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TFT Senna (New Unit Guide Patch 9.24)

TFT Senna Overview

Patch 9.24 comes with a whole new soulbound class on Lucian and Senna, and combining the two will be very powerful. Lucian is a strong carry that is only made stronger with the addition of Senna.

TFT Senna in game

Senna has the powerful ability to allow Lucian, or herself, to stay alive after dying. Senna is no slouch herself as well. Her ability will do surprising amounts of damage if positioning allows her to hit many of her allies.


Ability: Piercing Darkness

TFT Senna Piercing Darkness

Piercing Darkness is an incredible ability that buffs up units that her ability passes through.

Being a shadow unit, she pairs well nicely with Malzahar as she can also buff up Malzahar’s minions and eventually in the late game, Yorick’s ghouls.

Remember that she will target the furthest ally when she casts, so keep that in mind when positioning.

Recommended Items

Senna recommended items

Since Senna is still quite new and untested, these are the three general items to think about using. For a more updated look on recommended items, check out the TFT team comps page or the TFT champion pages.

Defensive Items

Guardian Angel | Dragon’s Claw

Since soulbound allows Lucian to live for longer as long as Senna stays alive, we recommend that you put defensive items on Senna to ensure she and Lucian stay alive longer. Guardian Angel will also keep Lucian alive when she is reviving, and sometimes that extra 3 seconds matter in the end.

Mana Items

Spear of Shojin | Seraph’s Embrace

Mana items can be nice on Senna, but can also be unnecessary as she already casts quite quickly and her buff lasts 5 seconds. As such, we believe defensive items should be the first priority. If you have extra items toward the end, mana items can be a good addition.

Recommended Comps | Light Comp Variations

6 Light + Soulbound

Soulband Light

Currently, in the 6 light comp Kindred and Vayne are utilized, but with stronger units in Lucian and Senna, those two are simply replaced to fit in the new units. Also, note that Lucian can be positioned aggressively as Senna only needs to stay alive instead of Lucian.

3 Light + 3 Shadow + Soulbound

Zombie Senna

For games when you don’t start out light, but happen to find Lucian early, this comp can run the powerful Lucian Senna combo with shadow and light to buff up both of them.


When playing alongside a Lucian, it is more important to keep your Senna alive with defensive items so that your Lucian can carry offensive items.

As such you want to position your Senna in a protective manner so that she can live as long as possible for Lucian. Also, try to position Senna so that Lucian is furthest away from her.

This way, her ability will target Lucian, who will benefit the most from her ability. You can move Lucian around even more to try and hit more of your allies as well.

First Impression

Senna has shown great promise as a 2 star unit able to deal a pretty decent chunk of damage through her ability buffing allies. Being a shadow unit also pairs naturally in builds that run shadow and summoner, and her ability synergizes even more with summoned units. As such, Senna is definitely a unit to look out for in patch 9.24

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think of Senna in TFT in the comments below.

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