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TFT Strategy Guide: How to Hybrid Slow Roll in TFT

How to Hybrid Slow Roll in Teamfight Tactics

Leveling strategies have been optimized over time, and most players are aware of the main strategies. There’s Default leveling, Slow Rolling, Hyper Rolling, and Fast 8/9. I won’t be covering these strategies in this article, but if you want some refreshers, you can check out this article on Leveling Strategies.


Hybrid Slow Rolling is a strategy we learned after watching players on the CN server play Hellion reroll. Since the comp centers around Tristana and Kennen, most players would simply slow roll at level 6. However, this strategy tries to get more than that.

Here’s a link to the CN player’s stream, loljumo.

When to use this Strategy

TFT Yordle Portal Team Comp (Patch 11.15

[Link to Team Comp]

This strategy has popped up as a means to hit multiple 3 star units that are 1 and 2-cost units. In this Yordle Portal team comp, Tristana and Kennen are the main carries, but there are also three 1-cost units that are potential 3 stars as well.

Instead of slow rolling at only level 6, this strategy slow rolls a few rounds at level 5 in order to get extra copies of 1-cost units. Levels 5 and 6 are both favorable levels for 1 and 2-cost units, so giving some extra rolls at level 5 greatly increases the chance you 3 star a 1-cost unit.

How to Hybrid Slow Roll

Stage 2

TFT Stage 2 Before Krugs

For this strategy, you will not want to level up early on. Leveling up early can be a great way to win streak, but you won’t have the economy to slow roll at level 5 if you do so.

Instead, you simply want to build up your economy as high as possible, ideally hitting at least 40 gold by the time you hit Krugs.

This also gives you a good chance at grabbing a good item from the Carousel, which can be something like a Spatula or whatever item you need the most of.

Stage 3

TFT Stage 3 Before Wolves

Stage 3 is where this strategy differs from the regular slow rolling strategy.

Round 3-1 to 3-4

Once you hit 50 gold, you will then proceed to slow roll at level 5 for a few rounds. You should have 50 gold by Round 3-1, so you can comfortably slow roll for a few rounds until the carousel.

Round 3-5

After the carousel round, level up to 6 at 3-5. Then you want to stabilize here. Replace your lose streak with a win streak by rolling down for your 2-cost carry upgrades. In the case of Yordle Portal, this means rolling until you find Tristana 2 and Kennen 2.

After this, you should hopefully be able to start a win streak to build your gold back up to 50.

Stage 4

TFT Stage 4 Before Raptors

You won’t be able to keep your win streak for too long once people start finding or upgrading their 4-cost carries. You’ll be spending most of Stage 4 slow rolling to upgrade your 2-cost carries while also looking for 1-cost carries as well.

In the case of Yordle Portal, you will slow roll for Tristana and Kennen 3 star. The few rounds you slow rolled at level 5 in Stage 3 should also give you some extra copies of units like Ziggs, Kled, and Poppy. Try to 3 star as many of these units as you can as well.

Stage 5

Ideally, you will have found your 3 star units by Stage 5. If you need an extra copy or two, feel free to roll down below 50 at this point, as other players will likely also be rolling down.

Once your find your 3 star units, level up to 7 immediately to add in another unit to your team.

After this point, with your 3 star units, you should be able to be comfortable for most of Stage 5. If you are losing health, you will want to keep rolling for upgrades. If not, save up your gold to try and hit level 8 once Stage 6 begins to complete your team comp.

Other Tips

One other thing to note is that if you have a very strong early board, it can be correct to level up early to try and maintain a win streak. If you do this, you will simply only slow roll at level 6 and not use this hybrid strategy. Having both of these strategies in your pocket will help you have more flexible options during your games.


This covers everything you need to know about this hybrid version of slow rolling. Instead of focusing only on 3 starring your 2-cost units, this strategy gives some extra room to upgrade 1-cost carries as well. The most important thing about this strategy is to make sure you build up a strong economy early. If you fail to do so, you won’t have enough gold to comfortably slow roll.

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