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TFT Set 11 Guide: How to Play Heavenly

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How to Play Heavenly — TFT Set 11: Inkborn Fables

Welcome to our TFT trait guide series, where I’ll be covering the Heavenly trait and how to play it. I’ll be covering how Heavenly works, analyzing each champion, and go through some potential team comps.

Heavenly is a very interesting trait in Set 11. It initially released as a reroll trait, with incentives for pushing your units to 3-star. However, as time passed, the meta became pairing Heavenly units with other carrys instead of utilizing Heavenly carrys.

In patch 14.9, there was a major update to the trait, but there hasn’t really been a big shift in the meta for Heavenly. The old comps that were good are still performing, and we haven’t seen much innovation yet.

Let’s get right into the guide.

If you haven’t checked out all of the Set 11 information yet, check out out Set 11 Reveal Page!

How Heavenly Works

TFT Set 11 Heavenly 14.9

Heavenly Trait Bonus

Heavenly champions grant a unique stat bonus to your team, increased by their star level and each Heavenly unit in play.

Patch 14.9 Update: Heavenly no longer scales with unit star levels but gives 70% more stats to Heavenly units.

  • (2) 100% bonus
  • (3) 110% bonus
  • (4) 125% bonus
  • (5) 145% bonus
  • (6) 170% bonus
  • (7) 200% bonus

Stat Bonus Base Values:

  • 10 Crit Kha’Zix
  • 8 Armor/ Magic Resist Malphite
  • 60 Health Neeko
  • 10 Attack Damage Qiyana
  • 10 AP Soraka
  • 10 Attack Speed Wukong
  • 5% Omnivamp Emblem

Champions: Kha’Zix (1), Malphite (1), Neeko (2), Qiyana (2), Soraka (3), Wukong (5)

Looking at the Heavenly trait, we see that it’s extremely synergistic with running more units. As you add more Heavenly units, the bonus will increase, and you’ll also add more types of stat bonuses.

Before the Set came out, I figured that rerolling for units like  Kha’Zix or Malphite would become the default team comp for Heavenly. As time passed, I could not be more wrong.

It became more effective to utilize strong carrys like Yone or Kayn instead. You can utilize the Heavenly trait to add stat bonuses to these units, rather than itemizing Heavenly units themselves.

This may change with more patches, but that’s the current state of the Heavenly trait.

Heavenly Synergy

Here’s a list of the traits you can branch into from the Heavenly units:

  • Reaper (Kha’Zix)
  • Behemoth (Malphite)
  • Mythic (Neeko)
  • Arcanist (Neeko)
  • Duelist (Qiyana)
  • Altruist (Soraka)
  • Sage (Wukong)
  • Great (Unique to Wukong)

None of the units pair their classes together, but that’s not out of the ordinary. There will be other units you can use to fill out trait bonuses with the rest of the team slots.

Heavenly Champions

Let’s briefly go over each Champion in the Heavenly trait and what you can do with them. To check the updated stats and ability values, be sure to check each Champion Page.

Kha’Zix (1) — Heavenly + Reaper

TFT Set 11 Ability Kha'Zix

[Link to Champion Page]

Kha’Zix is the first unit and has potential to be a reroll carry for the trait. This is simply due to him being a 1-cost and easy to reroll for. The Reaper trait is also damage based.

His ability is also quite good, allowing him to potentially jump to backline units. However, his ability range is 3 hexes, so he won’t always jump to the backline.

So far in Set 11, Kha’Zix hasn’t really had a chance to shine, but that may change with more time.

Malphite (1) — Heavenly + Behemoth

TFT Set 11 Ability Malphite

[Link to Champion Page]

Malphite is the other 1-cost unit and will likely be one of the go to tanks for a reroll comp. Once again, this is mainly due to Malphite being a 1-cost unit.

His Behemoth trait will be nice to get a simple frontline going, and you likely will keep it. There are other low-cost Behemoths you can also reroll for, but it might be more effective to only reroll for Heavenly units. You can then replace the others with high-cost units to fill out traits.

Like Kha’Zix, Malphite is in a similar situation of not being a reroll target, but simply a trait bot.

Neeko (2) — Heavenly + Mythic + Arcanist

TFT Set 11 Ability Neeko

[Link to Champion Page]

Neeko is one of two 2-cost units, and she’s also a frontline unit. Her ability is a mix of damage reduction, healing, and AoE damage. Neeko’s Heavenly bonus is also Health, which is a great stat for all types of units.

Rerolling for both 1 and 2-cost units can be difficult, but if you hit everything, the comp will have a ton of bonus stats.

Qiyana (2) — Heavenly + Duelist

TFT Set 11 Ability Qiyana

[Link to Champion Page]

Qiyana is the other 2-cost unit, and her Heavenly bonus is Attack Damage, which is great for her, Kha’Zix, and Wukong. Her Duelist trait may or may not be impactful, but she’s potentially another reroll target to increase the stat buffs for your team.

Soraka (3) — Heavenly + Altruist

TFT Set 11 Ability Soraka

[Link to Champion Page]

Soraka is the only 3-cost unit, and she’s the last one you’ll find until you can hit Wukong in the late game. She will provide some nice utility by Mana Reaving enemies, but she won’t likely be a 3-star target for Heavenly comps.

Even still, having a higher tier of Heavenly increases the bonus from all stat buffs. She also provides AP with her stat bonus, which is definitely nice to have.

Soraka sees a lot of play in end game boards, not just Heavenly comps. This is because her AP Heavenly bonus and Altruist trait provide a lot of utility for the team.

Wukong (5) — Heavenly + Sage + Great

TFT Set 11 Ability Wukong

[Link to Champion Page]

Lastly, we have Wukong, who is the 5-cost unit that will greatly power up Heavenly comps. He is a late game melee carry with a powerful 3-part ability, dealing lots of damage.

Furthermore, his Great trait allows him to get stronger as the fight progresses, turning him into a monster carry. Even if you don’t activate the Sage trait, all of the bonus stats from Heavenly will buff up Wukong immensely.

Wukong is quite a flexible unit for level 9 team comps as well. His Sage trait provides great utility (AP and Omnivamp), and he’s a solid unit to build as a secondary carry.

Heavenly Best Augments

For this section, I’ll be covering some Augments that particularly synergize with the trait. Lots of Augments are universal, like economy based Augments or item Augments, but I’ll try to cover particular synergies to look out for.

The set has yet to come out on PBE yet, so I’ll only take a look at the trait specific Augments. I’ll definitely be back to add more as we learn more.

You can check out the full list of Augments here.

Heavenly Crest

TFT Set 11 Heavenly Crest Augment

Gain a Heavenly Emblem and a Neeko.

The Heavenly trait increases slightly every tier, so the Emblem might not seem incredibly impactful as first. However, there are two main reasons the Emblem can be strong.

Firstly, even though the trait increase is only slight, higher tiers increase more and more as you go up. Furthermore, the Heavenly bonus is given to your entire team, so even a small increase can be impactful when it’s multiplied across all of your units.

Secondly, the Heavenly Emblem provides Omnivamp as the Heavenly stat bonus. With an Emblem, all of your Heavenly units will gain Omnivamp, scaled further by higher tiers and higher star level.

These two things combined can make the Emblem quite impactful, and a solid use of an Augment.

Divine Rolls

TFT Set 11 Augment Heavenly

At the start of every stage, including this one, gain 3 free rerolls +1 for each of your Heavenly champions. Gain a Kha’Zix and a Malphite.

The Heavenly specific Augment is a slight variation of other reroll Augments like Trade Sector. The design of this Augment tells me that Riot envisioned Heavenly to be a reroll based trait.

However, the meta did not pan out that way. Almost all of the meta Heavenly team comps use Yone, Kayn, and/or Morgana as their carrys. The Heavenly traits are simply there to exist, soak up damage, and provide stat bonuses.

Wukong is a solid unit, but he’s a 5-cost, so that doesn’t really count.

In the future, Heavenly reroll comps may come back into the meta, but that’s not the case currently.

Heavenly Team Comps

With the meta settled for the most part, here are some of the standout Feavenly comps.

As the player base plays more and more games, stronger meta comps will definitely rise up or old comps may be nerfed. Be sure to stay up to date on the current meta at our TFT Team Comp Tier List.

Heavenly Vertical Team Comp

TFT Set 11 Heavenly Team Comp 14.7

[Link to Full Guide]

This first comp doesn’t lean into the reroll strategy, but instead just levels up normally. You have strong carrys with Lee Sin and Soraka to hold AD/AP items. Furthermore, you have Wukong for the late game to be a third carry as well.

As it currently stands, reroll Heavenly hasn’t been performing greatly, so playing a default strategy has been preferred.

Heavenly Kayn/Morgana Team Comp

TFT Set 11 Heavenly Kayn Morgana Team Comp 14.8

[Link to Full Guide]

Up next, we have a very similar vertical Heavenly comp, except the carry isn’t a Heavenly unit. Instead of itemizing carrys like Lee Sin or Soraka, we itemize the Ghostly carrys in Kayn and Morgana.

This is because the Heavenly trait bonus applies to your entire team, not just Heavenly units. You will still want Heavenly units to buff up your carrys, but they are just the supporting cast here.

You can play this comp with Yone over Morgana, but at the time of writing, this version is performing better. If you naturally find a lot of Yones and can 3-star him, he can be a strong alternative to Morgana.

In that situation, you can consider dropping a Heavenly unit like Soraka for Reaper 4 by adding Kindred.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our meta team comps page, or head to our Team Builder to try and come up with your own comps.