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TFT Set 11 Guide: How to Play Storyweaver

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How to Play Storyweaver — TFT Set 11: Inkborn Fables

Welcome to our TFT trait guide series, where I’ll be covering the Storyweaver trait and how to play it.

The Storyweaver trait is the “summon” trait of Set 11. As you assemble more Storyweavers, you’ll summon a Kayle onto your board to buff up your team.

Summon traits have been around for a while now, so the concept shouldn’t be novel if you’re a returning player. As you assemble more Storyweavers, Kayle will get stronger, buffing up your team.

Let’s get right into the guide.

If you haven’t checked out all of the Set 11 information yet, check out out Set 11 Reveal Page!

How Storyweaver Works

TFT Set 11 Storyweaver

Storyweaver Trait Bonus

Storyweavers summon a Hero named Kayle and evolve her. Storyweavers gain max Health.

  • (3) Pick a supportive effect. 60 Health
  • (5) Pick a combat effect. 100 Health
  • (7) Pick a combat effect. 150 Health
  • (10) Ascend. 250 Health

Each Storyweaver star level increases Kayle’s Health and Ability Power. Kayle gets 20 % bonus attack speed for each game Stage.

Champions: Garen (1), Sivir (1), Riven (2), Zyra (2), Zoe (3), Galio (4), Irelia (5)

TFT Set 11 Storyweaver Kayle

Once you get (3) Storyweaver, you’ll be able to summon Kayle and pick a supportive effect. As you get more Storyweavers, you’ll pick effects to buff up Kayle further, turning her into a carry for your team.

TFT Set 11 Kayle Talisman of Speed

Storyweaver Items

At tiers (3), (5), and (7), you will be given a a choice between buffs to select. As expected, the strength of these buffs will increase the higher tier Storyweaver you activate.

TFT Set 11 Storyweaver Talismans 14.7

  • Talisman of Aid: Damaging attacks and abilities 20% Shred and Sunder enemies hit for 3 seconds.
  • Talisman of Might: Grant Kayle and adjacent allies 20 Ability Power at the start of combat.
  • Talisman of Speed: Grant Kayle and adjacent allies 12% Attack Speed at the start of combat.

TFT Set 11 Storyweaver Kayle Scroll 14.9

  • Scroll of Force: Kayle’s ability hits a wider area and deals 50% more damage.
  • Scroll of Haste: Attacks grant Kayle 6% Attack Speed.

TFT Set 11 Storyweaver Tome 14.7

  • Tome of Mending: Every 8 seconds revive the strongest ally that hasn’t been revived yet at 50% health.
  • Tome of Power: Deal 15% more damage. When Kayle casts she fires 2 waves.
  • Tome of Swiftness: Deal 10% more damage. Attacks now hit in a 1-hex radius around the target.

Storyweaver Synergy

Here’s a list of the traits you can branch into from the Storyweaver units:

  • Warden (Garen)
  • Trickshot (Sivir)
  • Altruist (Riven)
  • Bruiser (Riven/Galio)
  • Sage (Zyra)
  • Arcanist (Zoe)
  • Fortune (Zoe)
  • Duelist (Irelia)

Although there are 7 units, there’s only one Class overlap with Bruiser. Because of this, you’ll very likely see Storyweaver comps go for a Bruiser frontline over things like Warden or Behemoth.

Of the Storyweaver units, there are also 3 main potential carries with Sivir, Zoe, and Irelia. Irelia and Sivir lean the trait toward AD, but Zoe and Zyra are magic damage units you can look toward also.

Lastly, hitting Storyweaver (10) will be very hard, but with trait Augments (like Heart, Crest, Crown) back in the game, it should still be doable by level 9.

Storyweaver Champions

Let’s briefly go over each Champion in the Storyweaver trait and what you can do with them. To check the updated stats and ability values, be sure to check each Champion Page.

Garen — Storyweaver + Warden

TFT Set 11 Ability Garen

[Link to Champion Page]

Garen is a 1-cost tank with a fairly straight forward ability. He gets some Shield and a little bit of damage which is quite standard for a 1-cost tank. There is potential to go for Garen 3 if you want to play a reroll Storyweaver comp, but his Warden trait is less impactful due to the trait having 2 Bruisers.

Even still, if you go for a vertical Storyweaver comp, having Garen 3 is better than Garen 2.

Sivir — Storyweaver + Trickshot

TFT Set 11 Ability Sivir

[Link to Champion Page]

Sivir is the other 1-cost unit for Storyweaver, and she’s a straight forward backline AD DPS. Her ability grants herself and adjacent allies Attack Speed, buffing up Kayle as well.

There is some potential for a reroll Storyweaver comp to work, but that hasn’t panned out in the current meta. It’s much more common to see Storyweaver 3 splashed into comps for Kayle’s supportive item.

This also allows you to play strong units or units with strong trait overlap.

Riven — Storyweaver + Altruist + Bruiser

TFT Set 11 Ability Riven

[Link to Champion Page]

Riven is our next frontline unit, and she has 3 traits. Bruiser already synergizes with Galio, and the Altruist trait is a solid utility trait as well.

While Riven might not always be a priority pick up, her flexibility allows you to stay open for longer.

Altruists heal allies with their damage, but Riven likely won’t be a carry unit. The trait still provides Armor and MR, so that can be a nice trait to splash in with extra team slots.

Zyra — Storyweaver + Sage

TFT Set 11 Ability Zyra

[Link to Champion Page]

Zyra is the other 2-cost unit and the first magic damage unit for the trait. You could potentially pair her with Zoe for an AP based comp, but that seems more difficult than going AD.

Even if you’re playing with Sivir as your carry, Zyra is still a nice utility unit. Her ability applies Wound, meaning you don’t have to prioritize antiheal with items like Sunfire Cape, Red Buff, or Morellonomicon.

Lastly, her Sage trait can be quite impactful, as the effect provides a strong teamwide buff.

Zoe — Storyweaver + Fortune + Arcanist

TFT Set 11 Ability Zoe

[Link to Champion Page]

Zoe is up next and she is the only 3-cost unit. Like Irelia, Zoe has three traits, but she doesn’t particularly synergize with the Storyweaver units.

If you want to reach Storyweaver (7) without an Emblem, you can add Zoe to hold some AP items, but you can also opt to cut her for a different unit. If you’re abundant with AD items, having an Emblem and another AD carry like Xayah can be stronger.

Galio — Storyweaver + Bruiser

TFT Set 11 Ability Galio

[Link to Champion Page]

Galio is the only 4-cost, and he’s a fairly straightforward tank. While his ability deals magic damage, his role is to simply soak damage rather than be a damage dealer.

His taunt ability can be quite impactful if you position well, but for the most part, it’s just a solid ability to soak up more damage. The one downside of this trait is that there isn’t much CC within the units themselves. You’ll need to add in other units to bring that utility to your team.

Irelia — Storyweaver + Duelist

TFT Set 11 Ability Irelia

[Link to Champion Page]

Irelia is the final Storyweaver trait, and you’ll need her to reach Storyweaver 7 without an Emblem or Augment. Unlike previous sets, Irelia is now a ranged carry rather than a melee one. Her auto attack is a continuous stream of blades that slice through enemies.

Since she’s not attacking traditionally, Attack Speed will increase the speed at which her blades travel. Her ability also sends out an even more intense flurry of flying blades.

Finding Irelia at level 8 will definitely help cap your board, as she may be the final Stormweaver you need to reach (7). She will also be a strong carry to build items on outside of Sivir. Activating her Duelist trait can be difficult, but with an Emblem or Storyweaver Augment, you can drop Zoe to make space.

Storyweaver Best Augments

For this section, I’ll be covering some Augments that particularly synergize with the trait. Lots of Augments are universal, like economy based Augments or item Augments, but I’ll try to cover particular synergies to look out for.

The set has yet to come out on PBE yet, so I’ll only take a look at the trait specific Augments. I’ll definitely be back to add more as we learn more.

You can check out the full list of Augments here.

Storyweaver Crest

TFT Set 11 Storyweaver Crest Augment

Gain a Storyweaver Emblem and a Riven.

If you want to play a vertical Storyweaver comp, having an Emblem will help you raise the ceiling of your comp. With the Emblem, you’ll be able to drop a weaker unit and play either a higher-cost unit or something with better traits.

Call to Adventure

TFT Set 11 Augment Storyweaver

Every 2 takedowns, Storyweaver Kayle permanently gains 1 Ability Power and 10 Health. Gain a Garen and a Sivir.

Storyweaver Kayle is already a scaling carry due to her gaining more strength as the game progresses. With this Augment, Kayle will get even stronger throughout the game, turning her into an even stronger carry.

As expected, this Augment is a great pick up early to get Kayle growing stronger and stronger. The extra copy of Garen and Sivir are also nice to potentially get some quick upgrades.

Storyweaver Team Comps

With the meta settled for the most part, here are some of the standout Storyweaver comps.

As the playerbase plays more and more games, stronger meta comps will definitely rise up or old comps may be nerfed. Be sure to stay up to date on the current meta at our TFT Team Comp Tier List.

Storyweaver Dragonlord

TFT Set 11 Storyweaver Dragonlord Team Comp 14.9

[Link to Builder]

This comp is a strong level 9 board that combines the Dragonlord trait with Storyweaver. These two traits have a strong overlap that combine to make a very powerful board.

You run all 4 Dragonlord units along with Galio, Riven, and Irelia. Irelia pairs with Lee Sin for Duelist, Galio and Riven provide Bruiser, and Riven also provides Altruist with Rakan and Soraka.

The last two slots go toward Wukong and Soraka. This gives you another point into Altruist, and Wukong pairs with Diana for Sage.

Overall, this team has a ton of carry units and a lot of strong utility traits to back it up.

The main downside is that putting this team together can be expensive. You have Irelia as a core carry, and Rakan is extremely valuable as well. Both are 5-cost units, so finding them won’t be easy.

In the early to mid game, you can focus more on Storyweaver units, splashing some Dragonlord units in. You can look toward Kai’Sa as or other AD carrys as an item holder for Irelia before you find her, etc. There’s a lot of transitioning you can do throughout the game to increase your chances of hitting the final comp.

Vertical Storyweaver

TFT Set 11 Storyweaver Team Comp 14.10

[Link to Full Guide]

This first comp simply looks to play toward Storyweaver (7). Irelia will be the main AD carry, but Sivir can hold items in the early game before you find her.

For AP items, Zoe is a good unit to hold them. Lastly, we have Galio as the main frontline for tank items.

This comp utilizes an Emblem on Lee Sin in order to drop Sivir, as the main carrys are Kayle and Irelia. If you don’t have an Emblem, you can also try and pivot toward the Dragonlord Storyweaver comp above.

Trickshot Storyweaver/Inkshadow

TFT Set 11 Trickshot Team Comp 14.7

[Link to Full Guide]

Storyweaver and Inkshadow have a good amount of overlap, and this comp makes use of both. Kai’Sa is the main carry, with Storyweaver units like Galio and Sivir providing utility and traits.

Riven also provides a lot of flexible traits. Because of this, Storyweaver 3 is quite common to splash into comps.

Zoe Reroll

TFT Set 11 Zoe Team Comp 14.7

[Link to Full Guide]

For this comp, we aren’t going into Storyweaver as much, but simply using three to have Kayle buff up Zoe and Zyra. The Sage trait is very powerful in this comp, as it grants AP to the backline. This comp has a lot of backline AP units, making strong use of the Sage buff.

Zoe and Diana are definitely the main priorities to 3-star, but Soraka is also a good unit to upgrade if you have the gold/time.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our meta team comps page, or head to our Team Builder to try and come up with your own comps.