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TFT 5 Year Bash: New Game Mode, Login Rewards, and More!

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TFT 5 Year Bash Celebration!

TFT’s 5th birthday is coming up, and with that, Riot Games are releasing a new game mode, Pengu Party, to celebrate. This 5 Year Bash will release with Patch 14.12 (June 12th) and end with Patch 14.15 (July 15).

Furthermore, players will be able to get some free rewards for logging in during this celebration.

TFT 5 Year Bash Daily Login Rewards

By logging in for 10 days, you’ll get some free rewards. This will last for over a month, so no need to fret about logging in every day.

TFT 5th Anniversary Login Rewards

5 Year Bash Free Event Pass

TFT 5 Year Bash Free Pass Rewards

During this celebration, players will also get a free event pass that you can progress. This will grant you some additional rewards, including a special “All Skill Emote.” This emote will grant your Tactician a special trail as they walk around. This trail will only last for the duration of this event.

New Game Mode: Pengu Party

The highlight of the 5 Year Bash will definitely be the release of a new game mode called Pengu Party.

For this game mode, champions and traits from all of TFT history will be added. This will let you play with some of your favorite champions and traits from the past.

Every set will have two traits represented that were unique to that set. Throughout the game, you’ll choose traits from the past, and be able to make one Prismatic by the end of the game. Here’s a list of the traits coming back:

  • Set 1: Imperial + Phantom
  • Set 2: Mountain + Glacial
  • Set 3: Mech-Pilot + Rebel
  • Set 4: Elderwood + The Boss
  • Set 5: Hellion + Coven
  • Set 6: Socialite + Yordle
  • Set 7: Trainer + Shimmerscale
  • Set 8: Laser Corps + Mascot
  • Set 9: Shurima + Bilgewater
  • Set 10: Disco + Jazz

TFT 5th Anniversary Carousel

The game will still take place with the Inkborn Fables mechanics like Encounters and Portals. The Carousel will also be getting some updates to add a birthday flair.

There are more details to learn about the set, and we’ll likely learn more as the event comes closer. There’s gonna be giant scuttle crab too! We don’t know what it does, but it’s ready to celebrate.

TFT 5th Anniversary Scuttle Crab

When it comes to game modes like this, we’ll try to cover team comps to try out. However, with the game mode being a celebration, we expect the games to be less sweaty and more about fun. Don’t be afraid to just go in and try something random.

Little Legends

Last but not certainly not least, the 5 Year Bash will also release new little legends.

Anniversary Pengu

TFT Anniversary Pengu

Yasuo Cosplay and Pengu Cosplay

TFT 5 Year Bash Cosplay Pengu

Chibi Tristana

TFT 5 Year Bash Chibi Tristana

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out our meta team comps page, or head to our Team Builder to try and come up with your own comps.