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Teamfight Tactics: Best Team Comps for TFT Set 3.5 Revival

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Best TFT Team Comps for Set 3.5 Revival (Patch 14.3)

My name is Alan and I’ve peaked Challenger in multiple TFT sets. Our team constantly works with top players like Frodan to analyze the meta.

Welcome to our article where we cover TFT’s best team comps for Set 3.5 Revival. Set 3.5 Revival was originally slated to end with 14.4, but it has been extended to last until the start of patch 14.5. This means Set 3.5 Revival will end on March 5th, 2024.

This revival has been a fun blast from the past, and while many comps remain the same, some comps have moved around.

As the the days pass, our tier list may update. You can check our updated Tier List for any changes.

State of the Metagame

Here’s a rundown of the comps along with their main carries. Use the Table of Contents on the sidebar to jump right to a specific comp.

  • S-tier: Celestial Protectors (Ashe, Xin Zhao, Rakan)
  • S-tier: Astro Snipers (Teemo, Gnar, Jhin, Nautilus)
  • S-tier: Me MECH no Pivot (Rumble, Shaco, Gangplank, Viktor)
  • S-tier: Rebellion (Jinx, Aurelion Sol, Gangplank)
  • S-tier: Battle-Blasters (Kog’maw, Illaoi, Viktor)
  • A-tier: Cybernetics (Irelia, Vayne, Ekko, Vi)
  • A-tier: Golden Blademasters (Master Yi, Shen, Zed, Irelia)
  • A-tier: Chrono Steroids (Riven, Ezreal, Shen)
  • A-tier: Star Guardians (Neeko, Syndra)
  • B-tier: Vanguard Mystics (Cassiopeia, Jayce, Wukong)
  • B-tier: Dark Star Snipers (Jhin, Xerath, Wukong, Jarvan IV)
  • B-tier: Shredder (Xayah, Rakan, Jarvan IV)
  • B-tier: Space Pirates (Gangplank, Darius, Gnar)

Best TFT Team Comps Set 3.5 Revival

NOTE: These team comps will be accurate when we publish at the beginning of the patch but are constantly updated by our experts.

If you visit in between patch releases, there may be a slight lag time for when the blog is updated to match it so be sure to check our official website’s TFT team comp page for the most up-to-date info.

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S-tier: Celestial Protectors (Ashe, Xin Zhao, Rakan)

TFT Set 3.5 Celestial Protectors Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

This Celestial trait was the predecessor to the Celestial Blessing Augment, which provides healing to the team. The Protector trait is a frontline trait, creating shields for the frontline as well.

Overall, this comp is very defensive, but can be difficult for some comps to overcome if they don’t have enough damage. Ashe will be the main backline carry as she has the Celestial trait. Jhin can be an additional backline carry once you hit level 8.

S-tier: Astro Snipers (Teemo, Gnar, Jhin, Nautilus)

TFT Set 3.5 Astro Snipers Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

Up next, we have a comp that revolves more around the class Sniper rather than a vertical Origin. Teemo and Jhin are both Snipers that utilize different items, allowing you to get a lot of strength on board.

With Augments coming to Set 3.5, we may see teams have a larger excess of items. As such, this team can be very powerful as you can itemize many carries.

S-tier: Me MECH no Pivot (Rumble, Shaco, Gangplank, Viktor)

TFT Set 3.5 Mech Pilot Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

Without a doubt, Mech Pilots are the most iconic comp of Set 3.5. It became so prevalent that some players made a name for themselves by forcing this comp every game.

The comp uses Rumble and Shaco as the two main carries. Rumble combines with Fizz and Annie to create a Mech (similar to the one from Set 8). Shaco will jump to the backline and deal with carries as your Mech tanks for the entire team.

Viktor is another 4-cost carry to hold extra AP items. Lastly, Gangplank and Ekko really put this comp over the top if you’re able to find them at level 8.

With all of the system changes like leveling costs and shop odds, it will be interesting to see how this comp adapts.

Even still, I fully expect some lobbies to just have 8 players forcing Mech.

S-tier: Rebellion (Jinx, Aurelion Sol, Gnagplank)

TFT Set 3.5 Rebel Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

Next up, we have a vertical trait comp that revolves around the Rebel trait. This comp plays very simply, as it’s a vertical comp. Ziggs with Blue Buff can carry you through the early game, and Jinx comes in at 4 cost to be the main carry.

The comp then hits its ceiling by finding both Aurelion Sol and Gangplank. Overall, it’s a comp that was strong, consistent, and fairly easy to play.

S-tier: Battle Blasters (Kog’Maw, Illaoi, Viktor)

TFT Set 3.5 Revival Battlecast Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

Kog’Maw is the main carry of this comp, and the Battlecast trait incentivizes building Attack Speed. Because of this, we have the classic combo of Rageblade and Statikk Shiv to scale Attack Speed and damage.

Illaoi will be the main tank of the comp, and you can throw your defensive items on her. Once you hit your Kog’Maw 3, level up toward 8 to fit in Viktor and Urgot.

A-tier: Cybernetics (Irelia, Vayne, Ekko, Vi)

TFT Set 3.5 Cybernetics Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

Up next, we have yet another vertical team comp in Cybernetics. Cybernetics were the predecessor the current Cybernetic Augments. By putting an item on a Cybernetic unit, they receive a stat bonus. As such, Cybernetics are a great way to win streak early as you get a lot of extra board strength early on.

Like the other comps, this comp really hits a power spike by finding Ekko, who you will need to hit 6 Cybernetic. If you can’t find Ekko at level 8, you can definitely fall out in the late game.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. A lot of strong comps in 3.5 rely on hitting a specific 5-cost at level 8 in order to hit their endgame power spike. With shop odds being different from the past, we may see the meta shake up completely.

A-tier: Golden Blademasters (Master Yi, Shen, Zed, Irelia)

TFT Set 3.5 Revival Blademaster Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

Up next, we have a Blademaster team comp. Master Yi is the main carry to build around, and Shen is the main tank. Zed and Irelia are additional carries you can have as well.

Since we want to reroll for both 2 and 3-cost units, this comp mainly rerolls at level 6, and you can cap out at level 8 with Irelia and Thresh.

A-tier: Chrono Steroids (Riven, Ezreal, Shen)

TFT Set 3.5 Revival Chrono Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

This comp is a vertical comp that you don’t see quite as often anymore in modern TFT. Chrono 8 is achievable without an Emblem, making this comp extremely simple to play. You just need to get all 8 Chrono units.

If you can’t find Thresh, you can run another unit like a Vanguard, Blaster, Blademaster, etc.

Caitlyn with Spear of Shojin can also be a strong early game unit. Just be sure to get an extra copy to add to the board once you find Ezreal.

A-tier: Star Guardians (Neeko, Syndra)

TFT Set 3.5 Revival Star Guardian Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

Once again, we have another 3-cost reroll comp with Syndra as the main carry and Neeko as the main tank. Unlike other reroll comps, this comp has two 2-cost units as the main 3-star targets. This means you can easily reroll at level 7 to hit Syndra and Neeko 3.

Like other comps, this comp will cap out at level 8 by finding Janna, the 5-cost Star Guardian.

B-tier: Vanguard Mystics (Cassiopeia, Jayce, Wukong)

TFT Set 3.5 Vanguard Mystics Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

This comp is a “defensive” comp, looking to play around the defensive traits Vanguard and Mystic. Vanguards buff their own Armor and Mystics grant bonus MR to the entire team.

This comp also revolves around 3-cost carries like Jayce and Cassiopeia. If hitting 5-cost units is too hard in the current state of TFT, this comp can rise up as a more consistent way to hit your units.

B-tier: Dark Star Snipers (Jhin, Xerath, Wukong, Jarvan IV)

TFT Set 3.5 Dark Star Snipers

[Link to Guide]

Our next vertical comp on this list is Dark Star. As your units die, your Dark Star units will gain more bonus stats. Jhin is the main carry of this comp as a 4-cost, with Xerath as the 5-cost to spike late game.

This comp was somewhat underpowered in Set 3.5 as Xerath was on the weaker side compared to other 5-costs. However, things can definitely change in PBE, so this comp can definitely move up.

B-tier: Shredder (Xayah, Rakan, Jarvan IV)

TFT Set 3.5 Shredder Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

Moving on, we have the infamous Shredder comp. While Mech was the most iconic, this comp was arguably the most broken at its prime. Mortdog has stated on multiple occasions that the buffs to Jarvan was one of the worst balance mistakes in TFT history.

This is a 1-cost reroll comp focusing on units Xayah and Jarvan. Caitlyn, Fiora, and Twisted Fate are also strong units to 3-star if you can afford to.

In modern TFT, the game rarely has comps like this anymore. This comp has the core 1-cost carries, but you can reroll and hit up to 5 different 1-cost units that all synergize together.

Jarvan’s attack speed buff juices up your entire team and he also tanks well too. I doubt that this comp will be as strong as it was in the past, but I imagine it will still be a competitive comp.

B-tier: Space Pirates (Gangplank, Darius, Gnar)

TFT Set 3.5 Space Pirates Team Comp

[Link to Guide]

Space Pirates is another iconic comp from Set 3, with Darius dunking all over. This comp looks to utilize the Space Pirate trait to gain extra gold with Darius as the main carry. With this mid game power spike, you can then look to hit level 8 to find your late game monsters like Gangplank and Thresh.

Space Pirates are a more tame economic trait, granting a chance to gain a gold if a Space Pirate lands a killing blow. With Darius dunking on most of the enemy team, you can then gain lots of Gold through the mid game to rebuild your economy.


We evaluate compositions based on 3 key factors:

  • Consistency: How well does this comp perform from game to game and how reliably can you build towards it given a reasonable start?
  • Overall strength: If you do successfully complete the comp, how does it match up against other comps, especially those most prevalent in the meta?
  • Flexibility: Can you make tweaks and adjustments to the comp while events unfold differently in game? These events include item luck, roll luck, and enemy units.

The combination of these three factors allows us to define team compositions as S, A, or B. The ones that have all three will lean toward S, those that are pretty good but may be lacking in some areas will lean towards B.

More TFT Resources

This wraps up our current snapshot on the best TFT team comps for Set 3.5 Revival. Set 3.5 will be sure to attract a ton of players, and it will be an exciting time for Teamfight Tactics.

If you still want to climb the ladder in Set 10, we have more resources available as well.

Be sure to bookmark our site where we have the most updated information for our TFT champion tier list and all TFT items recommended for all champions. We also have a TFT Items tier list here, similar to this article.

That’s it for now! We’ll be making more team comp recommendations every week and for future patches. Let us know in the comments if we missed anything and good luck in your TFT matches!