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TFT Set 10 Guide: How to Play Hyperpop

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How to Play Hyperpop

Welcome to another in the series of our How to Play TFT trait guides.

Hyperpop is a new trait coming to TFT Set 10, and the trait is a very simple bonus to your team. There are only 2 Hyperpop units, and the trait is all about buffing up another unit on your team.

Note: The information provided is based on early information and can change rapidly in PBE. While the exact numbers may change, the overall mechanic of the trait should remain the same.

Let’s get right into the guide.

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How Hyperpop Works

Whenever a Hyperpop champion casts their spell, they will grant Mana and a temporary Attack Speed bonus to their closest ally. This means that you can easily buff up just about carry in the game at the cost of only 1 unit slot on your team.

Hyperpop Trait Bonus

TFT Set 10 Hyperpop

Grant Mana and seconds of Attack Speed to their closest allies after casting.

  • (1) 3 and 10%
  • (2) 5 and 20%
  • (4) 8 and 40%

Hyperpop Synergy

There are only two units in the Hyperpop trait, and the other traits they have are:

  • Spellweaver
  • Dazzler

These two traits make it so Hyperpop is even better when used in AP comps. While a unit like Ziggs can buff up an AD carry with Attack Speed and Mana, AP comps can make use of his Dazzler trait as well.

Hyperpop Champions

Let’s briefly go over each Champion in the Hyperpop trait and what you can do with them.

Lulu – Hyperpop + Spellweaver

TFT Set 10 Lulu

Lulu is the easier Hyperpop to find as she is a 3-cost unit compared to Ziggs’ 5. Her ability is a simple damage with a touch of CC. In the mid game, she will be a great unit to add to any AP board as she can easily power up your team with only one board slot.

In general, Hyperpop doesn’t have dedicated comps, but instead will be used to power up other comps.

Ziggs – Hyperpop + Dazzler

TFT Set 10 Ziggs

Ziggs is the 5-cost Hyperpop, meaning he may be difficult to find consistently. However, his ability is extremely powerful. His ability has built in Shred which will lower the Magic Resist of enemy units. This is the perfect ability to have on just about any AP comp regardless if you use his Dazzler trait or not.

Furthermore, if you’re playing a 5-cost “Bill Gates” board, you surely will be using Ziggs to Shred and buff up another 5-cost carry.

Hyperpop Team Comps

Since the PBE has just released, we won’t be diving into too much detail on team comps just yet. The comps shown now may or may not be viable, they’re simply suggestions to try.

Be sure to check back as we will update this guide as team comps are found and optimized.

Spellweaver Comp

TFT Set 10 Spellweaver Team Comp

[Link to Builder]

It’s a bit difficult to say any comp is a Hyperpop comp as the trait is supportive by nature. Here’s an example of a comp where Lulu slots in very easily and buffs up your strong carry with her Hyperpop trait.

With a Spellweaver headliner, you’re able to fit in Illaoi for frontline and Ziggs for Hyperpop 2. This lets you generate Mana and buff the Attack Speed of your main carries, Sona and Ahri.


Overall, Hyperpop is a very simple trait, but it will assuredly be played in a lot of comps. Being able to activate with only 1 unit is very powerful. Because of this, Lulu and Ziggs will likely be high priority units for any comp that wants to run AP carries.

We hope you enjoyed this guide, and hopefully it helps you climb some ranks. Good luck and have fun!

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