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TFT 5 Year Bash: Pengu Party Best Team Comps & Traits

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TFT Pengu Party Best Team Comps

TFT has just released their 5 Year Bash with Patch 14.12. This is a celebration to commemorate TFT’s 5th Anniversary. You can read more about the event on our TFT 5 Year Bash article.

Pengu Party is a new game mode, which will be available until July 15th with Patch 14.15. With a new game mode, players are excited to try out new things and experience a blast from the past.

In this article, we’ll be sharing some strong comps to try out for Pengu Party. As the game mode is a casual one, we won’t be trying to break the meta. Instead, think of these comps as things to try out in your games if you’re lost.

TFT 5 Year Bash Feature Artwork

Pengu Party Rules

Pengu Party takes place in Set 11, so the units you find in shop will be the same as Set 11. There are some nice visual changes, like neutral creeps changing into cupcakes and Scuttle Crabs with birthday hats.

In Pengu Party, you will get to activate traits from the past, similar to picking an Augment.

At 1-2 and 2-5, you will get to pick one trait from the past. At 3-5, you will get the option to upgrade one of these traits. Before going into the team comps, let’s cover the returning traits and what they do.

Pengu Party Traits

Set 1: Imperial


Combat Start: Select champions gain 50% bonus damage!

  • (1) 1 random Champion
  • (2) 2 random Champions

Set 1: Phantom


Combat start: random enemies have their Health reduced

  • (1) Set 1 enemy’s Health to 30% maximum Health.
  • (2) Set 2 enemies’ Health to 100.

Set 2: Mountain


Gain 2 Mountain hexes in the front row. Combat Start: units standing on a Mountain hex gain a Shield and permanent bonus Health.

  • (1) 400 Shield, 45 HP
  • (2) 600 Shield, 75 Health. The entire front row becomes Mountain hexes.

Set 2: Glacial


Gain a Glacial Mallet. Attacks from champions holding a mallet have a 25% chance to stun their target for 1 second and deal bonus magic damage.

  • (1) 100 magic damage
  • (2) 400 magic damage. Gain 2 more Glacial Mallets.

Set 3: Mech-Pilot


Use the Pilot Selector to choose a Pilot. Combat start: the Pilot jumps into a Mech. The Mech has the Traits and items of its Pilot and gains a percent of the pilot’s Attack Damage and max Health. When the Mech dies, the Pilot(s) are ejected with 45% of their max Health.

  • (1) Mini-Mech: 25% AD and HP
  • (2) Super-Mech: 65% AD and HP. The 2 nearest units the Pilot also jump into the mech.

Set 3: Rebel


Combat start: For 10 seconds your team gains a Shield and bonus damage for each adjacent ally.

  • (1) 150 Shield, +5% bonus damage
  • (2) 350 Shield, +10% bonus damage

Set 4: Elderwood


Every 2 seconds your team grows, gaining bonus stats. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

  • (1) 5 Armor + 5 MR + 3% AP + 3% AD
  • (2) 12 Armor + 12 MR + 7% AP + 7% AD

Set 4: The Boss


Gain Boss Knuckles. When the holder first drops below 60% Health, they become The Boss and leave combat to start doing sit-ups. Each sit-up restores maximum Health and grants Attack Speed.

  • (1) 10% HP, 20% AS
  • (2) 10% HP, 60% AS. If they reach full Health they return to combat Pumped Up: All of their attacks and abilities deal true damage.

Set 5: Hellion


When an allied champion dies, a Doppelhellion (a one less star copy) will leap from the Hellion portal and join the fight!

  • (1) The first 3 champions.
  • (2) The first 9 champions.

Set 5: Coven


The champion nearest to the center of your team is chosen the Coven Leader, gaining bonus Ability Power. Whenever your team casts an Ability, the Coven Leader gains mana.

  • (1) 40 AP, 2 Mana
  • (2) 80 AP, 5 Mana

Set 6: Socialite


Gain a spotlight hex. Combat start: The unit standing in the spotlight gains bonus stats.

  • (1) 15% bonus damage and 5 Mana per second.
  • (2) 40% bonus damage, 5 Mana per second and 15% Omnivamp. Gain another spotlight hex.

Set 6: Yordle


After each player combat, a random 1, 2 or 3 cost champion from highest activated trait is added to your bench for free.

  • (1) Gain champions
  • (2) If you have 5 or more 3 star champions, you instead gain a Yordle-Lord.

Set 7: Trainer


After combat, the 3 champions closest to Nomsy feed her 1 Snap per star level, adding Health and Ability Power. Nomsy’s star level increases every 25 Snax!

  • (1) Summon Nomsy!
  • (2) Nomsy’s Ability deals 150% bonus damage

Set 7: Shimmerscale


Get shimmering Shimmerscale items!

  • (1) Gain Goldmancer’s Staff. At Stage 3-1 gain Draven’s Axe.
  • (2) Gain Crown of Champions.

Set 8: Laser Corps


Your team gains laser drones. When a unit attacks or is hit by an attack, their drone deals magic damage to the target. (0.4 second cooldown). Drones are reassigned to another ally on death.

  • (1) 25 magic damage.
  • (2) 25 magic damage. All units gain an additional drone.

Set 8: Mascot


Your team heals percentage of their max Health every 2 seconds. When a champion dies, they retreat to the sidelines to cheer on your team. Your team’s healing increases for each cheering champion.

  • (1) 1.5% base HP, 1% HP per cheering champion
  • (2) 6% base HP, 1.5% HP per cheering champion

Set 9: Shurima


Combat start: select champions Ascend and gain 25% maximum Health and 40% Attack Speed.

  • (1) The strongest champion Ascends after 8 seconds.
  • (2) The 3 strongest champions Ascend immediately.

Set 9: Bilgewater


Your team’s attacks and Abilities mark enemies. The mark stores a percentage of damage dealt to the enemy. Marked enemies are stuck by a cannonball after 1.5 seconds, dealing the stored damage plus a flat value as physical damage.

  • (1) 75 + 30% damage dealt
  • (2) 130 + 40% damage dealt. Every 20th cannonball is replaced with a treasure chest that drops gold!

Set 10: Disco


Summon a movable Disco Ball. Combat start: Allies next to it gain Attack Speed and healing immediately and every 3 seconds.

  • (1) 5% Attack Speed and 2% max HP
  • (2) 2 Disco Balls, 20% Attack Speed and 4% max HP

Set 10: Jazz


For each active trait (except uniques) your team gains bonus Health and deals bonus damage.

  • (1) 1.5% HP, 1% damage
  • (2) 4% HP, 2% damage

Pengu Party Team Comps

Here’s a rundown of some standout team comps to try in Pengu Party. You might see trait Emblems on some characters. Those are simply to denote which traits to pick in the builder.

For more team comps on both the current Set 11 Meta and Pengu Party, check out our full TFT Tier List.

Jazz x11 Traits

TFT 5 Year Bash Team Comp Jazz 14.13

[Link to Full Guide]

  • Prismatic Trait: Jazz
  • Bronze Trait: Disco

As the name suggests, this comp looks to take the Jazz trait and fill the comp with as many traits as possible. Disco is the secondary trait to buff up Azir, but you can definitely pick other options as well.

Nomsy Supremacy

TFT Pengu Party Team Comp Nomsy Supremacy

[Link to Full Guide]

  • Prismatic Trait: Trainer
  • Bronze Trait: Bilgewater

This comp uses Trainer to summon Nomsy. By building into Storyweaver, you can buff up Nomsy even further. Bilgwater is your secondary trait, and is mainly there to provide extra damage.

Mech Boss

TFT Pengu Party Team Comp Mech Boss

[Link to Full Guide]

  • Prismatic Trait: Mech-Pilot
  • Bronze Trait: The Boss

This first comp uses the Mech-Pilot and The Boss trait to beef up Lee Sin as your main carry. Both of these traits make him extremely powerful, letting him carry effectively.

Yordle Lord

TFT Pengu Party Team Comp Yordle Lord

[Link to Full Guide]

  • Prismatic Trait: Yordle
  • Bronze Trait: Elderwood/Laser Corps

For this comp, we have the Yordle trait to summon The Yordle Lord. In order to do so, you need to have five 3-star units. The Yordle (1) trait helps give you more copies to 3-star.

We use the Bruiser trait as it has access to lots of low cost units with Kobuko, Rek’Sai, Riven, and Aatrox.

The Boss Rock

TFT Pengu Party Team Comp The Boss Rock

[Link to Full Guide]

  • Prismatic Trait: The Boss
  • Bronze Trait: Mascot

Similar the the comp above, this comp uses The Boss trait to turn Malphite into a beefy carry. Instead of using the Mech-Pilot trait, we have Mascot.

The Mascot trait heals your entire team, which synergizes greatly with the Behemoth trait.


TFT Pengu Party Team Comp Shimmer-Stun-Snipers

[Link to Full Guide]

  • Prismatic Trait: Shimmerscale
  • Bronze Trait: Glacial

This is a simple Sniper Warden team comp that uses the Shimmerscale trait to gain a ton of extra items. This will help you itemize Ashe, Syndra, and Aphelios.

The Glacial trait gives you a Glacial Hammer for Ashe, which will stun enemies as she attacks.

Glacial Bard

TFT Pengu Party Team Comp Glacial Bard

[Link to Full Guide]

  • Prismatic Trait: Glacial
  • Bronze Trait: Mountain

Like the above comp, Glacial is put on Bard to stun enemy units over and over. This combined with the high Attack Speed can be very strong. You also get extra Glacial Hammers you can put on other units.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our meta team comps page, or head to our Team Builder to try and come up with your own comps.

Table of contents