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Path of Exile Necropolis League Overview

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Full Overview of Path of Exile Necropolis League

Welcome to our Necropolis League overview, where we’ll cover everything you need to know about Path of Exile’s newest upcoming update.

While everyone has their sights on Path of Exile 2, GGG has unfortunately stated that the beta has been delayed. There is no date for the expected beta release, but it’s hopeful to be during late 2024.

Even still, Necropolis is adding a lot of exciting changes to Path of Exile, so players still have something to look forward to.

We’ll cover how the new league mechanic works, changes to the endgame map system, quality of life improvements, and more!

Path of Exile Necropolis League

Necropolis Release Date

Path of Exile Necropolis will release on March 29th, 2024 at 12 PM (PDT).

Necropolis League Mechanic

Necropolis League is introducing a new NPC, Undertaker Arimor. He collects the souls of the Eternal Empire, that have scattered around the game, haunting monsters.

The Undertaker will give you the Lantern of Arimor, which will let you see these haunted monsters, and ultimately help him by eliminating them.

Keep in mind that unlike other Leagues, this mechanic isn’t something you can actively avoid during your playthrough. These souls will haunt every area and map, meaning you will need to strategically interact with Necropolis to make it through the game.

Haunted Monsters

Path of Exile Necropolis Lantern

As you enter new areas or maps, the Lantern will show a popup. This window will show you what spirits are haunting the area and what packs of mobs are in the area as well.

You’ll be able to move the spirits around, picking and choosing which spirits haunt which monsters. The Spirits will also have tiers, ramping up in difficulty at higher numbers later in the game.

By strategically pairing certain spirits to certain mobs, you can either increase or decrease the difficulty of your map or area.

If the spirits haunting your area are too difficult, you can simply wait a few minutes and the spirits will reset to a new set. However, in the mapping system, the Lantern will not cycle and instead be fixed when you open the map. If the Lantern is too difficult for a certain map, you’ll need to move onto a new map.

Devoted Monsters

In the Lantern menu, you will also encounter Devoted monsters. These mobs aren’t buffed, but instead provide beneficial effects, like increased experience or loot.

By defeating more haunted monsters, you will increase the chances of finding devoted monsters in your next map.

Unresolved Anguish

Lastly, there are also monsters with Unresolved Anguish.

When slain, these monsters corpse will be taken by the Undertaker to his Morgue. In there, he will store these corpses for you to use in the Graveyard to craft.

Graveyard Crafting

Path of Exile Necropolis Graveyard

Next to Arimor’s Morgue will be a large Cemetery with graveyards. You will be able to craft Rare and Unique items in the Graveyard, using corpses to influence the modifiers of your items.

As you play the game, your collection of corpses will increase, allowing you to craft more and more powerful items.

Path of Exile Necropolis Excorcism

Some corpses increase the likelihood of certain modifiers, while others can be “metamods.” These metamods have unique and powerful effects that can drastically alter your craft.

Lastly, you will also be able to craft Unique items in the graveyard. By finding specific corpses, you can bury them together to craft new Necropolis Uniques.

Embers of the Allflame

Lastly, Nercopolis League introduces a new item type, “Embers of the Allflame.” These will be itemized packs of monsters that you can place into the lantern to alter your maps.

There are a variety of monster pack types, and adding these to your maps can increase the rewards you get, or even lower the difficulty by adding some frogs.

Endgame Mapping Changes

There are a ton of changes coming to Path of Exile’s endgame, and while things aren’t being overhauled, there is a lot to go through. Let’s first talk about the endgame bosses.

Penultimate Bosses

Path of Exile already has many endgame bosses such as Uber Exarch, Uber Maven, etc. With Necropolis League, there will be some slight adjustments to how these bosses work, with some more bosses being added as well.

Firstly, Uber bosses used to be accessed by allocating certain passives on the Atlas tree. This would turn your regular boss map into an uber map.

After the update, regular and uber versions of bosses will now have separate fragments to access them. The old fragments will still be gathered the same way, but uber fragments will now drop in T17 maps.

Tier 17 Maps

Path of Exile Necropolis Tier 17 Maps

Previously, the only tier 17 maps were Valdo’s maps, added in Affliction League. These new maps will have Uber versions of old bosses, such as the Expedition boss or the Heist Boss.

These maps will drop uber fragments, have uber monsters, and have a higher tier of modifiers to make the map more challenging to face.

There will be 5 new T17 maps in total, and here are some examples.

  • Citadel Map: Expedition monsters will be in the map, and the map boss will be Uber Uhtred, the old Expedition League boss.
  • Fortress Map: Heist mobs and Uber Unbreakable, one of the bosses in the Heist League.

Path of Exile Necropolis Unique Wraithlord

T17 maps will also have a chance to drop specific uniques. These uniques have been taken from the main drop pool, rebalanced, and are now unique to these T17 maps.

Uber Drop Pool Changes

Before, regular and uber versions of bosses had the same drop pool, with uber versions having minor differences. With this update, the regular and uber versions of bosses will now have specific drop pools, giving you a reason to farm both.

There will also be new Uber boss Uniques.

Path of Exile The Tides of Time

Scarab Overhaul

Path of Exile Scarab Overhaul

Furthermore, the Scarab system is getting a major overhaul. Sextants and Master Missions have now been removed, but there are going to be a lot more Scarabs. These Scarabs will provide more interesting effects to your maps, and there are a ton of new Scarabs being added.

Mechanics like Incursion, Delve, Betrayal, and Bestiary are now being added to the Scarab system instead of being Master Missions. These mechanics will now also have more nodes on the Atlas Skill Tree as well.

Atlas Skill Tree

Path of Exile Necropolis Atlas Skill Tree

The game is now introducing multiple Atlas Skill Trees. With this, you’ll be able to do maps on different Tree configurations, so you won’t need to spam Orb of Unmakings every time you want to change something.

There will be 3 different trees that you can configure. When opening a map, you can then choose which Atlas Tree to use.

There are also a good amount of other changes to the Atlas Tree as well. Most notably, things like Wandering Path and Growing Hordes have been removed and new Notables/Keystones have been added.

New Transfigured Gems

Affliction League introduced Transfigured Skill Gems, which change base skill gems to function differently. With Necropolis, GGG are adding a few more of these to the game.

  • Ice Shot
  • Incinerate
  • Artillery Ballista
  • Tornado
  • Elemental Hit
  • Kinetic blast
  • Poison Concoction
  • Summon Holy Relic

Quality of Life Improvements

Lastly, let’s talk about the quality of life improvements coming to the game. Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Automation: trigger instant spells off cooldown
  • Call to Arms: trigger warcries off cooldown
  • Hold down ctrl + left click to spam currency
  • Ctrl Shift Click all currency from inventory to trade window
  • Detonate Dead has better visibility
  • Harvest items now show their mods without needing to be hovered when crafting
  • Using Vaal Orbs on maps no longer results in Unidentified Maps.
  • Corrupted and Mirrored items can be identified
  • Breach Hands no longer need to be clicked on
  • Pantheon upgrades are now shared between characters in the League
  • You can reroll uber elder fragments
  • T4 Aisling Slam is now a Veiled Orb, drops from Catarina
  • FlaSks can be corrupted for -10 to +10 quality
  • Extra quality removed from Betrayal
  • Betrayal craft that converts an amulet to a talisman is moved to Bestiary, can be traded
  • Maven Invites no longer drop, Kirac will automatically have the invite ready when the prerequisites are met

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