Six Sorcerer comps

TF recommended team comps

  • Twisted Fate a great CC bot and mana battery that can easily replace Veigar, Ahri, or Kassadin, carrying with you into the late game if you can rank him up.

Pirate comps

TF Pirate Gunslingers

  • He can bring the pirate buff up earlier in the game, and he can replace Pyke if you don’t have Shojin for him, and reliably stun units and give your units mana.

How to position Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate positioning

Being a fragile unit with a lot of range, makes Twisted Fate ideally suited to be next to your ranged carry (Or to be a ranged carry if you want). Add to this the fact that he can feed people mana, and you have an ideal candidate for being the Kindred of sorcerers i.e. not the furthest behind and close to everyone.

TFT Twisted Fate banner

Tips and Tricks

  • Twisted Fate is one of the greatest transition units in the game. He opens up your options for an early pirate buff and role fills well in sorc comps.
  • Don’t be afraid to buy him, give him items, and sell him after he’s served his purpose, recovering your items in the process.
  • He is a great support unit that lets others shine. Much like real League of Legends, this means he needs minimal items to do his job well.
  • Of course, if you find yourself in a rare situation with items to spare, go ahead and feed him some of the recommended items.


Despite his underwhelming debut into TFT, don’t let that stop you from creating new cool and unique comps around him and letting us know about them. After all, that’s half the fun! 🙂