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TFT Set 11 Introducing Kobuko: A New Unit Exclusive

TFT Set 11 Kobuko: A New TFT Exclusive

For TFT Set 11, Riot Games have created a brand new character, Kobuko. He is a Fortune Bruiser unit that is specially created for TFT. This new Yordle may find his way into other Riot Games, but for now, he’s a TFT exclusive.

This isn’t particularly new for Riot, as we’ve seen something similar done in Set 6 with the release of Silco as a TFT unit. However, Silco was based on the character from the show “Arcane,” while Kobuko is seemingly out of the blue.

Even still, it’s looking like Kobuko might become a new fan favorite, as he plays with the Fortune trait, which is an old favorite from Set 4.

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How Kobuko Works

TFT Set 11 Ability Kobuko

[Link to Champion Page]

Kobuko is a new 1-cost Fortune Bruiser, and he incentivizes you to build up your economy quickly. His passive grants him permanent Health when you gain interest gold, which synergizes with the Fortune trait.

The Fortune trait is the new economy based trait that incentivizes you to lose rounds to build up a big cash out. As you lose these rounds, you can build up your interest quickly, allowing Kobuko to gain Health.

Eventually, you’ll be able to stabilize your board with your Fortune cash out and beefed up Kobuko. Be careful, though, as you don’t want Kobuko to get too tanky in the early game. You’ll want to keep losing rounds until you’re ready to cash out your Fortune trait to get maximum loot.