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Teamfight Tactics Meta: Best Comps and Builds for TFT Set 11 (Patch 14.10)

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Best TFT Comps for Patch 14.10 (Set 11)

Welcome to our article where we cover the best TFT team comps for the current patch. My name is Alan and I’ve peaked Challenger in multiple TFT sets. Our team constantly works with top players like Frodan to analyze the meta and compile the best comps.

We’re about halfway through Set 11, and the meta continues to evolve. Patch changes always affect the meta, and patch 14.10 is quite substantial. While many comps remain the same, there are still lots of tier movements and small tweaks.

Be sure to check out our fully updated Tier List as things may change slightly over the coming days. You can also check out our Stats page to see what comps are performing well across all players.

State of the Metagame

Here’s a quick look at the meta comps. In the parenthesis will be the comp breakdown. Click our Table of Contents to the right to jump to them.

  • S-tier: Mythic Lullaby (Mythic Invoker)
  • S-tier: Fated Wizards (Fated Syndra Carry)
  • S-tier: Plants vs Zombies (Ghostly Zyra)
  • S-tier: Porcelain Arrows (Porcelain/Warden Ashe Carry)
  • S-tier: Ghost Busters (Senna/Shen Reroll)
  • S-tier: Tale of Kayle (Storyweaver Vertical)
  • S-tier: Dryhard (Gnar/Kindred Dryad Reroll)
  • S-tier: Fast 9 FLEX (Bill Gates Comp)
  • A-tier: Powerpuff Girls (Zoe Sage Reroll)
  • A-tier: Deadly Duelists (Vertical Duelists)
  • A-tier: Ethereal Blades (Shen Reroll)
  • A-tier: Tea Party (Porcelain Invoker Ashe)
  • A-tier: Ghostly Duo (Kayn/Morgana Carry)
  • A-tier: Mr. Unchained (Sage Sylas)
  • A-tier: Mythic Rolls (Mythic Reroll Cho’Gath/Kog’Maw)
  • A-tier: Monk & Monkey (Heavenly Sage)
  • A-tier: To the Moon (Yone/Alune Umbral Reroll)
  • A-tier: Midnight Siphon (Yorick Reroll)
  • A-tier: True Inkborns (Inkshadow Vertical)
  • A-tier: Mythic Meeps (Bard/Tahm Kench Mythic Reroll)
  • A-tier: Dragonshields (Janna Reroll)
  • A-tier: Dusk-Fates (Aphelios Reroll)
  • A-tier: Heavenly Reaper (Yone Heavenly)
  • A-tier: Porcelain Mages (6 Arcanist Porcelain Lux Carry)
  • B-tier: Beefy Ricochets (Trickshot Bruiser)
  • B-tier: The Hateful Fate (Yasuo/Ahri Fated Reroll)
  • B-tier: Arcane Power (8 Arcanists)
  • B-tier: Warden Wall (Gnar/Senna Reroll)
  • B-tier: Deadly Dumplings (Teemo Trickshot/Bruiser Reroll)
  • M-tier: Lucky Fortune (Fortune Azir Carry)

TFT Best Team Comps

NOTE: These team comps will be accurate when we publish at the beginning of the patch but are constantly updated by our experts.

If you visit in between patch releases, there may be a slight lag time for when the blog is updated to match it so be sure to check our official website’s TFT team comp page for the most up-to-date info.

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S-tier: Mythic Lullaby (Mythic Invoker)

TFT Set 11 Mythic Invoker Team Comp 14.10

[How to play Mythic Lullaby]

Team Comp Description:

Mythic saw an uptick in the last patch when played alongside the Porcelain trait. With this new patch, we’re expecting Lillia carry to move up quite a bit.

Other comps are being nerfed, and both Mythic and Lillia got buffs this patch.

S-tier: Fated Wizards (Fated Syndra Carry)

TFT Set 11 Fated Dryad Team Comp 14.10

[How to play Fated Wizards]

Team Comp Description:

For our next team, we have a vertical Fated comp focusing on Syndra as the main carry.

In the past, you’d often see team comps go for Fated 7 with an Emblem. While you can still do that, players have been combining both Dryad and Fated. This lets you have Azir as a late game carry, and Ornn also gets some bonus stats.

Adaptive Helm is also a strong alternative to Blue Buff, especially if you have the Augment that gives both bonuses.

S-tier: Plants vs Zombies (Ghostly Zyra)

TFT Set 11 Ghostly Zyra Team Comp 14.10

[How to play Plants vs Zombies]

Team Comp Description:

Zyra wasn’t buffed this patch, but this comp has quickly entered the meta. Ghostly got a nice buff this patch, which makes the spectres summon faster.

Zyra lets the comp flex into traits like Storyweaver and Sage which are both very useful. Aatrox and Shen already make up a strong frontline, and Zyra/Morgana carry the backline damage.

This comp doesn’t make use of AD items very well, so that is something to keep in mind.

S-tier: Porcelain Arrows (Porcelain/Warden Ashe Carry)

TFT Set 11 Fated Porcelain Team Comp 14.10

[How to play Porcelain Arrows]

Team Comp Description:

Porcelain quickly shot up into the meta in 14.8 and is still going strong. We’ve seen versions combine Porcelain with Mythic and Lillia. This patch, we think that a Fated Porcelain comp will be the strongest, especially if you have a Sniper Emblem for Syndra.

This lets you hit Sniper (4) without losing too much team space. At it’s core, the comp is a straightforward comp with 4 frontline and 4 backline units.

S-tier: Ghost Busters (Senna/Shen Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Ghostly Reroll Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Ghost Busters]

Team Comp Description:

Up next, we have another reroll comp, this time focusing on Senna and Shen. Aatrox is another strong 2-cost you can reroll for, but Shen and Senna are the priorities.

This comp utilizes the Ghostly 6 trait to buff up the damage of the entire team. The team also has a lot of strong carrys to hold items. If you have lots of items through your Augments or Encounters, this comp will benefit greatly.

S-tier: Tale of Kayle (Storyweaver Vertical)

TFT Set 11 Storyweaver Team Comp 14.10

[How to play Tale of Kayle]

Team Comp Description:

Vertical Storyweaver is another comp that rose in popularity and strength last patch. The comp plays very simply in the early game, and can cap out with a strong level 9 board.

This team comp shows the full Storyweaver (7), but you can also opt to drop down to 3 Storyweaver. By dropping Zoe, Garen, and Zyra, you can add Janna, Diana, and one flex unit.

This will give you Dragonlord (4), which is very potent in the late game.

S-tier: Dryhard (Gnar/Kindred Dryad Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Dryad Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Dryhard]

Team Comp Description:

Dryad is a straight forward reroll comp that can top 4 very consistently. By hitting Dryad early, you can start stacking up bonus HP for your Dryad units.

In the late game, this will result in a ton of extra Health. While the comp can still lose to powerful level 9 boards, it’s a consistent comp throughout the game, giving it a strong top 4 rate.

S-tier: Fast 9 FLEX (Bill Gates Comp)

TFT Set 11 Fast 9 Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Fast 9 FLEX]

Team Comp Description:

In every set, players always look for the strongest level 9 comp to win endgames. For this comp, we have Azir as the main AP carry, while Wukong and Udyr carry AD items. Lissandra is another strong unit to itemize, and Ornn will be the main tank.

Comps like these should be reserved for games where you are win streaking heavily or pick a strong economy Augment. Upgrading five 5-cost units is very expensive, so transitioning to this will require a lot of gold and fast roll downs.

A-tier: Powerpuff Girls (Zoe Sage Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Zoe Reroll Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Powerpuff Girls]

Team Comp Description:

Once again, we have another reroll comp. This time, we focus on Zoe as the main carry, with Diana as the main tank and Soraka as a bonus reroll target.

This comp doesn’t go into any vertical, but splashes a lot of traits like Storyweaver, Sage, Dragonlord, and more. The Sage trait will buff up the entire backline, granting AP. This is especially useful when a majority of this comp consists of backline AP units.

A-tier: Deadly Duelists (Vertical Duelists)

TFT Set 11 Duelist Team Comp 14.10

[How to play Deadly Duelists]

Team Comp Description:

For this comp, we have a simple vertical Duelist comp using Tristana, Volibear, and Lee Sin as your main carrys. Irelia and Wukong are also some extra late game units that you can itemize.

For this comp, you don’t need to reroll at level 7 since you have strong 5-cost units to add in. If you’re close to Volibear/Tristana 3, you can stay at level 7 a bit longer to try and hit a 3-star upgrade.

A-tier: Ethereal Blades (Shen Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Shen Reroll Team Comp 14.10

[How to play Ethereal Blades]

Team Comp Description:

This comp is a Shen reroll comp focused on the Augment “Ethereal Blades.” This makes it so your Shen is a ranged unit that deals true damage. With this, Shen becomes the main backline carry for your comp.

The rest of the team are Behemoth units to tank and stall the enemy team. This way your Shen can ramp up and clean the enemy team.

A-tier: Tea Party (Porcelain Invoker Ashe)

TFT Set 11 Porcelain Invoker Ashe Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Tea Party]

Team Comp Description:

Porcelain Invokers was a comp that came up a bit ago, and it’s still looking to be a strong and consistent option. You have lots of carrys to itemize like Ashe, Lillia, Lissandra, and even Azir.

4-cost carrys are also generally consistent to find unless you’re heavily contested. Overall, it’s a strong and consistent comp to go for. You can stabilize at level 8 and cap out even further at level 9 with 5-cost units.

A-tier: Ghostly Duo (Kayn/Morgana Carry)

TFT Set 11 Heavenly Kayn Morgana Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Ghostly Duo]

Team Comp Description:

Kayn and Morgana are two 4-cost Ghostly units that use AD and AP items respectively. This makes them a strong pair to play together in a team comp.

Heavenly was changed majorly in patch 14.9, but the comp still lives on. The Heavenly buff no longer scales with star level, and has an increased effect on Heavenly units.

Even still, we’re seeing Kayn/Morgana still be strong carrys for the trait, rather than units like Kha’Zix, Qiyana, etc.

A-tier: Mr. Unchained (Sage Sylas)

TFT Set 11 Sage Sylas Team Comp 14.9

[How to play Mr. Unchained]

Team Comp Description:

This comp is a more recent addition to the meta. This comp uses Sylas as the main carry and surrounds him with Sage and Storyweaver units. The Sage trait will buff up the AP of Sylas, and Storyweaver provides additional buffs as well.

The Bruiser trait helps make Sylas tankier, but all of the bonus AP turns him into a potent carry. Morgana is your secondary backline carry, while Sylas uses AP/Tank hybrid items.

If you have a lot of AD items, this comp won’t be ideal, but it’ll be great if you find lots of AP items.

A-tier: Mythic Rolls (Mythic Reroll Cho’Gath/Kog’Maw)

TFT Set 11 Mythic Reroll Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Mythic Rolls]

Team Comp Description:

Moving on, we have a reroll comp around 4 different 1-cost units. Caitlyn, Kog’Maw, Cho’Gath, and Malphite all synergize together, making them a strong core to reroll for.

The comp is simple to play, effective, and you can hyper roll early for a variety of different units. Cho’Gath and Kog’Maw are the priority to 3-star, with Malphite and Caitlyn being a nice bonus.

A-tier: Monk & Monkey (Heavenly Default Comp)

TFT Set 11 Heavenly Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Monk & Monkey]

Team Comp Description:

For this comp, we have a Heavenly comp using Lee Sin and Soraka as your main carrys. Lee Sin can hold AD items, Soraka can hold AP, and Wukong is a strong item holder for the late game.

The main weakness of this comp is that you still end up using a lot of low-cost Heavenly units in the late game. While they provide a trait bonus for Heavenly, they don’t provide much by themselves.

A-tier: To the Moon (Yone/Alune Umbral Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Umbral Team Comp 14.10

[How to play To the Moon]

Team Comp Description:

This next comp is a simple vertical Umbral comp, with Yone and Alune as the main carrys. The comp hits a power ceiling at 6 Umbral, so you don’t want to just reroll at level 7, but level normally and look for 3-stars at 8.

An Umbral Emblem will also help reach Umbral (6) before finding Sett. With an Emblem, you can also look to drop Darius for a stronger late game unit.

A-tier: Midnight Siphon (Yorick Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Yorick Team Comp 14.10

[How to play Midnight Siphon]

Team Comp Description:

Moving on, we have a reroll Yorick comp based on the Augment “Midnight Siphon”. This Augment will grant him more Health and damage, turning him into a more powerful carry.

You will look to reroll for Yorick at level 6 and fill out the comp with Umbral and Behemoth units. Don’t go for this comp if you don’t find the Yorick specific Augment as he will be much weaker.

A-tier: True Inkborns (Inkshadow Vertical)

TFT Set 11 Inkshadow Team Comp 14.8

[How to play True Inkborns]

Team Comp Description:

With Kai’Sa not as popular in the current meta, you likely won’t see too many Inkshadow players. Even still, the comp has a simple and straightforward game plan that’s easy to execute.

The Inkshadow items can also buff up your comp a lot, with potential strong items for Kai’Sa/Udyr.

A-tier: Mythic Meeps (Bard/Tahm Kench Mythic Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Bard Reroll Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Mythic Meeps]

Team Comp Description:

Moving on, we have a 3-cost reroll carry with Bard. Bard and Tahm Kench both are 3-cost Mythics, letting you reroll for them both at level 7.

With a lot of 3-cost reroll comps, it can be right to push level 8 before rerolling. However, there are no 4-cost units in this comp, and Rakan is the only 5-cost. Pushing for level 8 to potentially find Rakan is too risky. As such, you can comfortably reroll at level 7 with this comp to find your 3-stars.

A-tier: Dragonshields (Janna Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Janna Team Comp Patch 14.8

[How to play Dragonshields]

Team Comp Description:

Up next, we have a reroll Janna comp, using the Dragonlord trait. With the Dragonlord units, we then activate other things like Sage, Storyweaver, and Altruist.

For this comp, we look to 3-star Janna, Riven, and Zyra. Janna is the priority, with Riven being a nice upgrade for frontline. If you don’t find Zyra, you can still look to push levels to add higher-cost units.

The same can be said if you only find Janna 3 early enough. Otherwise, try to hit multiple 3-star units before leveling up.

A-tier: Dusk-Fates (Aphelios Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Aphelios Reroll Team Comp 14.9

[How to play Dusk Fates]

Team Comp Description:

For this comp, we have Aphelios as the main reroll carry along with Thresh as a bonus reroll tank. With a Fated Emblem, the comp can comfortably reach 7 Fated and hit its power ceiling.

Without the Emblem, you can still run Ornn as a strong tank, but you can also run Amumu to pair with Ashe for Porcelain as well. This comp is extremely similar to the Syndra Fated comp, but you simply reroll for Aphelios 3.

A-tier: Heavenly Reaper (Heavenly Reaper)

TFT Set 11 Heavenly Yone Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Heavenly Reaper]

Team Comp Description:

Similar to Heavenly Kayn Morgana, you can play the comp with Yone instead of Morgana. While the Heavenly change did impact this comp, it should be a viable option to still play.

The comp is still playable, but you’ll need to high roll more to reach the same results as you would have in the past.

A-tier: Porcelain Mages (6 Arcanist Porcelain Lux Carry)

TFT Set 11 Porcelain Lux Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Porcelain Mages]

Team Comp Description:

The Arcanist trait hasn’t seen much success this set as a vertical trait. Many comps choose to go into other verticals like Fated instead of going deep into Arcanist.

The frontline is quite lacking when you have too many Arcanist units, and the damage doesn’t make up for it. Things may change in future patches, but vertical Arcanists aren’t in a great spot.

B-tier: Beefy Ricochets (Trickshot Bruiser)

TFT Set 11 Trickshot Team Comp 14.10

[How to play Beefy Ricochets]

Team Comp Description:

Trickshot Bruiser has been around for a while now and it’s finally moving down the tier list. Both Kai’Sa and Trickshot were nerfed in patch 14.10, so we’re seeing a drop off in performance.

Even still, the comp can still succeed in the right conditions.

B-tier: The Hateful Fate (Yasuo/Ahri Fated Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Ahri Yasuo Reroll Team Comp 14.8

[How to play The Hateful Fate]

Team Comp Description:

Up next, we have a fairly straightforward vertical Fated comp. The carrys for this comp are Yasuo and Ahri, so you will reroll early to try and 3 star them. Darius is also a nice 3-star to have, but not necessary like the other two.

For this comp, Yasuo is actually given tank items rather than damage items. He can still output a good amount of damage while investing into tank items. Once you catch up in levels, you can add more carrys such as Syndra and Sett.

B-tier: Arcane Power (8 Arcanists)

TFT Set 11 8 Arcanist Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Arcane Power]

Team Comp Description:

Up next, we have a vertical Arcanist comp, looking to play every Arcanist along with Amumu with Arcanist Emblem. This comp will deal a ton of AP damage, but can be lacking in terms of frontline and other utility.

For this comp, we have Lux as a potential reroll carry, with Syndra being the consistent 4-cost carry. You can decide between these two depending on what you find naturally in game.

Illaoi and Amumu are both strong units to try to 3-star. You can potentially stay level 7 and stick with 6 Arcanist to reroll for units like Illaoi and Lux. If you are able to hit level 8, you can then look to fit 8 Arcanist with the Emblem.

B-tier: Warden Wall (Gnar/Senna Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Gnar Reroll Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Warden Wall]

Team Comp Description:

Up next, we have another reroll comp with Senna, Gnar, and Aatrox as the main targets. Senna will your main backline damage while Gnar will be a mix between tank and damage.

The Warden trait will help keep Gnar alive longer, allowing his ability to scale stronger throughout the fight.

Aatrox is another good target to reroll for since all 3 of his traits are active in this comp.

B-tier: Deadly Dumplings (Teemo Trickshot/Bruiser Reroll)

TFT Set 11 Teemo Reroll Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Deadly Dumplings]

Team Comp Description:

Moving on, we have Teemo as the main carry with Trickshot to buff him up and Bruiser to make up the frontline.

This comp is essentially the same units as the Kai’Sa Bruiser comp, but we have Teemo as our carry instead. In all honesty, you’re better off playing around Kai’Sa, and simply putting extra AP items on Teemo as a 2-star unit.

Even still, if you luck into a Teemo 3, this comp can work and transition into the full Trickshot Bruiser comp.

M-tier: Lucky Fortune (Fortune Azir Carry)

TFT Set 11 Fortune Team Comp 14.8

[How to play Lucky Fortune]

Team Comp Description:

For the final comp on our list, we have an M-tier (meme) comp, Fortune. For this comp, you want to lose streak until you can cash out a lot of loot from the Fortune trait. You can then use this loot to level up and look for late game carries like Irelia and Azir.

As of right now, this strategy isn’t very strong, but it’s a fun strategy to go for if you find Fortune (3) early. If you try to force this comp, you may end up losing a lot of games, but the games you succeed will feel great.

Note: Fortune is actually a very powerful trait and strategy, but only if you use it as a transition. Many players will open with Fortune 3/5 and transition into Kai’Sa Trickshot Bruiser. This comp is simply an option if you want to keep Fortune the whole game and potentially even go for Fortune 7.


We evaluate compositions based on 3 key factors:

  • Consistency: How well does this comp perform from game to game and how reliably can you build towards it given a reasonable start?
  • Overall strength: If you do successfully complete the comp, how does it match up against other comps, especially those most prevalent in the meta?
  • Flexibility: Can you make tweaks and adjustments to the comp while events unfold differently in game? These events include item luck, roll luck, and enemy units.

The combination of these three factors allows us to define team compositions as S, A, or B. The ones that have all three will lean toward S, those that are pretty good but may be lacking in some areas will lean towards B.

More TFT Resources

This wraps up our best TFT Team Comps for the current patch.

Be sure to bookmark our site where we have the most updated information for our TFT champion tier list and all TFT items recommended for all champions. We also have a TFT Items tier list here, similar to this article.

That’s it for now! We’ll be making more team comp recommendations every week and for future patches. Let us know in the comments if we missed anything and good luck in your TFT matches!