TFT Items Tier List: Best Combos + Item Guide (Patch 9.18)

TFT Items Tier List: Best Combos + Item Guide (Patch 9.18)

Welcome to our Teamfight Tactics Items Tier List for Patch 9.18

Understanding when and why to build items in Teamfight Tactics can be key to winning more consistently. Just like our LoL tier list, our TFT items tier list is created in collaboration with high-level auto chess players, such as Saintvicious and Ace of Spades.

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Items are vital in Teamfight Tactics. You make decisions around them TFT item recipes, and even choose your comp to fit the items. It’s especially critical to know how to value items because of the carousel mechanic where you can choose what items you want. In general, item RNG can screw you, but there are a lot of opportunities to get good TFT item combinations.

For more details on all the changes this patch, check out our TFT 9.18 Patch Breakdown.

Hey everyone, welcome back to our weekly item strength analysis.9.18 is the first major patch with no minor patch in between. Right now, items are in a healthy place with many different items fitting many different situations, and only one major ranking shift.

  • Guinsoo’s Rageblade has proven itself to be very effective with Ashe and rangers in general. Removing the level cap has made this item build defining, so it goes up to S.

Here are the best items for the current meta:

TFT Items Tier List for Patch 9.18

TFT Tier List 9.18

Basic Items Tier List

  1. Optimal (S-tier): Needlessly Large Rod, Recurve Bow,
  2. Great (A-tier): B.F. Sword, Chain Vest, Spatula, Tear of the Goddess, Negatron Cloak,
  3. Good (B-tier): Giant’s Belt

Combined Items Tier List

  1. Optimal (S-tier): Dragon’s Claw, Force of Nature, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Hush, Morellonomicon, Rapid Firecannon, Stattik Shiv
  2. Great (A-tier): Blade of the Ruined King, Bloodthirster, Cursed Blade, Darkin, Frozen Mallet, Guardian Angel, Hextech Gunblade, Infinity Edge, Ionic Spark, Luden’s Echo, Phantom Dancer, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Red Buff, Runaan’s Hurricane, Sword Breaker, Warmog’s Armor, Yuumi
  3. Good (B-tier): Frozen Heart, Knight’s Vow, Locket of the Iron Solari, Redemption, Seraph’s Embrace, Spear of Shojin, Thornmail, Titanic Hydra, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, Zeke’s Herald, Zephyr

TFT Tier List Methodology

Our goal is to deliver the most correct tier list we can to help you win. As more data becomes available, we will add that to our decision making as well.

We justify our decision making in the notes, so be sure to read that and weigh in. We welcome feedback to figure out what we missed!

Items within a tier are not in a specific order of priority. Items are valued based on opportunity cost as well. Building a worse item with critical components devalues the overall power level of the item in question.

Items are valued in the following way:

  • S-tier = Most powerful items in the game that are always valued.
  • A-tier = Strong items that have a good use case complimenting S-tier items.
  • B-tier = Items that are situational but still can work on specific champs.
  • Not on the list = Items that are rarely useful and probably made because you have basic components you don’t need sitting around.

Since the game is constantly changing and still very new, this tier list is meant as a set of guidelines to illustrate what is powerful in the game and what isn’t. As ranked play comes online and the meta really starts to develop, expect more scrutiny in the list.

Item Combinations Cheat Sheet

In the following sections, you’ll find commentary on the best basic items and the TFT item recipes to create the best TFT item combinations. To get a quick and easy reference, check out our TFT Items tool.

S-tier Basic Items

These basic items make the best TFT item recipes in the game. Unless you already picked up a lot of these, these are the items you should aim for at the carousel.

Needlessly Large Rod

TFT Needlessly Large Rod

This item is standard for more spell damage for most spells (nearly every ultimate in the game). It also has some of the best combinations, like Rageblade.

Recurve Bow

TFT Recurve Bow

Attack Speed is king in this game. It builds your ult faster, and since there are no cooldowns some champs can abuse that. Mana aside, attack speed is great for damage and on-hit effects like glacial and mana burn. The bow also combines into some of the best TFT combos which we will talk about later.


TFT Spatula

This item has no combat stats and does nothing alone, but it has a lot of unique combinations which basically allow you to break the game rules and make awesome synergies.

A-Tier Basic Items

These items are good pickups and can round out your carousel picks to complete powerful items, but you don’t need too many of them.

Negatron Cloak

TFT Negatron Cloak

MR can also be useful, but this is probably the most situational of the basic items. It does have a few good combinations that don’t require sticking it to a mage heavy team.

Tear of the Goddess

TFT Tear of the Goddess

Casting your spells more often and Tear starts you with more mana at the start of the round. Some ults define the round, so getting yours off first is a big deal. Tear also combines into some of the most powerful items in the game, which not only help you deal damage but also let you cast more ults.

B.F. Sword

TFT B.F. Sword

Great item for raw damage, and has some great combines, but lags behind attack speed so we prioritize it lower. Basically, if you have a chance to pick it, try and plan what you are making.

Chain Vest

TFT Chain Vest

Armor can be useful, but the Chain Vest really shines when you make a Phantom Dancer, Locket, or Frozen Heart.

B-Tier Basic Items

Sometimes these items drop, and there are a few powerful things you can do with them. Most of the time, however, you can only complete situationally specific items and will wish you had a better component.

Giant’s Belt

TFT Giant's Belt

HP on its own isn’t that great, but the Giant’s Belt has some great combines like Frozen Mallet, Zeke’s, and Titanic Hydra.

S-tier Combined Items

These items are the strongest in the game and outside of really odd scenarios, provide great value.

Dragon’s Claw (Negatron Cloak x2)

TFT Dragon's Claw

If you are facing a mage comp this is ideal! Great item to have on a carry otherwise, especially an assassin like Akali.

Force of Nature (Spatula x2)

TFT Force of Nature

This item allows you to place an extra unit on the field. Yeah…that’s pretty good!

Hush (Negatron Cloak + Tear of the Goddess)

New Hush

This item can get overlooked but silence is valuable and so is the mana. Combine that with gunslinger passive and watch multiple champs stand around doing nothing.

Morellonomicon (Giant’s Belt + Needlessly Large Rod)

new morellonomicon

The burn and anti-healing are good vs specific comps. Some players place this on Garen for constant burn and anti-healing, so it works well there.

Rapid Firecannon (Recurve Bow x2)

TFT Rapid Firecannon

This item gives ranged champs infinite range, short ranged champs long range, and melee champs some good range. It also gives a ton of attack speed and you can’t miss…what’s not to like?

Statikk Shiv (Recurve Bow + Tear of the Goddess)

TFT Statikk Shiv

This item carries hard in the early game with its on hit AOE, and gives a little bit of mana oomph for some of the carries with good ults.

Guinsoo’s Rageblade (Needlessly Large Rod + Recurve Bow)

new guinsoo's rageblade

This item is in a league of its own. Infinitely stacking AS with hyper carries is a recipe for broken team comps.

A-tier Combined Items

These items are slightly situational, but can usually give you good value.

Blade of the Ruined King (Spatula + Recurve Bow)

TFT Blade of the Ruined King

This turns any unit into a blademaster so it’s situationally powerful and helps you round out Draven comps.

Bloodthirster (B.F. Sword + Negatron Cloak)

TFT Bloodthirster

This item provides most life steal in the game. It increases your chance of winning duels at the end of the game and it also protects you from AOE damage over time

Cursed Blade (Negatron Cloak + Recurve Bow)

new cursed blade

This item can get overlooked but it can bring a champ down to level zero. Combine that with gunslinger passive and watch multiple champs get shrunk.

Darkin (Spatula + Tear of the Goddess)

TFT Darkin

Can make your carry burn mana and complete a demon synergy. Also great on units like Gnar who don’t do much damage but attack fast.

Frozen Mallet (Giant’s Belt + Spatula)

TFT Frozen Mallet

One of the stronger Spatula combinations since it turns a unit into glacial. If you have a carry with high attack speed, it will yield chilling results.

Guardian Angel (B.F. Sword + Chain Vest)

new guardian angel

Waiting to revive usually leaves you a man down when the components could be used on an item that does something before you die. However, it can be great on units like Gnar to make sure they get their ult off.

Hextech Gunblade (B.F. Sword + Needlessly Large Rod)

new hextech gunblade

Spell reliant units like Aurelion Sol and Brand as well as assassins like Akali (go figure) can benefit heavily from the lifesteal here.

Infinity Edge (B.F. Sword x2)

new infinity edge

Provides lots of damage. It’s best paired with attack speed on an assassin. If you don’t have attack speed, it’s best to prioritize that.

Ionic Spark (Needlessly Large Rod + Negatron Cloak)

new ionic spark

Dealing significant true damage to enemies every time they cast a spell can be very strong on units that live long enough to see value. This item is practically a death sentence for champs like Lucian with spammy ultimates.

Luden’s Echo (Tear of the Goddess + Needlessly Large Rod)

TFT Luden's Echo

If you have a caster that ults often and has great mana gain, this is a respectable DPS gain. Although it gives mana, the components are precious and best spent elsewhere.

Phantom Dancer (Chain Vest + Recurve Bow)

new phantom dancer

This item is broken vs Assassin comps, making your carry invincible, and really good vs everyone else since there is a 25% Base chance to crit in the game.

Rabadon’s Deathcap (Needlessly Large Rod x2)

TFT Rabadon's Deathcap

This is a great oomph to a spell caster, but remember to pair it with items that allow the caster to cast more frequently. Otherwise, it loses its value and you are better off going for something else.

Red Buff (Chain Vest + Giant’s Belt)

new red buff

This stops all healing and is helpful for killing tanky units like Darius or lifestealing carries. Perfect on Graves.

Runaan’s Hurricane (Negatron Cloak + Spatula)

new Runaan's hurricane

Spatulas are probably best used for something else, but Runaan can work well on champs that have on-hit items.

Sword Breaker (Negatron Cloak + Chain Vest)

new sword breaker

This has a chance to disarm on auto-attack which can be good, and is especially good on gunslingers who have extra attacks that can proc it.

Warmog’s Armor (Giant’s Belt + Giant’s Belt)

TFT Warmog's Armor

This is great on tanky units to make them tankier, especially Gnar.

Yuumi (Spatula + Needlessly Large Rod)

TFT Yuumi

This turns any unit into a sorcerer, so it’s situationally powerful and helps you round out six sorcerer Aurelion Sol comps.

B-tier Combined Items

Frozen Heart (Chain Vest + Tear of the Goddess)

new frozen heart

Attack speed is important in TFT and this lowers enemy attack speed and can really ruin the day for some compositions. If you want to protect your front line, use this. If you want to make their back line less useful, put it on an assassin. It gives mana so don’t worry about putting it on your casters if your opponents are assassin heavy.

Redemption (Giant’s Belt + Tear of the Goddess)

new redemption

This item works really well on beefy front liners, because not only can it save them, but it will kick in at the right time for the allies to benefit. Also starts them with more mana to get their ult off sooner.

Seraph’s Embrace (Tear of the Goddess x2)

TFT Seraph's Embrace final

This item can really pump mana to your team comp if you have the right setup. Every time anyone around you casts, you gain mana. It’s great on an ult dependent hero like Kayle who is surrounded by casters.

Spear of Shojin (B.F. Sword + Tear of the Goddess)

TFT Spear of Shojin

Have a champ with a good ult? This item lets them get it back incredibly fast after the first cast. Combine with Rageblade for ultra brokenness.

Titanic Hydra (Recurve Bow + Giant’s Belt)

TFT Titanic Hydra

This is a strong item on a beefy unit that’s set up to carry. It provides great value on Shyvana or an early rank 3, for example.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade (B.F. Sword + Spatula)

Youmuu's Ghostblade

Use this to bring a six assassin comp online or make a unit like Draven be more of a monster with extra crits.

Thornmail (Chain Vest x2)

TFT Thornmail

Want to make those auto-attack carries feel bad for not wearing lifesteal? Make this!

Zeke’s Herald (B.F. Sword + Giant’s Belt)

new zeke's herald

This gives everyone around the wearer 10% attack speed. In a game where attack speed benefits nearly everyone, this is a big deal.

Zephyr (Giant’s Belt + Negatron Cloak)

TFT Zephyr

Give the combined items, this can be very potent in the early game when the fights are small and you can take one unit out of the fight for 5 seconds. It falls off if you don’t continue to position so that the cyclone takes a key unit out of the battle.

Thanks for checking out our TFT items tier list! As always, we welcome all discussion and feedback. Let us know if you feel like we didn’t rank an item properly in the comments below. See you next update!

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