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Top 5 Underrated and Fun TFT Comps by Kamcoon

5 Underrated and Fun Teamfight Tactics Comps

Hey guys! My name is Kamcoon, but you can call me Kam, and I stream on Twitch! If you’re anything like me, playing any one game for hours on end can become very monotonous, which is really a shame when you’re playing a game you love.

Something I do to keep it interesting is experimenting with the comps and concepts that are most fun or interesting to me, and this set’s Chosen mechanic is the perfect opportunity for crazy comps that are not only fun to play but can also be very strong!

And while fun is subjective, I’ll do my best in this article to show you 5 fun TFT comps that aren’t on the Mobalytics TFT comps tier list that are not only fun for me to play, but can also get you that top 4 spot that we all crave.

1. 9 Cultists Exodia

9 cultists exodia

You know I had to put this one on here right? Cultists are like the new but more balanced Mech from the last set, and they’ve gotta be my favorite trait because of how interesting and fun they are! When you play this comp you feel like you’re assembling all the pieces of Exodia to finally summon SUPREME OVERLORD GALIO!!!

All jokes aside, while this comp can be inconsistent because it can get countered by some of the better comps, and you NEED a Chosen Cultist to even achieve 9 Cultists, it’s extremely fun to play and almost all items have a place in this comp considering Galio can’t carry items anyways.

Elise and Aatrox can carry your defensive items, Kalista and Jhin like Bows and B.F. Swords, and mana and AP items can go on Zilean and Twisted fate respectively with even more flexibility there. It’s super fun experimenting with the items, and I’m sure you’ll have fun trying to summon Exodia.

2. 6 Divine

6 divine

With this comp, you’ve got options…and LOTS of them. You have a couple of potential carries between Irelia, Lee Sin, Jax, Wukong, and maybe even Warwick in a pinch. In my opinion, it’s funniest if you just set up a great frontline and let Lee Sin pop off and kick people out of the arena, and with the new buffs to his mana, he’ll be able to do that more reliably.

Alternatively, you can take a note out of Bonkey Kong’s book and stack a 3-star Wukong for the win. Jax also received a sizable buff this patch and watching him stun large swathes of the enemy team while he beats them down never gets old. As far as Chosen units are concerned, keep your options open so you can pick one up that works best for your specific game.

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

teenage mutant ninja turtles

This comp is my own personal brain baby! I remembered the old days when Ninjas were OP, and I wondered what they would look like in their prime today. This was the answer. This comp is likely one of the weakest on the list, but if you wanna relive the glory days of Ninjas, or you just think it’s funny that 4 of your champions get +120 AD and AP, this is definitely the comp for you.

Ideally, you want to find a Chosen Zed or Akali, but for their class (Shade and Assasin), not Ninja. You can run Elise instead of Azir until you find him, and your positioning should constantly adapt to the current game state.

Looking for 3 star Akali or Zed is almost a must to place above 3rd, and for that reason, you’re going to be saving gold and leveling up to 7 or 8 pretty quickly to look for all your units. This comp is a ton of fun to play, and if you play it right, it might just have you saying “COWABUNGA!”

4. Dusk Veigar

dusk veigar

This comp gains a lot in the way of flexibility by not requiring a specific Chosen, but that being said, you do need pretty great items even though one or two of the items above are interchangeable.

This is probably one of the best ways to live the Veigar carry dream, as he double casts his ability buffed by Dusk and Elderwood, meanwhile, the enemies try to focus down your Vanguards and Riven, who are being buffed by Lulu and Yuumi.

Keep your eye out for ways to throw a chosen into this comp, and make sure your Veigar doesn’t get popped by Assassins because it might just be the difference between 5th and 4th.

5. 9 Elderwood

9 elderwood

Playing this comp requires a blessing from RNGesus himself, but man is it fun to watch Sett dunk on people and Ashe shred through people. You’ll need a Chosen Elderwood AND an Elderwood Spatula, but when you get them your other items just kind of fall into place.

You’ve got a couple carries you could run, Veigar for AP, Ashe for AD, and Sett/Nunu for your defensive items. You’ll wanna move around your units to play around Assassins or Shades, but other than that, you should have an easy time if you can keep your units alive for long enough because then the Elderwood buff starts to REALLY kick in.

Closing Thoughts

Well, that’s all for this article, and I hope I get to share some more of my favorite comps to play with you guys in the future. Until then, come check out my stream at!

I try to keep just the right balance of casual and competitive play, but until I see you next, I hope you all have fun out there trying some of the stuff I’ve laid out here, and feel free to use this article as a cheat sheet for your future games. Bye!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to follow Kamcoon on Twitch and Twitter! To create your own comps, head to our TFT Team Builder.

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