Gizmos and Gadgets: New TFT Set 6 Revealed (All New Champions, Traits, and Hextech Augments)

Gizmos and Gadgets: New TFT Set 6 Revealed (All New Champions, Traits, and Hextech Augments)

Everything New in TFT Set 6: Gizmos and Gadgets

Set 5 is coming to a close, and everyone is excited to try Set 6 out on the PBE server.

The new Hextech Augments mechanic will definitely change how the game is played every game.

As a result, the variance in this set will likely be higher than in Set 5.

Keep in mind that all of this information is subject to change during PBE testing.

For more information on the new set, head to our all-in-one TFT Set 6 reveal page!

If you’re looking for a handy reference for item/synergy combinations, check out our TFT Set 6 cheat sheet.

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Set 6’s New TFT Traits

tft set 6 overview infographic

We have a whole slew of new Origins and Classes, so let’s get right into the new additions.

Set 6’s New TFT Origins


set 6 academy

Bonus: Academics have bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power, and can learn from their allies, increasing this bonus whenever an ally casts an ability. (2,4,6,8)

Champions: Garen, Graves, Katarina, Leona, Lux, Yone, Yuumi

First Impressions: 

This trait is very similar to Spellweavers from Set 5 except this time the trait gives both AD and AP. Giving bonus stats is a very common trait bonus, which allow scaling items to be more effective on carries.


tft set 6 chemtech

Bonus: After dropping below 60% Health, Chemtech champions gain 25% Damage Reduction, 50% Attack Speed, and regenerate 5% of their maximum Health each second. Breakpoints add to the duration of this effect. (3,5,7,9)

Champions: Singed, Twitch, Warwick, Lissandra, Zac, Dr. Mundo, Urgot, Viktor

First Impressions: 

If this buff lasted until the end of the fight, it would be broken. However, the units in the trait determine the duration of this effect. Even still, attack speed, damage reduction, and health regen are all great stats to have on any unit.


tft set 6 cuddly

Bonus: Yuumi attaches herself to her nearest ally at start of combat, or to the lowest Health ally after being briefly unattached. Attaching grants the ally a shield equal to a portion of Yuumi’s maximum health, and Yuumi detaches if the shield is broken.

While attached Yuumi is untargetable and can’t attack, but gains mana per second, and whenever the ally attacks.

Champions: Yuumi

First Impressions: 

This trait is specifically for Yuumi, who will attach herself to allies. This trait can be extremely useful if you attach to a tank in the frontline. This will allow her to constantly attach herself to allies, giving your team more effective HP.


tft set 6 clockwork

Bonus: All allies have increased Attack Speed, and additional Attack Speed for each Hextech Augment you own. (2,4,6)

Champions: Camille, Zilean,  Jhin, Orianna

First Impressions: 

This trait is quite simple and gives Champions attack speed. It will likely be a trait that you will fit 2 units in for some bonus attack speed for the team. Whether the 4 champions synergize together enough in a team comp will have to be seen.


tft set 6 enforcer

Bonus:  Enforcers detain enemies at the start of combat, temporarily removing them from combat:

  • (2) Detain the enemy who has the most Health.
  • (4) Detain the enemy who dealt the most damage last combat.

Champions: Caitlyn, Vi, Fiora, Jayce

First Impressions: 

This trait seems very annoying to deal with, however, I wouldn’t call it OP or anything. The usefulness of this trait largely relies on the units. If the units are good, then this is simply something you have to play around. If it’s not, you likely won’t need to worry about it too much.


tft set 6 glutton

Bonus:  Once per planning phase, you can feed a unit to Tahm Kench. This unit is consumed, granting permanent bonus stats. The more valuable the unit, the bigger the bonus. To feed Tahm Kench, hover a unit over him until his mouth opens, then release.

Champions: Tahm Kench

First Impressions: 

This is the trait for Tahm Kench, and it seems like a very fun one to use. Feeding Tahm Kench units just seems like a treat to do.


tft set 6 imperial

Bonus: At the start of combat, the Imperial who dealt the most damage last combat becomes the Tyrant. The Tyrant deals bonus damage (3,5). When the Tyrant dies, the Imperial who has dealt the most damage this combat becomes the new Tyrant.

Champions: Swain, Talon, Samira, Sion

First Impressions: 

Imperial is finally making a comeback, but it looks a lot different than before. The bonus is quite strong as it automatically will go to your main carry with how it’s built.


tft set 6 mercenary

Bonus:  Gain a treasure chest that opens when you win combat against a player. At the start of each planning phase, roll the dice to add more loot to the chest! The longer you’ve gone without opening the chest, the luckier the dice:

  • (3) Roll two dice.
  • (5) Roll a third dice that grants you a bonus orb right away.

Champions: Illaoi, Quinn, Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Tahm Kench

First Impressions: 

Mercenary is the new economy trait just like Fortune and Draconic. This is much closer to Fortune in that you get a big payout once you win a round. Players will be very excited to try this out.


tft set 6 mutant

Bonus: Mutants gain unique bonuses. These are different each game. (3,5)

Champions: Kassadin, KogMaw, ChoGath, Malzahar, Dr. Mundo, KaiSa

First Impressions: 

I can’t comment much on this trait since we don’t know what bonuses Mutant will come with.


tft set 6 scrap

Bonus: At the start of combat, a number of incomplete components on Scrap champions turn into an ephemeral full item for that combat. Additionally, at the start of combat, Scrap champions gain a Health shield increasing with each item equipped in your army:

  • (2) 1 incomplete component
  • (4) 3 incomplete components
  • (6) All incomplete components; Health bonus is doubled.

Champions: Ezreal, Ziggs, Blizcrank, Trundle, Ekko, Janna, Jinx

First Impressions: 

This trait is very unique and follows similarly to Cybernetic from Set 3. You’re incentivized with this trait to put item components on Champions to turn them into random full items. It’s a bit RNG, but at 4 Scrap units, this trait could provide a lot of value.


tft set 6 sister

Bonus: (2) Sisters are empowered by trying to one-up each other.
Vi’s ability range increases by two hexes. Jinx gains stacking Attack Speed for 3 seconds on takedown.

Champions: Vi, Jinx

First Impressions: 

This trait basically screams to always pair Jinx with Vi and vice versa. Vi slow roll can potentiall be a comp that is further buffed by Jinx. Jinx is already a strong 5-cost, so pairing her with Vi increases her strength.


tft set 6 socialite

Bonus: Socialite reveal a spotlight on the battlefield. The unit standing in the spotlight at the start of combat gains unique bonuses:

  • (1) Bonus Damage
  • (2) Bonus Mana Regen
  • (3) Bonus Omnivamp.

Champions: Taric, Seraphine, Galio

First Impressions: 

This trait is very similar to Coven from Set 4, except it’s unclear where the spotlight will appear. You’ll also need either Galio (a 5-cost) or a Hextech Augment to reach 3 Socialite, so keep that in mind.


tft set 6 syndicate

Bonus: Chosen allies are cloaked in shadows, gaining Omnivamp, Armor, and Magic Resistance:

  • (3) The Syndicate champion with the lowest current Health.
  • (5) All Syndicate champions
  • (7) All Allies. All bonuses are increased.

Champions: Darius, Twisted Fate, Zyra, Shaco, Braum, Akali

First Impressions: 

Syndicate is a very simple vertical trait that gives a solid bonus. The buff is quite useful as it will jump from your frontline to back with how it’s determined through low current health.


tft set 6 yordle

Bonus: Yordles created more Yordles and reduce mana costs:

  • (3) After combat with a player, a random free Yordle appears on your bench!
  • (6) Yordle’s mana cost are reduced. “

Champions: Poppy, Ziggs, Tristana, Lulu, Heimerdinger, Vex

First Impressions: 

This is another economic trait being added to the game. 3 Yordles will be like Draconic in that you get more Yordles as the game progresses. This will definitely make players interested in slow rolling this comp with early Yordles.

Set 6’s New TFT Classes


tft set 6 aracanist

Bonus:  Allies have increased Ability Power:

  • (2) All allies gain Ability Power.
  • (4) Arcanists gain additional Ability Power.
  • (6) All allies even more AP. Arcanists gain an additional 50%.
  • (8) All allies gain a ton of Ability Power.”

Champions: Twisted Fate, Ziggs, Swain, Malzahar, Vex, Lux, Viktor

First Impressions: 

This seems to be the premier trait for magic damage. A simple AP buff, but it can be very effective when paired with scaling items like Jeweled Gauntlet.


tft set 6 assassin

Bonus: Innate: Assassins jump to the enemy backline at the start of combat. Assassins’ Abilities can critically strike, and they gain bonus Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage. (2,4,6)

Champions: 1g Twitch, 2g Katarina, 2g Talon, 3g Ekko, 3g Shaco, 5g Akali

First Impressions: 

It wouldn’t be TFT without some form of Assassin. We’ve seen Assassins time and time again, so not much to comment on here.


tft set 6 bruiser

Bonus: All allies have increased Health. Bruisers gain double this bonus. (2,4,6,8)

Champions: 1g Illaoi, 2g Trundle, 2g Vi, 3g Cho’Gath, 3g Zac, 4g Dr. Mundo, 5g Tahm Kench

First Impressions: 

Bruisers are a new take on the classic Brawler trait giving more HP to units. Brawlers haven’t been favored over traits that give Armor, but this may change things.


tft set 6 bodyguard

Bonus: Bodyguards have increased Armor (2,4,6,8). Shorly after combat begins, Bodyguards taunt adjacent enemies.

Champions: Darius,  Poppy, Blizcrank, Leona, Braum, Galio

First Impressions: 

Bodyguards are the new Knight/Vanguard trait that have bonus Armor. Instead of Magic Resist, though, they instead have a taunt which will be very effective against Assassins.


tft set 6 colossus

Bonus: Innate: Colossus are bigger, more powerful, and take up two slots in your army:

  • (1) Colossus are immune to Crowd Control effects.
  • (2) Colossus take reduced damage.

Champions: Cho’Gath, Sion, Galio

First Impressions: 

This is a trait we’ve something nothing like before. Two unit slots is a heavy price to pay, but the units may be worth it.


tft set 6 challenger

Bonus: Challengers have increased Attack Speed (2,4,6,8). Upon landing a takedown on their target, challengers will dash to a new target, doubling this bonus for 2.5 seconds.

Champions: Camille, Quinn, Warwick, Samira, Fiora, Yone, Kai’Sa

First Impressions: 

Challengers are similar to traits from the past like Duelist, except takedowns allow them to dash to targets. This helps them as most of them are melee units and mobility helps a lot.


tft set 6 enchanter

Bonus: Enchanters’ healing and shielding are stronger, and all Allies gain increased Magic Resistance. (2,3,4,5)

Champions: Lulu, Taric, Janna, Orianna

First Impressions: 

Mystics have been updated and now increase their own healing and shielding. This is quite an interesting thing to add as they now are stronger the more Enchanters you have, but are not as strong by themselves.


tft set 6 innovator

Bonus: Innovators build a mechanical companion to join their battle:

  • (3) Mechanical Scarab
  • (5) Mechanical Bear
  • (7) Mechanical Dragon

Champions: Ezreal, Singed, Zilean, Heimerdinger, Seraphine, Jayce

First Impressions: 

Summoning units is always fun in TFT and these Mechanical summons will definitely be interesting. We don’t know what they do yet, but we’ll find out soon enough.


tft set 6 protector

Bonus: Protectors shield themselves for 4 seconds whenever they cast a spell. This shield scales with max Health and trait breakpoints (2,3,4,5). The shield doesn’t stack.

Champions: Garen, Kassadin, Blizcrank, Sion

First Impressions: 

This trait doesn’t seem to be extremely strong, but it can be quite strong early game as the HP can make it difficult to take down the units.


tft set 6 scholar

Bonus: All allies restore some mana (2,4,6) every 2 seconds.

Champions: Zyra, Heimerdinger, Lissandra, Janna, Yuumi

First Impressions: 

This trait will be an obvious pair with any Arcanist comp to give all allies more mana generation.


tft set 6 sniper

Bonus: Snipers deal bonus damage (2,4,6) for each hex between themselves and their target.

Champions: Caitlyn, Kog’Maw, Tristana, Miss Fortune, Jhin

First Impressions: 

Snipers are back, and more importantly, Jhin is back. He was quite the strong carry in both Set 3 and 4, so he likely will make a strong comp in the new set.


tft set 6 twinshot

Bonus: Whenever a Twinshot attacks, they have a chance (2,4,6) to attack twice instead.

Champions: Graves, Kog’Maw, Gangplank, Urgot, Jinx

First Impressions: 

This trait interests me, but it comes with some caveats. This is basically another form of attack speed, but also scales with any on hit effects. This also scales with attack speed, so doubling down essentially.


tft set 6 transformer

Bonus: Transformers have two forms that they can swap in from during planning phase depending on whether they are placed in the frontline or backline.

Champions: Jayce

First Impressions: 

Jayce can transform between a ranged and melee unit, making him an interesting unit to try out. He may be able to fit into many situations with his different skills.

Set 6’s New TFT Champions

Ready to dive into the new Set 6 champions?

We’ll cover their abilities, likely position within a formation, and our first impressions.

Positioning Key

The terminology we’ll be using in this article in reference to a champion’s potential position will be frontlinemidline, and backline.

TFT Positioning Key

1-Cost Champions

Caitlyn – Enforcer Sniper


Ability (Ace in the Hole): Caitlyn takes aim at the farthest enemy, firing a deadly bullet towards them that deals 800/1200/2000 magic damage to the first enemy it hits.

First Impressions:

Caitlyn is coming back with the same ability as in Set 3. We’ve seen her be quite strong in Set 3, and this new set is no different. The high magic damage is very strong in early fights when there are only a few units on the board.

Positioning: Backline

Camille – Clockwork Challenger

tft set 6 Camille

Ability (Defensive Sweep): Camille gains a shield blocking 300/400/600 damage over 4 seconds, then sweeps her leg, dealing 150/200/300 magic damage to enemies in a cone.

First Impressions:

Camille fits the role of a frontline unit that does a little more damage than just a tank. How strong she is early largely depends on how well she can synergize with 3/4 other units.

Positioning: Frontline

Darius – Syndicate Bodyguard

tft set 6

Ability (Decimate): Darius swings his axe in a circle, dealing 100/150/200 magic damage and healing himself for 50/75/100 health for each enemy hit.

First Impressions:

Darius can be very strong in the early game as he can heal a lot from enemies with his ability. Instead of being a pure tank, he deals damage and heals.

Positioning: Frontline

Ezreal – Scrap Innovator

TFT set 6 Ezreal

Ability (Mystic Shot): Ezreal fires a missile at his target, dealing 125/200/350 magic damage. If the missile hits, he grants himself 30% bonus stacking attack speed, up to 150% at 5 stacks.

First Impressions:

Ezreal hasn’t seen himself in much of TFT yet, and his kit this time is quite unique. He will benefit from a lot of different items, which can make him a versatile early game unit.

Positioning: Backline

Garen – Academy Protector

TFT Set 6 Garen

Ability (Decisive Strike): Garen shrugs off all Crowd Control effects, empowering his next strike to deal 225%% of his Attack Damage, plus an additional 20/25/30% of his missing Health in bonus physical damage. This ability can be cast while stunned.

First Impressions:

Being able to cast an ability while stunned is very unique. Garen is yet another frontline that deals a solid amount of damage rather than being a pure tank.

Positioning: Frontline

Graves – Academy Twinshot

TFT Set 6 Graves

Ability (Smoke Grenade): Graves launches a smoke grenade toward the enemy with the highest Attack Speed. The grenade explodes on impact dealing 150/250/400 magic damage to nearby enemies, and Disarms enemies who remain within the smoke cloud for 2/2.5/3 seconds.

First Impressions:

Smoke Grenade will definitely be a very annoying skill to deal with. It will target enemies with the highest attack speed, so it likely will hit enemy backline carries.

Positioning: Frontline

Illaoi – Mercenary Bruiser

TFT Set 6 Illaoi

Ability (Harsh Lesson): Illaoi slams her target, linking their souls for 5 seconds and dealing 175/300/500 magic damage. While linked, Illaoi is healed for 30/35/40%% of the damage taken by her target.

First Impressions:

What’s interesting about Illaoi is that she heals based on the damage the linked enemy takes rather than how much damage she does. That means if your team deals a lot of damage, she will be able to heal a lot even if she doesn’t have any items or scaling.

Positioning: Frontline

Kassadin – Mutant Protector

TFT Set 6 Kassadin

Ability (Null Sphere): Kassadin fires an orb of void energy at his target, dealing 200/275/340 magic damage, applying 35/50/65%% Mana Reave, and granting Kassadin a shield that reduces incoming damage by 30%% for 4 seconds.

First Impressions:

Kassadin is a Protector just like Garen, so they will synergize together early game. His ability is quite simple, but stacks with his Protector shield to make him even tankier.

Positioning: Frontline

Poppy – Yordle Bodyguard

TFT Set 6 Poppy

Ability (Buckler Toss): Poppy throws her buckler at the farthest enemy, dealing 200/250/300%% of her Armor as magic damage. The buckler then bounces back, granting Poppy a shield that blocks 250/375/525 damage.

First Impressions:

We’ve seen Poppy with this ability a couple times now, so there’s nothing particularly new about this. It’s unlikely that “Candyland” will come back, but she’ll likely just be a solid frontline unit.

Positioning: Frontline

Singed – Chemtech Innovator

TFT Set 6 Singed

Ability (Fling): Singed flings a nearby enemy towards the largest cluster of enemies, stunning his target for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds when they land. All adjacent enemies take 125/175/250 magic damage and are briefly stunned.

First Impressions:

Singed is able to punish enemies that group their units together on the board. Being able to fling a frontline away while also potentially stunning backline units can be quite useful.

Positioning: Frontline / Midline

Twisted Fate – Syndicate Arcanist

TFT Set 6 Twisted Fate

Ability (Wild Cards): Twisted Fate throws three cards in a cone that deal 150/225/300 magic damage to each enemy they pass through.

First Impressions:

Twisted Fate is a simple early game magic damage dealer. He won’t be amazing, but he will likely be a solid item holder assuming Arcanists are good.

Positioning: Backline / Midline

Twitch – Chemtech Assassin

TFT Set 6 Twitch

Ability (Piercing Bolt): Twitch fires a powerful bolt towards his target that pierces through enemies hit, dealing 175/185/200% of his Attack Damage as physical damage and applying 50% Grievous Wounds for 5 seconds.

First Impressions:

Twitch will be an interesting unit to use. He is a ranged Assassin, so positioning him can be quite open. However, positioning him so that his ability hits many enemies will be harder to achieve.

Positioning: Backline

Ziggs – Scrap Yordle Arcanist

TFT Set 6 Ziggs

Ability (Mini Inferno Bomb): Ziggs hurls a bomb at his target. After a moderate delay, the bomb lands dealing 250/350/475 magic damage to the enemy in the epicenter, and half to adjacent enemies.

First Impressions:

A 1-cost unit having 3 traits is very interesting. He is a Yordle, making him attractive for Yordle comps, while Scrap is also a strong early game trait. Arcanists make him nice to pair with other Arcanists, so he has a lot of early game options to pair with.

Positioning: Backline

2-Cost Champions

Blitzcrank – Scrap Protector Bodyguard

TFT Set 6 Blitzcrank

Ability (Rocket Grab): Blitzcrank pulls the farthest enemy, dealing 200/350/999 magic damage and stunning them for 2.5 seconds. His next attack after pulling knocks up for 1 second. Allies within range will prefer to attack Blitzcrank’s target.

First Impressions:

Blitzcrank is finally back, so enemies can no longer afford to corner their carry every game. Banshee’s Claw makes Blitzcrank less strong than previous sets, but he still will warp the positioning meta game.

Positioning: Backline / Midline / Frontline

Katarina – Academy Assassin

TFT Set 6 Katarina

Ability (Shunpo): Katarina blinks behind the enemy with the lowest Health within three hexes and slashes all adjacent enemies, dealing magic damage. For each enemy this kills, Katarina is refunded mana.

First Impressions:

Assassins with any type of blink or teleport ability can be very annoying to deal with. Katarina refunds mana on kill, so she may not need Blue Buff, but it may provide more consistency.

Positioning: Backline

Kog’Maw – Mutant Sniper Twinshot

TFT Set 6 Kog'maw

Ability (Barrage): For 3 seconds, Kog’Maw gains infinite Attack Range, 80% Attack Speed, and his attacks deal 3/4/6% of the target’s maximum Health as bonus magic damage.

First Impressions:

Kog’Maw’s kit synergizes very well with itself. Attack speed makes him attack more with Twinshot, while the increased range makes him deal more damage with Sniper. Mutant is just the cherry on top.

Positioning: Backline

Lulu – Yordle Enchanter

TFT Set 6 Lulu

Ability (Wild Growth): Lulu embiggens 1/2/3 low Health allies, granting them 300/350/400 bonus Health and knocking up enemies near them. If the ally is already embiggened, they are healed instead.

First Impressions:

Lulu is coming back with the same ability as Set 4. She no longer CC’s enemy units, but the increased health can make teams very hard to take down with an early Lulu 2.

Positioning: Backline / Midline

Quinn – Mercenary Challenger

TFT Set 6 Quinn

Ability (Disarming Assault): Quinn sends Valor out at her target, dealing 150/250/350 magic damage to the target and nearby enemies. The main target is disarmed for 3 seconds and all nearby enemies have their Attack Damage reduced by 40/40/80% for 4 seconds.

First Impressions:

Quinn doesn’t really appear to be a carry candidate, but she will be an important pickup for anyone trying to play Mercenary for that juicy loot.

Positioning: Backline

Swain – Imperial Arcanist

TFT Set 6 Swain

Ability (Death’s Hand): Swain unleashes piercing bolts of eldritch power in a cone towards his target, dealing 300/425/575 magic damage to enemies within and healing Swain for 200/275/350 for each enemy hit.

First Impressions:

Swain is a nice frontline Arcanist as he doesn’t have defensive traits, but his ability heals him. He will be a nice addition for any Arcanist team as those teams usually lack frontline.

Positioning: Frontline

Talon – Imperial Assassin

TFT Set 6 Talon

Ability (Blade’s End): Passive: Talon’s first attack on an enemy causes them to bleed for 450/600/1000 magic damage over 7 seconds. Every third attack on a target applies an additional bleed.

First Impressions:

I’m not the biggest fan of Talon as Assassins usually want to burst down enemies rather than deal slow damage. However, his bleed damage can be very strong, especially if it crits.

Positioning: Backline

Tristana – Yordle Sniper

TFT Set 6 Tristana

Ability (Buster Shot): Tristana fires a massive cannonball towards her target, dealing 200/210/225% of her Attack Damage plus 150/200/250 physical damage to the first enemy it hits. If the target is within two hexes of Tristana, they’re knocked back 1/2/3 hexes and briefly stunned.

First Impressions:

Tristana doesn’t seem to be particularly strong, but her Buster Shot can be very useful to deal with things like Assassins or even in fights when your frontline is gone.

Positioning: Backline

Trundle – Scrap Bruiser

TFT Set 6 Trundle

Ability (Chomp): Trundle bites his target dealing 175% of his Attack Damage, applying 50% AS Slow for 3 seconds, and stealing 20/30/50 Attack Damage for the rest of combat.

First Impressions:

Trundle is a Bruiser that can become quite scary if the fight goes on long enough. The more he casts his ability, the more damage he will build up.

Positioning: Frontline

Vi – Enforcer Sister Bruiser

TFT Set 6 Vi

Ability (Denting Blow): Vi empowers her next attack to blast through her target, dealing 350/500/750 magic damage to all enemies in a cone and reducing their Armor by 40/50/70% for 8 seconds.

First Impressions: 

Vi is a solid frontline that helps deal with enemy frontlines that have armor. This incentivizes players to build Attack Damage team comps along with Vi.

Positioning: Frontline

Warwick – Chemtech Challenger

TFT Set 6 Warwick

Ability (Eternal Hunger): Passive: Warwick’s Attacks deal an additional 6/9/12% of his target’s current Health as bonus magic damage, and heal him for the damage dealt.

First Impressions: Warwick can be quite scary as his ability makes his attacks deal magic damage. Since Challengers mostly deal attack damage, he can provide a solid amount of magic damage to help with enemies with high Armor.

Positioning: Frontline

Zilean – Clockwork Innovator

TFT Set 6 Zilean

Ability (Time Bomb): Zilean places a bomb on the closest enemy, Stunning them for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds. When the stun ends, or the target dies, the bomb explodes dealing 200/300/450 magic damage to adjacent enemies and applying 20/35/50% AS Slow for 3 seconds.

First Impressions:

My only complaint about Zilean is that he targets the closest enemy. It can be useful to stun enemy frontlines, but hitting backlines would be better. It would be funny to pair him with Tristana to Buster Shot a Time Bomb to the enemy backline.

Positioning: Backline

Zyra – Syndicate Scholar

TFT Set 6 Zyra

Ability (Grasping Spines): Zyra summons vines in the row with the most enemies, dealing 200/300/500 magic damage and stunning for 1.5/2/2.5 seconds.

First Impressions:

Zyra is the first unit I can think of that deals damage to an entire row of enemies. This will definitely be something players will need to position around to avoid getting their carry stunned.

Positioning: Backline

3-Cost Champions

Cho’Gath – Mutant Colossus Bruiser

TFT Set 6 Cho'gath

Ability (Feast): Cho’Gath devours the lowest Health enemy within range, dealing 500/750/1500 magic damage. If this kills the target, Cho’Gath gains a stack of Feast, up to 6/12/999. Each stack of Feast grants 2% bonus Health and size permanently.

First Impressions:

The first Colossus unit is Cho’Gath and he looks very fun to play with. He will take up two unit slots, but he has the potential to turn into an extremely high health monster. Make sure to build a Giant Slayer if you’re playing against him.

Positioning: Frontline

Ekko – Scrap Assassin

TFT Set 6 Ekko

Ability (Parallel Convergence): Ekko invokes an afterimage that bats a device towards the largest group of units. Upon landing, it deals 200/325/450 magic damage to enemies within and applies 35/35/50%% Slow for 4 seconds. Allies inside gain 30/50/70% Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

First Impressions:

Ekko is a great Assassin that provides a bit of utility. His ability says the largest group of units rather than enemies, so he incentivizes good positioning with Assassins. If most of your Assassins jump to the enemy carries, Ekko will very likely cast his ability toward them, slowing enemies and buffing allies.

Positioning: Backline

Gangplank – Mercenary Twinshot

TFT Set 6 Gangplank

Ability (Parrrley): Gangplank shoots his target, dealing 225/250/300% percent of his Attack Damage. If this kills a champion, Gangplank plunders 1 gold.

First Impressions: 

Usually when Champions abilities scale with Attack Damage, they also scale with other on hit effects. I hope this means that his ability works with Twinshot, but I’m not certain. Even still, he will be fun to use in Mercenary team comps as yet another way to gain extra economy.

Positioning: Frontline / Midline

Heimerdinger – Yordle Scholar Innovator

TFT Set 6 Heimerdinger

Ability (Rocket Swarm): Heimerdinger fires 3 waves of five rockets that converge on his target. Each rocket deals 30/45/75 magic damage, reduced by 30% for each target they hit. Each successive cast fires an additional wave of rockets, up to 10.

First Impressions:

Heimerdinger clearly is a unit that you want to cast multiple times throughout the fight. We don’t know his exact mana pool yet, but he likely will need mana generation like Blue Buff to scale his ability up.

Positioning: Backline

Leona – Academy Bodyguard

TFT Set 6 Leona

Ability (Solar Eclipse): Leona calls down a beacon of light upon herself, granting herself a 500/800/1300 Health shield for 4 seconds. Leona and all allies within two hexes gain 30/50/80 Armor and Magic Resistance for the same duration.

First Impressions:

Leona finally is not a 1-cost unit. She seems to be quite a strong frontline unit, but she doesn’t provide much CC which is very crucial for late game frontline units.

Positioning: Frontline

Lissandra – Chemtech Scholar

TFT Set 6 Lissandra

Ability (Iron Maiden): Lissandra encases her target in an iron maiden, stunning them for 1.5 seconds and dealing 250/400/700 magic damage to enemies within a large area. If Lissandra is below 50% Health, she encases herself instead, dealing damage to surrounding enemies and becoming untargetable and invulnerable for 2 seconds. Damage from this ability applies 40% Attack Damage reduction for 5 seconds.

First Impressions:

Lissandra is another unit that can be on the frontline even if she isn’t very tanky. Her ability is very strong against enemies, and can be used as a way to save herself. This also makes Guardian Angel a very strong item on her.

Positioning: Frontline / Midline

Malzahar – Mutant Arcanist

TFT Set 6 Malzahar

Ability (Malefic Visions): Malzahar infects the mind of the closest unafflicted target, dealing 800/1100/1500 magic damage over 8 seconds and applying 40% Magic Resistance shred for the duration. If an afflicted target dies, Malefic Visions spreads to the nearest 1/1/2 unafflicted targets with the remaining duration.

First Impressions:

Damage over time usually isn’t super amazing unless he can cast his ability quite often. However, being able to save the overkill damage to spread to other units makes him a very efficient damage dealer. The magic resistance shred also increases the damage he does as well as his allies.

Positioning: Backline

Miss Fortune – Mercenary Sniper

TFT Set 6 Miss Fortune

Ability (Make it Rain): Miss Fortune rains 4 waves of bullets down around a random enemy, dealing 200/300/450 total magic damage to enemies in the area and reducing their incoming healing by 50% for 6 seconds.

First Impressions:

The Sniper trait lets Miss Fortune deal bonus damage based on their distance, which should scale with her ability as well. We’ve seen Miss Fortune be a strong carry in Set 5, so she potentially could do the same in this set.

Positioning: Backline

Samira – Imperial Challenger

TFT Set 6 Samira

Ability (Flair): If a target is adjacent to Samira, she slashes with her blade in a cone towards them dealing 150/160/175%% of her Attack Damage as physical damage to all enemies within and reducing their Armor by 5/10/15. This armor reduction can stack. Otherwise, she fires an empowered shot at her target with the same effects and refunds 20 mana.

First Impressions:

Samira is an interesting carry to say the least. She has the Challenger trait meaning she will dash to another target after a takedown. Even if you position her in the backline, she will inevitably dash in after ramping up a bit.

Positioning: Midline / Backline

Shaco – Syndicate Assassin

TFT Set 6 Shaco

Ability (Deceive): Shaco dips into the shadows, briefly becoming untargetable. His next attack is empowered to deal 250/260/275% of his Attack Damage as physical damage, and is guaranteed to critically strike targets below 50% Health.

First Impressions:

Shaco will be a very annoying unit to deal with his Deceive ability. The fact that he is guaranteed to critically strike is a bit out of place in my opinion. Every Assassin carry wants Infinity Edge which guarantees a crit anyway, so this seems a bit unnecessary.

Positioning: Backline

Taric – Socialite Enchanter

TFT Set 6 Taric

Ability (Starlight Bastion): Taric heals himself and the lowest Health ally for 200/300/600. Any overhealing is converted to a shield that lasts 4 seconds.

First Impressions: 

Taric is definitely a nice unit to have on any team since he has the Enchanter trait. This makes him very flexible as he has a flexible trait and can be used for frontline.

Positioning: Frontline

Zac – Chemtech Bruiser

TFT Set 6 Zac

Ability (Yoink!): Zac stretches his arms up to three hexes to pull the two most distant enemies towards him, dealing 450/600/999 magic damage. Zac takes 60/70/80% less damage while using this ability.

First Impressions:

Zac being able to pull in enemies makes him yet another unit to have to position around. With other units like Blitzcrank in the game, this will make positioning more intense than before.

Positioning: Frontline

Vex – Yordle Arcanist

TFT Set Vex 6

Ability (Personal Space): Vex shields herself against 500/700/900 damage over 4 seconds. When the shield expires, it deals 150/250/350 magic damage to all enemies within 2 hexes, and an additional 150/250/350 damage if it wasn’t destroyed. If it was destroyed, Personal Space becomes 25% stronger this combat. This effect can stack.

First Impressions:

Vex is another Arcanist that can act as a frontline unit with her shield. This makes Arcanist a very high damage comp with frontline units that are also dealing magic damage.

Positioning: Frontline

4-Cost Champions

Braum – Syndicate Bodyguard

TFT Set 6 Braum

Ability (Vault Breaker): Braum slams his vault door into the ground, creating a fissure towards his target. Enemies within two hexes of Braum and those struck by the fissure are stunned for 2.5/3.5/7 seconds and take 100/125/1000 magic damage.

First Impressions: Braum will very likely be a strong frontline unit as his kit provides a lot of CC. However, it’s unlikely that his ability will be able to reach backline enemies, but he will still be strong against low range enemies.

Positioning: Frontline

Dr. Mundo – Chemtech Mutant Bruiser

TFT Set 6 Dr. Mundo

Ability (Zap Dose): Dr. Mundo injects himself with “medicine”, restoring 20% of his maximum Health and becoming energized for 6 seconds. While energized, he restores an additional 65/75/200%% of his maximum Health over the duration and deals 30/50/100 magic damage per second to a random nearby enemy. At the end of the spell, Dr. Mundo expels a burst of electricity that deals 20/25/30% of his current Health as magic damage to all enemies within two hexes.

First Impressions:

Mundo has an ability that scales with Health which also synergizes with the Bruiser trait. He will become quite the frontline unit with the insane amount of health he can have and regenerate.


Fiora – Enforcer Challenger

TFT Set 6 Fiora

Ability (Blade Waltz): Fiora becomes untargetable as she strikes her target’s vitals four times. Each strike deals 200% of her Attack Damage as physical damage, 75/125/400 bonus true damage, and heals her for 15%% of the total damage dealt. If the target dies, Fiora will change targets to the nearest enemy.

First Impressions:

Fiora is the 4-cost melee carry of the set, and she looks to be quite powerful. Being able to become untargetable makes her difficult to take down, and her Challenger trait allows her to be mobile.

Positioning: Frontline / Midline

Janna – Scrap Enchanter Scholar

TFT Set 6 Janna

Ability (Monsoon): Janna summons a Monsoon, healing all allies for 400/550/2000 Health over 3 seconds. When the spell is cast, nearby enemies are knocked back and stunned for 1/1/4 second.

First Impressions:

Janna is a very powerful unit against Assassins, but if there are no Assassins, she will still be a solid unit to have. The heal is quite useful, and the Enchanter trait also makes her very flexible.

Positioning: Backline / Midline

Jhin – Clockwork Sniper

TFT Set 6 Jhin

Ability (Curtain Call): Passive: Jhin always attacks .9/.9/1.4 times per second. He converts each 1% of bonus Attack Speed into .8 Attack Damage. Jhin transforms his weapon into a powerful sniper rifle for his next four shots. Each shot deals 175/250/444% of his Attack Damage as physical damage, reduced by 33%% for each target they pierce through. The fourth shot is guaranteed to critically strike, and deals 44% more damage based on his target’s missing Health.”

First Impressions:

Jhin has a different ability than we’ve seen so far in that it actually deals damage instead of being an empowered auto attack. The ability gives some AoE, but we’ll need to see it in action before knowing how powerful it is.

Positioning: Backline

Lux – Academy Arcanist

TFT Set 6 Lux

Ability (Final Spark): After gathering energy, Lux fires a beam towards the farthest enemy target, dealing 350/500/1337 magic damage and applying 40/40/80%% Attack Damage reduction for 4 seconds.

First Impressions: 

Lux is the 4-cost Arcanist carry, and her ability seems decent. She will be like Vel’Koz in that you will want to line her up opposite of enemy carries to hit as many enemies as possible with her beam.

Positioning: Backline

Orianna – Clockwork Enchanter

TFT Set 6 Orianna

Ability (Command: Shockwave): Orianna sends out her ball towards the largest group of champions, then commands it to release a shockwave. Allies within two hexes gain 175/375/750 shield for 4 seconds, while enemies within the area are briefly knocked up and dealt 350/550/1500 magic damage. Enemies adjacent to the ball are drawn in, stunning them for 1.5/1.5/5 seconds.

First Impressions:

Orianna provides a very strong unit for Clockwork team comps. Her ability provides a lot of utility and damage, and she also provides Enchanter, giving the team some extra magic resist.

Positioning: Backline

Seraphine – Socialite Innovator

TFT Set 6 Seraphine

Ability (Encore): Seraphine projects her song towards the largest group of units. The song deals 200/300/1000 magic damage to enemies and applies 35/35/50% Attack Speed slow for 4 seconds. Allies it passes through are healed for 200/300/1000 Health and gain 30/50/100% Attack Speed for 4 seconds.

First Impressions:

Seraphine is another unit that provides an ability that does it all. It deals damage, buffs allies, and debuffs enemies. The most important thing with Seraphine will be positioning her so that you can get the most value out of her ability.

Positioning: Backline

Sion – Imperial Protector Colossus

TFT Set 6 Sion

Ability (Decimating Smash): Sion winds up for a moment, then smashes his axe down. All enemies within a large area are knocked up, stunned for 1/1.5/4 seconds, and dealt 400/600/2500 magic damage.

First Impressions:

The second Colossus unit we see is Sion. His ability is quite simple, but we will need to see how large the AoE is to see just how menacing he can be.

Positioning: Frontline

Yone – Academy Challenger

TFT Set 6 Yone

Ability (Soul Unbound): Yone summons his spirit to attack distant enemies for 4/5/20 seconds. The spirit is an untargetable, invulnerable copy of Yone and heals him for 40/50/100% of the damage it deals. If Yone dies, his spirit dies with him.

First Impressions:

Yone is another 4-cost Challenger carry, and his kit allows him to bypass the need for healing. This means you can build him extremely offensively to push through as much damage as possible. I’m also curious to see if Guardian Angel will allow his spirit to continue attacking.

Positioning: Frontline / Midline

Urgot – Chemtech Twinshot

TFT Set 6 Urgot

Ability (Purge): For the next 5 seconds, Urgot attacks the closest enemy at a fixed rate of 5/7/15 attacks per second. Each attack deals 30% AD * 30% AS physical damage. (This ability’s damage scales with Attack Damage and Attack Speed.)

First Impressions:

Urgot is an interesting unit as he is usually a tanky damage dealer, but his Twinshot trait makes players incentivized to place him further away from enemies.

Positioning: Frontline / Midline

5-Cost Champions

Akali – Syndicate Assassin

TFT Set 6 Akali

Ability (Perfect Execution): Akali dashes through the most enemies in a line, dealing 225/350/2000 magic damage as she passes through and marking them for 7 seconds. When a marked target drops below 15/25/90% Health, Akali will dash through them, executing enemies below that Health threshold and dealing 225/350/2000 magic damage to all other enemies she passes through.

First Impressions:

Akali looks to be an insane 5-cost carry for Assassin team comps. Viego was a 5-cost Assassin, but he was more utility than damage. Akali looks to be a main carry if you are able to find her.

Positioning: Backline

Galio – Socialite Colossus Bodyguard

TFT Set 6 Galio

Ability (Colossal Entrance): Passive: Galio’s critical strikes slam the ground, dealing 100/150/500 bonus magic damage to enemies around his target. Galio becomes invulnerable and leaps into the sky before crashing down on the largest group of enemies. Enemies within a large radius 200/300/2000 magic damage and are knocked into the sky. The lower the enemy’s maximum Health is compared to Galio’s, the further they are knocked up.”

First Impressions:

Galio has a very strong CC ability, but is limited by the fact he is Colossus. Having 2 unit slots to fit him in the late game is a tall order to ask.

Positioning: Frontline

Jayce – Enforcer Transformer Innovator

TFT Set 6 Jayce

Ability (Mercury Cannon/Mercury Hammer): Melee form: Jayce swipes his hammer twice before slamming down on his target, dealing damage and shredding their resistances.

Ranged form: Jayce deploys an acceleration gate, granting allies in the same row bonus Attack Speed and empowering his next three attacks with electricity.

First Impressions:

Jayce is very interesting as he has two forms that you can choose from. For the most part, ranged damage is usually preffered, but we will see how strong his melee form is before making a judgment.

Positioning: Frontline / Backline

Jinx – Sister Scrap Twinshot

TFT Set 6 Jinx

Ability (Super Mega Death Rocket): Jinx rides her rocket high into the sky. After a moderate delay, she comes crashing down near the center-most enemy, dealing 400/600/3000 magic damage to enemies around the epicenter, and 50% of the damage to all other enemies in a large area. The epicenter is left burning for the rest of combat, applying a 2/2.5/3% Burn to friends and foes who remain inside other than Jinx.”

First Impressions:

Jinx is quite the monster. Her ability deals a lot of damage, but makes her jump right into danger. Even still, with the right items and team comp, she can probably carry many late game team fights.

Positioning: Backline

Kai’Sa – Mutant Challenger

TFT Set 6 Kai'Sa

Ability (Icathian Monsoon): Kai’sa dashes to the hex furthest from all enemies. She then fires a volley of 14/18/40 missiles spread evenly among all enemies that deal 50/75/150 magic damage each. For each time Kai’Sa has attacked this combat, she’ll fire an additional missile.

First Impressions:

Kai’Sa seems like a very scary unit to play against. She has Challenger which makes her very mobile, and her ability also takes her away from danger. As the fight goes on, her ability will deal more and more damage, making her a scary scaling carry.

Positioning: Backline

Tahm Kench – Mercenary Glutton Bruiser

TFT Set 6 Tahm Kench

Ability (Devour): Tahm Kench devours his target, storing them in his belly for 3 seconds and dealing 1000/2000/30000 magic damage damage over the duration. During this time, they are invulnerable to other sources of damage and Tahm Kench takes 40%% reduced damage. If they die while inside, Tahm Kench spits out a random item component they were holding, or the cost of the unit in gold. Otherwise, he spits them towards the farthest enemy, briefly stunning targets they impact.

First Impressions:

Mercenary looks to be extremely fun to play with Tahm Kench. Being able to swallow enemy units can be extremely strong, especially if you are able to target the enemy carry.

Positioning: Frontline

Viktor – Chemtech Arcanist

TFT Set 6 Viktor

Ability (Death Rays): Viktor summons multiple singularities to fire death rays that cut across the battlefield in a line, melting through enemies’ defenses. Enemies caught in their path take 300/400/1500 magic damage, have 25/33/100% of any remaining shields destroyed, and suffer 40/50/70% Armor Shred for a few seconds.

First Impressions:

Viktor is a little weird since his ability shreds the Armor of enemies instead of Magic Resist. Even still he likely will deal an insane amount of damage as a 5-cost unit.

Positioning: Backline

Yuumi – Academy Cuddly Scholar

TFT Set 6 Yuumi

Ability (Final Chapter): Yuumi and Book launch 4/6/33 waves toward the farthest enemy, each dealing 60/80/247 magic damage and stunning enemies for 1 seconds. She then re-attaches to the nearest ally.

First Impressions: Yuumi will be very interesting to play with. She provides a lot of utility by granting shields with her trait, and she also deals a solid amount of damage. On top of that, she is difficult to take down as she attaches to allies.

Positioning: Frontline / Midline

Hextech Augments

Here is a rundown of the new Set 6 Mechanic: Hextech Augments.

TFT Hextech Augments

Hextech Augments are the new mechanic that will allow you to power up your entire board. Some Augments feature bonuses that power up your team while others may give you valuable loot.

There are over 140 Hextech Augments to choose from, making every game you play unique.

In every game, you will be able to choose 3 Hextech Augments to improve your team comp.

You will also be able to see what Augments other players pick through their Hexcore (a new monument featured near your board).

There are three tiers of Augments, ranging from small bonuses to game-breaking upgrades.

Some Augments have versions in each tier, while others may be unique to one tier.

Every player will choose their Augments at the same time in a game, but the Augments offered to each player will vary.

For more information on the new set, head to our all-in-one TFT Set 6 reveal page!