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TFT Karma (New Unit Guide Patch 10.1)

TFT Karma Overview

The launch of Patch 10.1 marks the arrival of two new units (Karma and Leona) who also bring a new origin, Lunar. Karma being a 3 cost unit will make it slightly harder to find units like Nocturne or Kindred in other builds, but allows for players to possibly sub in mystic into their teams early with another unit to work with.

TFT Karma

Karma, as well as the addition of Leona, can lead to interesting possibilities in the early game as well as the late game. Lunar is an interesting addition to the game considering that wardens and mystics are both very popular in high ranked play, and giving these synergies access to additional damage is expected to be very powerful on paper. However, whether or not Leona and Karma see play in the late game will depend if Lunar is more valued than other mystic or warden units like Thresh + Nautilus or Janna/Soraka.


Ability: Inspire

TFT Inspire

Karma’s ability is quite interesting as it requires thoughtful positioning to ensure you tether to the correct ally. Sometimes with 7 or 8 units on the board, this can become difficult while still ensuring the safety of your units. Her ability is quite powerful as the huge attack speed buff can make units like Master Yi, Olaf, or Nocturne go crazy, but this also depends on how long her shield can stay up.

Recommended Items

TFT Karma Recommended items

These aren’t items aren’t set in stone since it’s still early on in Karma’s lifespan but these are the sort of items that we believe will generally be good for her based on first impressions. Check out the team comps page or the recommended items page to see the most up to date recommendations in the future.

Mana Items

Spear of Shojin | Seraph’s Embrace

Both Spear of Shojin and Seraph’s Embrace will act similarly in that it’ll help Karma cast her ability quicker. Seraph’s will allow her to cast her first ability faster, while Spear of Shojin will allow her to cast more often throughout the fight.

Ability Power Items

Rabadon’s Deathcap | Jeweled Gauntlet | Locket of the Iron Solari

While not advised to use your AP items on Karma, in an attack damage based build, or in cases where you have extra items, AP items can boost Karma up just enough so her shield is large enough to make a larger difference in the fight. Locket of the Iron Solari can be a great item to put on Karma, but it will make positioning tricky as her closest ally will be random.

Recommended Comps | 4 Warden + 2 Mystic/Lunar + Singed/Poison

Karma Leona formation

One of the builds that people are most looking to try in the PBE so far is lunar + Singed. There already are players who find great success using Singed as their sole carry and simply using warden and mystic units for survivability and CC. With the addition of Karma and Leona, Singed will slowly increase his damage throughout the fight, and Karma’s shields will increase Singed’s survivability.


Positioning Karma can be tricky. She clearly is a backline unit, or can be towards the middle, but to ensure she tethers the correct ally, you have to position the rest of your team accordingly. In the singed comp above, we don’t value the attack speed bonus, but rather the shield she gives as just a way to ensure Singed stays alive for longer.

First Impression:

Karma has a very interesting ability, and her attack speed buff can become crucial in future builds, but not enough has been tested to definitively say whether Lunar will become meta or not. Even still, Karma can be used as a solid transition unit, or as a secondary mystic unit alongside Nami simply for her ability and not necessarily Lunar.

Thanks for reading! Let us know what you think of Karma in TFT in the comments below.

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