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TFT Hyper Roll Comps and Lab Guide

Teamfight Tactics Hyper Roll Comps and Lab Guide

Updated for Set 5.5

Set 5 was the first set to introduce a new game mode to TFT.

In this article, I’ll be going over the Hyper Roll Lab system, how it works, and how to succeed in this faster paced version of TFT.


TFT Hyper Roll Lab Info

Hyper Roll has very many gameplay changes that make the game mode faster and more enjoyable for many players.

Here’s what’s different:


  • Little Legends start with 20 health and take a fixed amount of damage per loss.
  • Players lose 2 health in the first 4 stages, 4 health in stages 5-7, and 6 damage in stages 8+.
  • Purchasing Teemo will cost 1 health, (but you can still sell him for 5 gold).

Since players will always lose the same amount of health, losing rounds by 1 unit or 5 units makes no difference. Be sure to keep this in mind as there’s no such thing as a “good loss” in Hyper Roll Lab.


  • There are only a few rounds per stage.
  • At the start of each stage, players will level up to the corresponding stage number.
  • Only the starting Carousel remains, other carousels are not in Hyper Roll.
  • The Armory opens beginning Stage 4, and lets you pick things like item components, Radiant items, or special items.

Stages go by extremely fast in Hyper Roll Lab. You also don’t have to worry about saving up gold for leveling up as the game does it automatically for you. You can’t spend gold on leveling up, so use your gold to make your team stronger or to save up for higher levels.

Since there are no longer carousels, you will need to make your item picks very strategically to ensure you have the right items for your team comp. It shouldn’t be too hard with the armory system, but the incentive for losing for a good carousel pick is no longer in this game mode.


  • There is no gold bonus for win/lose streaks.
  • There is no interest gold.
  • Gold is automatically earned each round, increasing at later stages of the game.
  • You gain 2 gold every time you lose a round.

The game mode intends players to not have to worry about managing their economy. If you want to spend gold early on to start winning, you can. If you want to save gold to roll at higher levels, you can.


TFT Hyper Tier

The Ranked system for Hyper Roll is much more simple than regular TFT. There is a simple number that corresponds to your rank, and you will have a different color badge depending on that number.

  • Gray: 0
  • Green: 1,400
  • Blue: 2,600
  • Purple: 3,400
  • Hyper: 4,200

There are ranked rewards for Hyper Roll Lab if you are able to finish at least Blue Tier.


TFT Silverwing Hyper Roll Lab

For the most part, Hyper Roll Lab doesn’t change what comps are good too much, but changes how you play the game. There are situations where some comps fare better or worse than in normal TFT, but for the most part, the strong comps remain the same.

There are two main strategies to keep in mind when it comes to this game mode. It’s much simpler than regular TFT, so here’s a quick breakdown of how you can adjust your gameplay.

Strongest Board

The simple strategy for this game mode is to make your team strong throughout the entire game. You will want to roll early to begin with a strong board and continue rolling to maintain that strength. This strategy really tests how strong you can make your board with limited resources.

The more gold you can save while remaining strong, the better you will be set up for the late game. If you spend too much gold, you may have trouble finding late game carries. If you spend too little, you may lose a few early to mid game rounds that will hurt when you go into the late game.

Lose “Streaking”

There are no streaks in this game mode, but you still earn gold every time you lose a round. Losing a few early rounds doesn’t hurt as much as losing in later rounds, so you can still choose to lose early to gain some extra gold.

Once you hit higher levels like 7 or 8, you can use your built up gold to roll for a stabilizing carry like a 4-cost carry. This playstyle also allows you to have enough economy to force whatever carry you want usually. Be careful, though. If you lose too much health early on, one small loss late in the game can push you out of the lobby.

Make Adjustments

Overall, Hyper Roll Lab is a fun and new way to enjoy TFT. It’s much faster pace, and games are much quicker to finish. Strong units in Hyper Roll usually match up with the regular TFT meta, but some comps can fare better if they have a strong early and mid game transition.

Because of this, we simply recommend you check out our TFT Comp Tier Listto get some inspiration on what to play. While the comps that are strong remain mostly the same, you will still need to make adjustments on how you play each comp.

If you make it to the end, you’ll be able to reach level 9, but you might not have enough gold to hit every high cost unit you want. Be sure to have a plan of what low cost units to keep in your comp.

Best Hyper Roll Comps

If you’re having trouble coming up with some comps, here are some of the best Hyper Roll comps.

  1. Hellion Variations

TFT Hellion Variations

Hellions are great because they’re cheap and strong throughout the game. The comp doesn’t rely on hitting too many high cost units, making it simple to complete.

[Link to Team Builder]

Nightbringer Variations

TFT Hyper Roll Nightbringers

Nightbringers are great as they can revolve around many different carries like Yasuo, Lee Sin, or Aphelios. This gives you plenty of options depending on what items you are able to build.

Jax Variations

TFT Hyper Roll Jax

Jax is an example of a great 4-cost carry to build around. He can use many different items well, and he transitions through the early and mid game very easily with traits like Skirmishers or Sentinels.

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